Newly Picked Pumpkin Crop

The month of October, synonymous with the warm rich hues of fall foliage along with the rustic autumn symbol of the pumpkin bring the spirit of the season to your table. Native to America, the cultivar of the Cucurbita pepo, or pumpkin provides sumptuous delight to everything from lattes to homemade pies. Whether you would like a pumpkin to carve or simply to roast its seeds, Locally Grown Gardens can provide you with a plethora of pumpkin varieties to satisfy your autumnal pumpkin cravings. Fresh in quality and abundant in color and shape, LGG pumpkins can be easily selected on the way home after a day at work or during a weekend outing with friends and family.

Indiana Pumpkin Growers

Here at Locally Grown Gardens, pumpkins selected from the Hoosier heartland welcome guests when they stop in for a refreshing fall treat. Grown by Indiana farmer, Gary Hackman, pumpkins at LGG feature a variety of colors and sizes for autumn decorating, carving, and cooking this season. Celebrate the bounty of the harvest season by selecting a locally grown pumpkin and multi-colored gourds from LGG for your home and next fall gathering.  

Pumpkins for Wellness

Did you know that pumpkins can be used for more than simply a fall feast? Canned pumpkin may be used to supplement the diets of your feline and canine friends as well as poultry feed to assist in chicken egg production during the cooler months of the year. A healthy snack for your next hike or bike ride, toasted pumpkin seeds are historically known for their healing qualities in folk medicine dating from the early nineteenth century.

Pumpkins & Culture

The pumpkin’s strong connection in folklore and popular culture to the supernatural has captured the imaginations of Americans for centuries. Since appearing in the 1820s in Washington Irving’s, The Headless Horsemen, the pumpkin continues to be the epitome of autumnal nostalgia and sentimentality. An essential part of a Midwestern autumn celebration, the pumpkin permeates the palettes and landscapes of the heartland during the months of October and November each year. To learn more about pumpkins and their significance in American culture, author Cindy Ott’s Pumpkin: The Curious History of an American Icon can indulge you in the knowledge surrounding the rotund icon of autumn.  

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” ~Henry David Thoreau