Newly Picked Pumpkin Crop

The month of October, synonymous with the warm rich hues of fall foliage along with the rustic autumn symbol of the pumpkin bring the spirit of the season to your table. Native to America, the cultivar of the Cucurbita pepo, or pumpkin provides sumptuous delight to everything from lattes to homemade pies. Whether you would like a pumpkin to carve or simply to roast its seeds, Locally Grown Gardens can provide you with a plethora of pumpkin varieties to satisfy your autumnal pumpkin cravings. Fresh in quality and abundant in color and shape, LGG pumpkins can be easily selected on the way home after a day at work or during a weekend outing with friends and family.

Indiana Pumpkin Growers

Here at Locally Grown Gardens, pumpkins selected from the Hoosier heartland welcome guests when they stop in for a refreshing fall treat. Grown by Indiana farmer, Gary Hackman, pumpkins at LGG feature a variety of colors and sizes for autumn decorating, carving, and cooking this season. Celebrate the bounty of the harvest season by selecting a locally grown pumpkin and multi-colored gourds from LGG for your home and next fall gathering.  

Pumpkins for Wellness

Did you know that pumpkins can be used for more than simply a fall feast? Canned pumpkin may be used to supplement the diets of your feline and canine friends as well as poultry feed to assist in chicken egg production during the cooler months of the year. A healthy snack for your next hike or bike ride, toasted pumpkin seeds are historically known for their healing qualities in folk medicine dating from the early nineteenth century.

Pumpkins & Culture

The pumpkin’s strong connection in folklore and popular culture to the supernatural has captured the imaginations of Americans for centuries. Since appearing in the 1820s in Washington Irving’s, The Headless Horsemen, the pumpkin continues to be the epitome of autumnal nostalgia and sentimentality. An essential part of a Midwestern autumn celebration, the pumpkin permeates the palettes and landscapes of the heartland during the months of October and November each year. To learn more about pumpkins and their significance in American culture, author Cindy Ott’s Pumpkin: The Curious History of an American Icon can indulge you in the knowledge surrounding the rotund icon of autumn.  

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” ~Henry David Thoreau








Autumnal Apple Harvest

Sights and aromas of autumn have arrived at Locally Grown Gardens. Guests can discover fresh apples harvested from multi-generational farms and orchards from across the fruitful Hoosier state this time of year. With the trees just starting to turn bright hues for the season, Chef Ronald Harris has selected these crisp and refreshing delights that invite a warm and radiant atmosphere to your autumn table.

Selections from Tuttle Orchards

Stopping by LGG for fresh-from-the-tree apples from Tuttle Orchards and Orchard Hill Farms means you’ll be enjoying an apple and refreshing cider from multi-generational Indiana orchards. Tuttle Orchards has been growing apples in the Greater-Indianapolis area since 1928. The orchard, established by Roy Tuttle, is now owned and operated by his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Tuttle’s apples have won local and national competitions and are grown using a mixture of old fashioned hard work farming methods and the latest pomology technology.  

Orchard Hill Arrivals

Apples arriving at LGG from Orchard Hills Farms in Kendallville, Indiana are grown at the family-operated farm where over twenty-six apple varieties are grown. Orchard Hill Farms began growing the new and popular variety, honey crisp variety that emerged onto the market in the early 1990s. The eating apple is a favorite among LGG guests who like to stop in after a bike ride or want to enjoy an afternoon gathering with friends.   

The superior quality of apples and cider from Tuttle Orchards and Orchard Hill Farms available at LGG can enhance a relaxing afternoon picnic, enjoyable cookout with friends, a home-baked pie, or special family gathering. To understand how apples and cider arrive at your table is to discover the beauty in the process of harvesting an apple from the orchard this time of year.

About Apples in Autumn

In autumn, apples are checked for sugar levels and are picked from the tree when they reach the perfect stage of ripeness for flavor and storage. Apple are picked by hand and transported into cold storage refrigeration until they are ready to be washed and sorted. Food safety audits are performed annually to ensure quality and health of the trees and their delectable fruit.

Celebrate the beauty of the season by stopping by Locally Grown Gardens for its thoughtful curation of autumnal edibles that delight.


Thanksgiving Pie Orders

We’ll be offering our fresh baked apple, pumpkin and traditional Indiana sugar cream pies again this year for your Thanksgiving celebrations. To guarantee the pies you want will be available next week, please order ahead by calling 317.255.8555 or stopping by the market to place your order in person.                



Corn and Cherry Sweetness

We now have fresh golden sweet corn from Tuttle’s Orchards available at the market. Our corn is the reigning blue-ribbon champion of the Indiana State Fair for the past two years running. Cherry season is also in full swing and our Michigan sweet cherries are at the market as well.


