10 Best Apple Picking In Tennessee To Try Today

Tennessee is known for all of its natural beauty. It is home to wonderful rolling hills, lush farmlands, and fantastic mountains. But did you know that Tennessee is home to lots of incredible apple orchards too? 

10 Best Apple Picking In Tennessee To Try Today

If you thought Tennessee wasn’t a good place to go apple picking in the fall, then you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that this isn’t the case at all!

There are so many incredible apple-picking spots in the state that are just waiting for you to discover them! 

You can find lots of different types of apple-picking locations, from family-friendly places all the way to more traditional farmland orchards.

If you want to go apple picking in Tennessee, then read on to find out about the 10 best spots in the whole state! 

1. The Apple Barn Cider Mill

Located in Sevierville, Tennessee, The Apple Barn Cider Mill is one of the best places in the entire state for acquiring juicy, fresh apples.

The orchard is home to many different varieties of apples, some of which include Mutsu, Winesap, Rome Beauty, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Jonagold, Fuji, Granny Smith, Jonathan, and Gala. 

If you do find yourself at the Apple Barn Cider Mill, don’t forget to check out their general store which is filled with all sorts of homemade goods and produce that comes directly from the farm. 

Some of the things you can get at the general store include jams, jellies, apple butter, syrup, honey, salsa, and barbecue sauce, as well as taffy, peanut brittle, and much more! 

You can find The Apple Barn Cider Mill at 230 Apple Valley Rd, Sevierville, TN 37862. 

2. Mountain Meadows Farm

10 Best Apple Picking In Tennessee To Try Today

Found in Heiskell, Mountain Meadows Farm has been around since the 1970s.

The orchard on site produces a lot more than just apples, with some of the other fruits being blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, cherries, strawberries, grapes, pears, plums, and nectarines. 

While all of the other fruits and crops vary throughout the year, the apples are the one constant.

They have many different varieties for you to choose from, and you can check their website to see which ones are currently available. 

Mountain Meadows Farm also distributes and sells its apples throughout the state, so it’s likely that you’ve tried them already! 

You can find Mountain Meadows Farm at 248 Bridges Rd, Heiskell, TN 37754. 

3. Fairmount Orchard

You will find Fairmount Orchard in Signal Mountain. This orchard is only open for part of the year, and the harvest season runs from August through to January. 

The apples vary depending on what time in the season you visit, but you can get a plethora of different apples, some of which include Mutsu, Fuji, Jonagold, Red Delicious, Ginger Gold, Golden Delicious, Red Rome, and Granny Smith. 

You can also get lots of other delicious things from Fairmount Orchard, such as apple cider, jams, jellies, and apple butter.

If you do choose to visit Fairmount Orchard, make sure to try their pressed cider especially because you won’t find any like it anywhere else! 

You can find Fairmount Orchard at 2204 Fairmount Pike, Signal Mountain, TN 37377. 

4. Shade Tree Farm And Orchard

10 Best Apple Picking In Tennessee To Try Today

Shade Tree Farm can be found in Adams, Tennessee and it is home to many different crops, some of which include apples, peaches, blueberries, and pears. 

The farm and orchard are popular locations for school field trips because they offer educational tours and it is also home to hayrides, a play area, and a pumpkin patch.

This is the perfect apple-picking location in Tennessee for families, and it will keep you preoccupied for hours! 

You will also find lots of delicious produce in the farm store, such as jams, preserves, and sauces.

Shade Tree Farm is incredibly active on social media, so you will always be able to keep up to date with what’s going on there. 

You can find Shade Tree Farm and Orchard at 2087 Kinneys Rd, Adams, TN 37010. 

5. Roan Highlands Farm

10 Best Apple Picking In Tennessee To Try Today

Roan Highlands Farm is a fairly new farm, having only been in operation since 2013, but it’s still up there as one of the best in all of Tennessee! 

You will find the farm and the orchard near Cherokee National Forest and it is home to many wonderful apples for you to pick. ‘

Along with their heirloom apples, Roan Highlands Farm also grows lots of other varieties, some of which include  Kinnaird’s Choice, Grimes Golden, Roxbury Russet, Father Abraham, Virginia Beauty, Yates, and many more. 

