Autumnal Apple Harvest

Sights and aromas of autumn have arrived at Locally Grown Gardens. Guests can discover fresh apples harvested from multi-generational farms and orchards from across the fruitful Hoosier state this time of year. With the trees just starting to turn bright hues for the season, Chef Ronald Harris has selected these crisp and refreshing delights that invite a warm and radiant atmosphere to your autumn table.

Selections from Tuttle Orchards

Stopping by LGG for fresh-from-the-tree apples from Tuttle Orchards and Orchard Hill Farms means you’ll be enjoying an apple and refreshing cider from multi-generational Indiana orchards. Tuttle Orchards has been growing apples in the Greater-Indianapolis area since 1928. The orchard, established by Roy Tuttle, is now owned and operated by his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Tuttle’s apples have won local and national competitions and are grown using a mixture of old fashioned hard work farming methods and the latest pomology technology.  

Orchard Hill Arrivals

Apples arriving at LGG from Orchard Hills Farms in Kendallville, Indiana are grown at the family-operated farm where over twenty-six apple varieties are grown. Orchard Hill Farms began growing the new and popular variety, honey crisp variety that emerged onto the market in the early 1990s. The eating apple is a favorite among LGG guests who like to stop in after a bike ride or want to enjoy an afternoon gathering with friends.   

The superior quality of apples and cider from Tuttle Orchards and Orchard Hill Farms available at LGG can enhance a relaxing afternoon picnic, enjoyable cookout with friends, a home-baked pie, or special family gathering. To understand how apples and cider arrive at your table is to discover the beauty in the process of harvesting an apple from the orchard this time of year.

About Apples in Autumn

In autumn, apples are checked for sugar levels and are picked from the tree when they reach the perfect stage of ripeness for flavor and storage. Apple are picked by hand and transported into cold storage refrigeration until they are ready to be washed and sorted. Food safety audits are performed annually to ensure quality and health of the trees and their delectable fruit.

Celebrate the beauty of the season by stopping by Locally Grown Gardens for its thoughtful curation of autumnal edibles that delight.