10 Best Apple Picking In Connecticut To Try Today

Anyone exploring the gorgeous scenes of Connecticut around fall should make apple picking a part of their plans!

10 Best Apple Picking In Connecticut To Try Today

Apple picking is a wonderful way to spend your afternoon. The sight of the colorful orchards, the scent of fresh woodlands, and the taste of crisp, delicious apples are a treat for you and your family. 

A lot of these orchards also have other autumnal activities on offer, like indulging in apple cider or treating yourself to homemade baked goods on-site. 

Convinced yet? Here are some of Connecticut’s best apple-picking spots to visit during the season. 

1. Lapsley Orchard

Located: Pomfret Center

This first-generation family orchard has been growing apples since 1984. Over 60 acres wide, you can pick a variety of fruit, including blackberries, pears, raspberries, nectarines, and apples – depending on what season you visit. 

Other than fruit, fresh vegetables can be picked during summer, while autumnal flowers and pumpkins are available in the fall.

In addition to apple picking, you and your family can enjoy hayrides in the autumn festival. This occurs each weekend throughout the apple season. 

There are also lots of farm-fresh produce to choose from, as well as educational options to keep your children entertained.

Other goods from neighboring farms are also on offer, including honey, maple candy, and a selection of home-grown meats. 

2. Beardsley’s Cider Mill And Orchard

Located: Shelton

This orchard has been working as a farm for well over a century, since the 1840s. Since its beginnings, the farm has evolved into a dairy farm, meat farm, and finally, a fruit orchard. 

The first apple trees were implanted in the 1920s and they are still producing apples today. 

Around 10,000 dwarf apple trees grow onsite, allowing visitors to pick a variety of classic and lesser-known apples. There are also other fruit trees on the farm, such as plum, nectarine, and peach trees. 

Other than fruit, you can also enjoy a fresh glass of homegrown cider. Beardelsy prides itself on its sanitary practices, as each day of cider pressing finishes with an entire wash down and sanitization of the mill. 

The cider is also treated with UV light, instead of heat pasteurization. This helps eliminate any pathogens that may be present, but saves the fresh, fruit flavors that tend to be lost with heat pasteurization. 

If you’re visiting Beardsley’s for apple picking, their pick-your-own apple season starts in the middle of September, then finishes around the middle of October. 

3. Roger’s Orchards

Located: Southington

Roger’s Orchard first began in 1809, but over two centuries later, it’s still in operation with the eighth generation running the farm.

Roger’s Orchards has two locations which are both located in Southington, a town located in Hartford County, Connecticut.

 Roger’s is a historic Connecticut location and has lots of pick-your-own fruit on offer. There are around 20 different types of apples to choose from, which also include some heirloom types. 

Depending on when you visit, you can also pick from a selection of pears, apricots, plums, nectarines, and peaches.

If you do visit in the fall for the apple season, you can also pick pumpkins and flowers for some autumnal home decor.

Other than fruits, you can enjoy a selection of pies, apple cider donuts, and specialty food products from the farm’s salerooms. Roger’s Orchards is open from 9 am to 5 pm, seven days a week. 

4. Blue Jay Orchards

Located: Bethel

Blue Jay Orchards is a great place to visit if you’re traveling with your family. There are lots of activities to take part in all year round, including pick-your-own vegetables, pumpkins, and of course, apples.

Blue Jay’s bakery allows visitors to purchase fresh baked goods and fresh donuts. The apple cider donuts are particularly popular during fall, attracting visitors from all over Connecticut every year. 

You can enjoy fresh fruit pies onsite, which have been made with family recipes handed down from previous generations.

Other farm goods at Blue Jay include locally made cookies, maple syrup, fruit pastries, and honey. 

5. Dondero Orchards

Located: South Glastonbury

Dondero Orchards first began over a century ago, in 1911. Since then, the site has operated as a dairy farm, as well as a fruit orchard that grows grapes, raspberries, and apples.

Today, the fourth generation of owners primarily concentrates on providing fresh, ripe, and tasty fruit. 

Visitors can pick fruit from summer onwards, beginning with strawberries. 

Though apple season normally begins in September, early apples begin to form in July, with types like Paula Red and Lodi. During this time, visitors can also pick pears, raspberries, peaches, and blueberries.

As apple season continues into October, you can pick some more varieties from the orchard, like Russet, Empire, Opalescent, and Cortland. 

