Foraging for Mushrooms & Indy's Best

Yellow and Grey Morel Mushrooms are arriving from Wisconsin this week and will become available at the market starting this Friday evening. The mushroom season is short and generally lasts two to three weeks.

In other news we feel honored to have received the distinction of ‘2009 Best Hog Roast’ from Indianapolis Monthly in their ‘best of’ edition.

Passion for Herbs

All of our herbs have arrived – but remember they tend to sell out quickly especially Rosemary and Basil. If you’ve already placed an order please come by to pick it up.

Also, our Purple Passion Asparagus will become available at 6:00 pm this evening.


Spring at last

Spring is finally here and our pansies have come in. We’re selling them by the flat or by the flower. Herbs are coming in mid-April but they go quickly so you may want to pre-order. If you want herbs reserved for you, give us a call.

Sweet Sweet Sorghum

We get lots of questions about our sorghum and it’s uses. The sorghum plant is a cereal grass with clusters of cereal grains at the ends. The clusters are most commonly used for animal feed however the sweet juice extracted from the stalks can be boiled down to produce a thick syrup. Sometimes called ‘sorghum molasses’ it can be used on your pancakes like maple syrup or to flavor baked goods.