Ron Harris has made Locally Grown Gardens into a collection of what’s best in life, culled from a lifetime of caring deeply about ingredients, aesthetics and community. And pie.
— Katherine Coplen, Nuvo

 Like many in the restaurant business, Culinary Institute of America-educated Harris appreciates the advice of musicians as much as any culinary gurus’. In fact, it was Ice Cube that elucidated Harris’ expansion plan for his Indiana produce market, Locally Grown Gardens, in the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood of 54th Street.

“Ice Cube was being interviewed, and they were asking, ‘What advice would you give to young artists coming up?’” Harris says. “He said, ‘Well, in music, I would say you have to keep it focused. Make it hot on your block first. Then you can be hot in your state, then hot nationally and then hot globally. But you gotta be hot on your block first.’


“I consider our market pretty hot on the block. At least I believe that we have the opportunity daily to make it Hot! – You have to be good where you’re at first. Being good is being humble and sincere at what you’re doing, and putting out maximum effort from our experiences and knowledge gained from the pervious day’s actions.

2008 Mid October 1st Hog Roast Greg MIller & Me thank  you Greg!!!!!!!!!!!!!.jpg
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  • Locally Grown Gardens received the distinction of ‘2009 Best Hog Roast’ from Indianapolis Monthly.