9 Best Apple Picking In New Hampshire To Try Today

Fall is a magical time of year, particularly when you spend it in New England. There are lots of activities to keep New Englanders busy, like apple picking to commemorate the fall.

9 Best Apple Picking In New Hampshire To Try Today

New England is full of apple orchards, particularly in the state of New Hampshire. 

These places produce lots of juicy apples that are ripe for picking, but they also offer other activities to keep families entertained. Examples include hay rides, hand-pressed cider, and several local produce on offer. 

When you’re in New Hampshire in the fall, apple picking is a must! So, if you want to experience the smell of the orchards and fresh, ripe apples for yourself, we’ve listed some of New Hampshire’s best apple-picking places below.

1. Mack’s Apples

Located: Londonderry

This family farm has been running for eight generations, so it’s evident that they are well-versed in producing apples. 

The farm is 400 acres large, with 100 acres of the space devoted to an apple farm. There’s a variety of apples on offer to suit different tastes. Some examples include Macs, Macoun, and Empire. 

Mack’s Apples also has a farm market where you can purchase other seasonal harvest items. If you’re visiting in the fall for apple season, you can buy hay bales, pumpkins, and cornstalks. 

In addition to fruit, you can enjoy the farm’s maple syrup, jellies, and honey, which are all made fresh on the farm. Mack’s also has a bakery that sells donuts, pies, and bread to visitors, as well as cider to keep adults entertained! 

Mack’s Apples is a great farm to visit if you’re after a traditional New England fall experience. 

2. Alyson’s Orchard

Located: Walpole

Alyson’s Orchard is a wonderful place to visit from late summer to the beginning of fall. 

You can pick from 37 types of apples that grow in the orchard. These range from classic options, like Gala and Honey Crisp, to more unique choices, like Wolf River, or Ashmead’s Kernel. 

Other than apples, the orchard grows seasonal produce throughout the year, like blueberries, pears, and plums. 

Alyson’s also has a farm stand where you can buy locally grown items. Jellies and jams made from the farm’s fruit are sold daily, as well as fresh apple pies that are made during the fall.

In addition to the fruit picking, you can stay on-site, as Alyson’s is also a getaway destination. You can choose between two traditional New England farmhouses or a single pastoral lodge. 

There are lots of fun ventures to be had in the orchard, particularly if you plan on staying for a night or two in the lodge!

3. Applecrest Farm Orchard

Located: Hampton Falls

Applecrest Farm Orchard is a family-run business that has been providing fresh, local fruit for four generations. The orchard grows over 40 different kinds of apples over 220 acres of land, so you’re sure to be satisfied!

Some of their apples include traditional varieties, like Red Delicious and Hampshire. You can also enjoy picking other types of fruit and veg, depending on the season. Examples of the fruit they grow are raspberries, pumpkins, and peaches.

Other than local produce, Applecrest also offers homegrown honey, New Hampshire maple syrup, and a variety of regional cheeses. You can also some of the farm’s hand-pressed cider, so there’s an activity for all ages! 

In addition to picking apples, you can purchase local meats, pasta, and dairy products. There’s also a bakery area where you can enjoy homemade pastries, like apple cider donuts.

If you’re after a day out to keep your whole family entertained, make Applecrest Farm Orchard your next New Hampshire visit. 

4. Gould Hill Farm

Located: Contoocook

Lots of different apples grow onsite at Gould Hill Farm. Classic options include Gala and McIntosh, as well as less common options, like Ginger Gold and Zestar. 

Though some of the apple trees are tall, there are semi-dwarf trees on the farm, allowing younger children to pick fruit easily. 

Gould Hill farm also has a bakery and store with lots of interesting items on offer. You can choose from locally made honey, jellies, and maple syrup candies, as well as unique, handmade jewelry. 

The bakery offers lots of tasty treats, including tasty apple cider donuts and pumpkin pies, which all add to the fall experience! 

5. Windy Ridge Orchard

Located: North Haverhill

Windy Ridge Orchard grows 18 types of traditional apple varieties, like Gala, Cortland, and Spencer. 

Known as one of the greatest apple orchards within the state, Windy Ridge has nature trails, farm animals, and an art gallery. These activities are sure to keep your family entertained beyond apple picking.