Depending on the season you visit, you and your family can take part in Dondero’s many craft fairs, which are sure to keep your loved ones entertained. 

6. Easy Pickin’s Orchard

Located: Enfield

As the name suggests, Easy Pickin’s visitors are encouraged to pick the fruit growing onsite.

Easy Pickin’s has been in business since the 50s but only opened to the public in 1991. A few decades later, the orchard is known as one of Connecticut’s best apple-picking sites. 

You can pick a lot of different apples throughout the season, from McIntosh in early September to Kensei as October finishes.

The only exception here is HoneyCrisp, as these aren’t a Pick-Your-Own variety, so you’ll need to ask the orchard’s attendant for these. 

Other than apples, you can pick a variety of fruit in the orchard’s fields, from peaches, raspberries, and pears. A lot of the fruit trees are dwarf size, which allows smaller children to pick the fruit without straining. 

In addition to fruit, visitors can pick a selection of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, depending on the season they visit. 

7. Silverman’s Farm

Located: Easton

Silverman’s Farm has been in operation for a century, so it’s clear they have experience with growing crops.

Apple picking is just one of the farm’s fun activities, as there are many events to take part in throughout the year, like birthday parties and craft fairs. 

Apple picking season begins as early as August. Ginger Gold is the first to form, then other varieties start ripening as the season progresses. These include Red Delicious, Ida Red, Suncrisp, and Northern Spy. 

Visitors to the farm can also feed and pet some of the animals, like llamas, goats, sheep, and fallow deer.

Don’t leave without trying some of the bakery’s homemade treats, as they are always stocked with 16 different types of fresh fruit pies! 

8. Holmberg Orchards

Located: Gales Ferry

This fourth-generation orchard is found in Gales Ferry’s scenic hills. You can find some interesting, unique fruit growing onsite, which is why it’s known as one of Connecticut’s better apple orchards.

There are lots of different types of apples to choose from, which form as early as the end of summer.

If you visit earlier in the summer, you can enjoy picking several kinds of berries, including blackberries, blueberries, and golden raspberries. 

In addition to fruit, you can wander through Holmberd’s lavender fields and pick up some fresh, fragrant lavender.

After a long day picking apples, make sure you pay a visit to the farm bakery, as there are slushies and tasty fruit pastries on offer.  

There’s also a winery where fresh, hard cider and delicious fruit wines can be sampled and bought later on. 

9. Buell’s Orchards

Located: Eastford

This orchard has been a part of Eastford’s society since its beginnings in 1889. Today, the farm is still owned by the fourth generation of the same family, who are still dedicated to the standards of producing fresh, sustainably sourced goods.

Apple picking begins after Labor Day and concludes when October finishes. If you visit Buell’s during this time, you can pick from a variety of different apples. Examples include Macoun, Gala, and Ginger Gold. 

Buell’s also makes their apple cider donuts fresh onsite. These are perfect to enjoy on a fun fall outing, particularly when paired with the range of apple crisps, baked goods, and pies from the farm stand. 

Apple season and pumpkin season occur during the same time, so if you visit between Labor Day and Halloween, be sure to visit the pumpkin patch to take one home with you! 

10. Lyman Orchards

Located: Middlefield

Lyman’s is known as one of Connecticut’s oldest apple orchards. First created in 1741, the farm is now in its ninth generation, priding itself on growing a range of high-quality fruit.

You can pick strawberries, blueberries, pears, pumpkins, jostaberries, and apples from the orchard, based on the season you visit. 

In the case of apples, Lyman’s is home to an impressive 30,000 apple trees growing over 100 acres. The apples are grown using farming practices that maintain and protect the orchard’s ecology. 

Apple picking season starts in late August and continues until the middle of October. If you visit during this time, there are lots of different apples on offer, including Granny Smith, Ida Red, Macoun, and Early Mac. 

You can choose to pick your own fruit in the orchards or purchase them separately from the Apple Barrel Farm Market on-site. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know some of the best places to go apple picking in Connecticut! 

Many of these places also offer fresh, fall-reminiscent treats on offer, like apple pies, pick-your-own pumpkins, and homemade cider. 

If you’re ever thinking about spending a day out apple picking with you and your loved ones, consider visiting one of Connecticut’s apple orchards. The places above are sure to deliver an unforgettable experience!

Amelia Haslehurt
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