This is a beautiful farm and orchard and it is somewhere that the whole family can enjoy. If you are looking for somewhere peaceful and relaxing away from the city, then Roan Highlands Farm is the place to be.

6. Scott’s Orchard

Located in Hazen Green, Scott’s Orchard has been around since 1903 and covers more than 1,000 acres. It is home to some of the freshest, most tasty apples in the entire state and you will also find peaches here too. 

When it comes to apple picking, there are plenty of varieties for you to choose from. Some of the apples you can pick at this orchard include Fuji, Pink Lady, Ozark Gold, Dixie Red, Arkansas Black, Cameo, and Lodi. 

Also on site is a bakery and general store and you will be able to purchase many delicious homemade goods from both. You can even buy fruit trees on-site to take home with you for your garden! 

You can find Scott’s Orchard at 2163 Scott Rd, Hazel Green, AL 35750. 

7. Jones Orchard

Jones Orchard can be found in Millington, Tennessee. It is home to a beautiful apple orchard, but what makes Jones Orchard stand out is how many extra activities it offers, so you can really make a day trip out of your visit there. 

During the fall, the orchard is home to a brilliant harvest festival, which is full of activities such as fruit picking, hayrides, a corn maze, and even a haunted house.

As for apple season, it runs between September and October, so you can enjoy picking your own fruit and then you can visit the festival afterward. 

There is plenty of other fruit on the farm as well, some of which include pumpkins, peaches, plums, blueberries, pears, nectarines, and strawberries. 

8. Buffalo Trail Orchard

You will find Buffalo Trail Orchard in Greeneville, Tennessee and it is one of the state’s most popular apple orchards.

It has been in operation since 1890, which also happens to make it one of the oldest apple orchards in the state too! 

You will find plenty of apple varieties to choose from when you visit Buffalo Trail Orchard.

Some of the varieties you can get include Red Staymen, Enterprise, William’s Pride, Wolf River, Sweet Sixteen, Pink Lady, Goldrush, and more.

Apple season runs from June to November, so check their website to see which varieties are in season when you plan on visiting. 

Along with apples, you can also find other fruit here, such as blackberries, blueberries, plums, peaches, squash, and pumpkins. 

9. Apple Valley Orchard

Apple Valley Orchard can be found in Cleveland, Tennessee, and it has been around since the 1960s. It is now home to over 15,000 apple trees, a bakery, other crops, and a cider mill. 

The orchard is home to plenty of different apple varieties, some of which include Pristine, Dandee Red, Zestar, Lura Red, Senshu, Rome Beauty, Charlie Gold, Winesap, Arkansas Black, and Cameo.

The apples that are available change depending on what time of the season you visit, so check their website before you go to see what is on offer! 

Apple Valley Orchard is also popular for school trips and events, so it can get quite busy, but it’s definitely worth exploring if you have the chance! 

You can find Apple Valley Orchard at 351 Weese Rd SE, Cleveland, TN 37323. 

10. Breeden’s Orchard

Found in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, Breeden’s Orchard can be found about 30 minutes from Nashville and it has been around for about 50 years. 

Breeden’s Orchard takes pride in their apple orchard and actively encourages the public to come and pick from their many varieties.

There are some new varieties being cultivated and they are expected to make an appearance in upcoming seasons, so keep an eye out for them on their website! 

Along with apples, Breeden’s Orchard also offers lots of other fruits, some of which include peaches, berries, and garlic. 

You can find Breeden’s Orchard at 631 Beckwith Rd, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122. 


There are plenty of fantastic apple-picking locations in Tennessee, and the ones we have discussed on this list are definitely the best of the best!

There are plenty of things for you to enjoy at these apple-picking locations, regardless of your age! 

When apple season comes around, make sure to check out the locations on this list, and if you get the chance, try and visit a couple of them to see which ones you enjoy the most! You wont be disappointed!

Amelia Haslehurt
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