The orchard’s nature trails cross the farm, with spectacular views of a pond, pasture lands, and Black Mountain. The art gallery also showcases original artwork from artists in Vermont and New Hampshire. 

Make sure you stop by the gift shop, as there are lots of different products on offer, like maple syrup, honey, flowers, and apples. 

Windy Ridge also transforms in winter, as you can take a ride to the nearby Christmas Tree plantation. After choosing your very own Christmas tree, the orchard has festive hot beverages on offer, as well as scrumptious donuts and pastries. 

6.  Lull Farm

Located: Milford and Hollis

Lull Farm covers two locations, one in Milford and the other in Hollis. Both of these locations satisfy all of your fall requirements, from fresh flowers to locally-grown produce.

You can shop for locally grown produce in the farm market, as well as pick a variety of fruit depending on the season, like strawberries, apples, and pumpkins. 

Lull Farm also has a Bakery and Kitchen. It’s the perfect place to enjoy home-baked goods after a morning apple picking. Their cider donuts and pies are great around the holidays, while their bread and cookies taste amazing all year round. 

Other than apples and homebaked bakes, you can visit the farm on Saturdays to enjoy some of their local seafood too! 

7. Riverview Farm

Located: Plainfield

Just by the Connecticut River, Riverview Farm has been managed by the Franklin family for over three decades. 

The apple orchards are located near the parking areas, so you won’t need to walk far during your visit. The farm also has the option to drive to the orchards, which is ideal when traveling with senior members or particularly small children. 

There are lots of different apples to pick from, including classic options, like Fuji and Cortland, and interesting, hard-to-find ones, like Northern Spy and Zestar. 

An interesting feature of Riverview is that the farm is also home to a corn maze. The maze takes on different themes throughout the year, making it a fun activity to enjoy during your visit. 

After you’re done picking apples, you can check out the farm’s Barn store to browse lots of seasonal items. These range from fresh fruit, pumpkins, dried flowers, and an assortment of homemade jams. 

Riverview’s flowers are especially great for making fall arrangements. You can spot a lot of autumnal growths in the field, including salvia, sunflowers, dahlias, and straw flowers. There are also pre-arranged bunches found in the barn store to purchase at the end of your visit.

8. Carter Hill Orchard

Located: Concord

Carter Hill Orchard has been active since the 18th century. In the modern era, the orchard has turned into a popular u-pick place with lots of fruit on offer. 

Carter Hill is a great place to locate hard-to-find apples, like SnowSweet or Crispin. You can also pick plums, blueberries, pumpkins, and peaches onsite, depending on the time of year you visit.

Other than fruit, you can indulge in some of the orchard’s baked treats, like whoopie pies and cider donuts, as well as their homegrown, autumnal maple syrup.

There’s also a cidery on site, called the New Hampshire Cider Works. This is a great place to learn about craft cider and try some cider for yourself. 

If you’re looking for pies to serve to others around the holidays, you can also pre-order from Carter Hill in advance to take the stress out of preparation. 

9. Sunnycrest Farm

Located: Londonderry

Sunnycrest farm has been offering fruit-picking services since its beginnings in 1943. Visitors can visit during fall to pick apples, along with strawberries, pumpkins, and flowers, depending on the time of the season.

Sunnycrest also offers freshly pressed apple cider to customers. Other than its autumnal flavors, the cider is unpasteurized and free from additives, so you know the cider is of high quality. 

The farm also has a bakery kitchen with lots of delicious treats on offer. Naturally, you can enjoy some of their cider donuts in fall, as well as bread and cookies year-round. 

If you’re visiting with your family, don’t leave without seeing the farm animals. These are always a hit with children and are sure to add to your fall experience! 

Final Thoughts

Apple picking is a fun fall activity to enjoy with your loved ones, especially in New Hampshire, a state that’s home to many apple orchards.

 If you stop at one (or more) of the orchards listed above, be sure to try a variety of apples, particularly ones that are hard to find within the state. 

We hope you enjoy exploring some of New Hampshire’s apple orchards and enjoy their fall-themed activities!

Amelia Haslehurt
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