17 Best Apple Picking Near DC To Try Today

Fruit picking is one of the most wholesome activities that you can do.

You can pack your whole family into the station wagon and find a good farm that is open to visitors and encourages fruit picking. But what about when the winter starts drawing in?

17 Best Apple Picking Near DC To Try Today

Well, this is the apple-picking season. You can pick this delicious and crunchy fruit fresh off the vine. You can either eat them raw, mush them up as filling for a pie or press them into cider. There’s no limit to what you can do with apples.

If you are living or traveling through the DC area and you fancy picking some apples, then you’re in luck. There are plenty of apple farms and orchards that are available to you.

But where can you find them? Well, we have a list of some of the best apple-picking sites in the DC area, so keep reading to find out where they are!

1. Baugher’s Orchard

Address: 1015 Baugher Rd., Westminster

This farm can be found around 70 miles away from DC and it comes with plenty of activities that you and the whole family can participate in.

Whether it is going to a petting zoo, riding a donkey, or playing with chickens, you can be sure that there is plenty of fun to have throughout the day.

2. Weber’s Farm

Address: 2526 Proctor Ln., Parkville, MD

17 Best Apple Picking Near DC To Try Today

This is an old cider press that uses the fresh apples that it grows to manufacture some of the best alcohol in the region.

You can pick your own apples and flowers, so why not take your significant other along with you and have a romantic day in the countryside?

3. Catoctin Mountain Orchard

Address: 15036 North Franklinville Rd.,Thurmont

This is another great orchard that will allow you to pick your own apples for a small fee. This place has a bakery where you can buy lots of apple-infused pastries and other treats.

This orchard is old school and they only accept cash, so make sure you bring plenty of notes.

4. Great Country Farms

Address: 18780 Foggy Bottom Rd, Bluemont, VA

17 Best Apple Picking Near DC To Try Today

This is a great venue where you can pick many different varieties of apples, including gala, honey crisp and Jona free.

The farm is impressive and includes a corn maze that you and your friends can get lost in, as well as a market that sells donuts, apple cider vinegar, sandwiches, and soup.

5. Gaver Farms

Address: 5501 Detrick Rd., Mount Airy

This is another great farm that you can visit in the fall, with plenty of activities that you can partake in including donkey rides, a stroll around the pumpkin patch, and driving around on pedal carts.

This is around 40 miles from DC, but you can get to it via car or train.

6. Rock Hill Orchards

Address: 28600 Ridge Rd, Mt Airy, MD

Three’s nothing better than mixing apples with ice cream, so get yourself down to Rock Hill Orchards, which has a creamery that makes fresh ice cream that will taste like nothing you can find in the store.

Mix this with fresh apples for a sumptuous autumnal treat.

7. Hartland Orchard

Address: 3064 Hartland Ln., Markham

17 Best Apple Picking Near DC To Try Today

Located about 60 miles outside of DC, this is an orchard where you can sample many different types of apples, as well as pumpkins and other autumnal fruit and vegetables.

This is open from 9 am to 5 pm, so you can while away the whole day there on a balmy September day.

8. Carter Mountain Orchard

Address: 1435 Carters Mountain Trail, Charlottesville, VA

If you like to enjoy a cold local cider while sitting back and checking out gorgeous views, then this is the orchard for you. You can pick a wide range of apples, whether it is honey crisp, golden delicious or gala.

This is a great place for animal lovers as you can bring your dog along for the ride.

9. Hollin Farms

Address: 1524 Snowden Rd., Delaplane

This farm offers you plenty of options when it comes to picking flowers, fruit and vegetables. You can pick fall greens, potatoes, sunflowers and apples for a small fee.

They provide you with bags and baskets of your own, as well as stunning vistas and lush scenery.

10. Mackintosh Fruit Farm

Address: 1608 Russell Rd, Berryville, VA

The Mackintosh fruit farm is somewhere you can go to pick a wide range of various types of apples, whether it is gala, crimson crisp, Honeycrisp or criterion.

They also have a market where you can buy cheeses and meats of different varieties.

11. Larriland Farm

Address: 2415 Woodbine Rd., Woodbine

This is a place where you can pick your own apples or take a hayride through a pumpkin patch.

There is something for everyone, rides to keep the kids entertained, apples to pick for the couples and apple cider to drink for the moms and dads.

12. Millburn Orchards

Address: 1495 Appleton Rd., Elkton

This is situated quite far outside DC at around 100 miles away and you will have to book tickets in advance.

However, once you get there, it will be worthwhile, as there is plenty to do at this orchard. One of their main draws is ‘pedestrian trees’, which are much shorter than regular trees. This is ideal for young pickers.

13. Stribling Orchard

Address: 115587 Poverty Hollow Ln., Markham

If you like all different strains of apple, then this is a great place to go as they have over 23 types of apple that you can pick for yourself.

This place has spots where you can eat food and listen to live music, sampling some of the best wines from around the country.

14. Homestead Farm

Address: 15604 Sugarland Rd., Poolesville

17 Best Apple Picking Near DC To Try Today

This farm has access to plenty of fruit and vegetables, whether they are apples or pumpkins.

If you are at a loose end during the autumn seasons, then we would certainly recommend that you get down to the Homestead farm to savor honey, flowers and pet some animals.

15. Butler’s Orchard

Address: Germantown, Maryland

This farm has over 300 acres of land, which is great if you are looking for a place where you can really roam around.

You can get freshly baked pies, cheese, and seasonal foods from the market that they have on-site. It’s only a 40-minute drive from DC, so get down there while you can.

16. Crookes Run Orchard And Farm

Address: Purcellville, Virginia

17 Best Apple Picking Near DC To Try Today

This is a family farm that manufactures everything on-site from hand soaps to honey.

You can swing by during the autumn seasons to pick some fresh apples and enjoy strolling through a pumpkin patch.

17. Marker Miller Orchards Farm Market

Address: Winchester, Virginia

If you fancy the hour-and-a-half drive from DC, then why not pop down to Marker Miller Orchards Farm Market? This place has so many activities, from wall climbing to wagon rides to exploring a castle.

This farm also stages an Apple Harvest Festival where you can get apple pies, apple cobbler, and apple cider from the food trucks.

Why Are Apples Good For You?

There are plenty of nutritional benefits of apples. Apples are a natural source of pectin, which has been shown to help break down fat in the body, as well as lower cholesterol.

They are also shown to help improve the effects of diabetes, as they come low on the glycemic index, which will not lead to sugar spikes.

They are also shown to reduce inflammation in the stomach that might lead to weight gain.

Apples can also help to protect you against heart disease and improve the symptoms of asthma.

It will also help you to improve your bone health, as studies have shown that eating more apples will reduce the loss of calcium in the body over time.


We hope that our guide to the best apple-picking sites in DC has helped you to decide which one looks the most suitable for you and your family.

Remember that apple picking season happens during autumn. Also, you might need to ring the farm ahead of time to see if they have any spaces left.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Pick My Own Apples?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to pick your own apples. You can use them in cooking or baking. Apples are one of the main ingredients in a lot of pies and tarts, and if you want that organic and wholesome taste, then we would suggest that you pick your own apples.

Is It Safe To Eat Freshly-Picked Apples?

Yes, most farms have to abide by certain growing practices to distribute apples to the public. You should always check apples as they might contain insects that like to burrow into the apple.

However, apples do contain salicylates, which some people can be highly sensitive to. If you develop a skin rash when eating apples, this could be a sign that you have an intolerance.

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