Entering peak season

Our fresh mozzerella is back. Also, this summer we’re offering crisp, ice-cold lemon shake-ups at the market. We also have them in blueberry/lemon, strawberry/lemon as well as a peach/lemon version - all made from our farm fresh and perfectly in-season berries and peaches.

It’s peak season for lots of summer favorites like canteloupes from Decker, Indiana and the sweetest blueberries in the midwest to name a few. This week we’re looking forward to the arrival of Indiana blackberries, black raspberries, sweet Michigan cherries and Indiana Decker watermelons. We’re hoping to have the reigning 2009 & 2010 Indiana state fair blue ribbon sweet corn - grown by Tuttle Orchards - available by this weekend.


Herbs and Heirlooms

The latest date of the last freeze is about May 5th in the southern part of the state and May 30th further north.

My grandmother taught me that here in Marion county Indiana, it’s safe to plant tomatoes as well as other delicate vegetable plants on Mother’s Day.

We have a wide variety of herbs, vegetable plants and heirloom tomato plants available here at the market including: 

Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Collard Greens, Eggplant, Kohlrabi, Swiss Chard, Burpless Cucumber, Bush Pickle Cucumber, Marketmore Select Cucumber, Better Bell Pepper, California Wonder Pepper,  Giant Macaroni Pepper, Habanero Pepper, Jalapeno Pepper, Red Beauty Pepper, Yellow Squash, Cantaloupe, Watermelon              


Better Boy, Big Boy, Black Kim, Big Beef, Celebrity, Cherokee Purple, Early Girl, Jet Star, Juliet, La Roma, Lemon Boy, Old German, Pineapple, Pink Girl, Red Brandywine, Striped German, Sun Gold, Sweet 100 Cherry, Yellow Pear


The first flowers of Spring

That time is coming when we set our clocks ahead an hour (Sunday, March 13) and the first day of spring will be here just a week later on March 20. We’re already prepared for the spring planting season at the market with our beautiful rainbow of pansies. They are available by the three inch pot for $1.75 or by flat (18 ea/3 inch pots) for $27.

Spring is coming, winter is fading...

As spring arrives it brings with it the last two opportunities to pre-order our fresh Indian River Florida citrus before we make room for spring fruits and veggies. The last two batches will arrive at the market this Saturday, March 12 as well as March 31. Give us a call (317.255.8555) or stop by the market to pre-order by the case. Pre-order pricing is $23 for 15-pounds of beautiful Ruby Red Grapefruit and $25 for 17-pounds of our juicy Temple Oranges.

Citrus Pick-up

We’ll be getting another round of fresh Indian River Florida citrus at the market this Saturday, February 12. Please call ahead 317.255.8555 or stop by the market if you’re interested in purchasing a case. Varieties that will be available are Ruby Red Grapefruit and Temple Oranges. 

Another citrus pick-up

The next shipment of fresh Indian River Florida citrus will be available at the market on Saturday, February 5. If you’re interested in purchasing a case you can place your pre-orders now by calling in 317.255.8555 or stopping by the markets. Varieties available are Ruby Red Grapefruit and Temple Oranges. 

Thanksgiving Pie Orders and Citrus


We’re baking fresh holiday pies for you to take to your Thanksgiving dinner again this year. To guarantee the pies you want will be available next week, please order ahead by calling (255.8555) or stopping by the market to place your order. You can choose from apple, pumpkin and our traditional Indiana sugar cream pie.


Our oranges and grapefruit are also going to be arriving next Tuesday fresh from Indian River Florida. Some say the quality of this citrus is unsurpassed by any.


The last bushels of beautiful Empire tomatoes and German Heirloom tomatoes from Tennessee will only be available for the next few weeks.



Tomato Tuesday

Our first bushels of beautiful Empire tomatoes will become available on Tuesday morning, May 18. The Tennessee family that grows these tomatoes for us each year has been doing it for three generations. The result of this long history is the tasty and supreme quality tomato you’ve come to expect from us.

Indiana tomatoes will start the first of August at which point they will be available at the market as well.


Strawberries have arrived

Our southern Indiana strawberries were picked yesterday evening and are now available at the market. The weather has been especially favorable for this first variety creating that beautiful, sweet berry you’ve been thinking about all winter. Our local Indiana strawberries should be available for a solid month.

Morel Madness

We’ll have a fresh shipment of Morels in from our Wisconsin Morel Master this afternoon. These hard-to-find mushrooms will only be available until June.

As a side note - it’s looking promising that we’ll have Tennessee tomatoes and strawberries in this weekend.