12 Best Apple Picking Near Portland Maine To Try Today

Maine is a beautiful state on the east coast of the United States. When you think of Maine, you might think of beautiful lobsters or the stunning rocky coastline.

12 Best Apple Picking Near Portland Maine To Try Today

However, something else that Maine has to offer is apples. During the fall months, there are numerous orchards across the state that boast beautiful, juicy apples that you can pick yourself for a fun fall day out. 

There are literally hundreds of different orchards that allow you to pick your own apples during the fall. To help you plan your trip, we have picked 12 of the best apple picking orchards near Portland, Maine (Also check out  Farmers Markets in Portland). 

1. Douglas Farm

Located 20 minutes from Portland on Sauvie Island is Douglas Farm. This is a family-run farm that is on its fifth generation. If you are looking for a wide variety of fruit to pick, Douglas Farm is a great choice. 

The farm specializes in multiple varieties of produce, however, the apples really are the best! There are multiple types of apples that ripen at different stages of the harvesting season so no matter when you go, there will always be delicious apples to pick.

2. McDougal Orchards


Another great family apple farm is McDougal Orchards. It is an impressive seventh generation farm that is located in the beautiful Springvale in the South of Maine. If you are looking for a full experience when apple picking, this is the orchard for you. 

Arriving at McDougal Orchards you will feel like you stepped back in time to a classic New England Experience. There are dozens of varieties of Maine apples available to pick from in the orchard.

There is also Captain Jack’s Donut Shack where you can get the best apple cider donuts in the state. 

3. Apple Acres Farm

If a family farm isn’t really your vibe, Apple Acres Farm could be just what you are looking for. This is a certified organic farm located in Hiram, Maine, just a 45-minute drive from Portland.

This is the perfect place to go apple picking with your entire family. 

There is a wonderful playground for the kids and a stunning farm store to get all the fresh ingredients you need. The best thing about Apple Acres Farm, other than the apples, is the onsite restaurant that really sets the orchard apart from the rest. 

4. Brackett’s Orchards

Located in Limington, Brackett’s Orchards is a fun location to go apple picking. However, hiding behind the fun, fall exterior there is a rich history. Brackett’s Orchards is thought to be the oldest family owned and operated apple orchard in Maine. 

There is plenty of space at this orchard so the whole family can enjoy apple picking without feeling crowded. For younger apple pickers, there is a colorful apple train that they can ride. You can also refresh yourself with mulled cider and fresh donuts. 

5. Rocky Ridge Orchard

In Bowdoin, Maine, you can find Rocky Ridge Orchard. This is the perfect orchard to visit if you want a truly family-friendly experience. There is a stunning apple orchard that produces the most delicious, sweet, and juicy apples.

There is also a beautiful pumpkin patch to complete the full fall experience. 

The entire farm is incredibly picturesque, perfect for those precious family portraits. All you need to complete your trip is some of the warm apple cider from the farm stand and you will be set for the rest of fall. 

6. Ricker Hill Orchards

If a stunning setting is what you are looking for, Ricker Hill Orchards in Turner, Maine could be the perfect orchard for you. The orchard is set in the foothills of Maine which provides an incredible backdrop for your apple picking. 

Ricker Hill Orchards have been growing apples since 1803. Now, they produce an extensive range of apples and even some cranberries too. The most famous type of apple that you can pick at this orchard is the McIntosh apples. 

7. Pietree Orchard

Another great orchard for anyone who is looking to get some amazing, aesthetic photographs is Pietree Orchard. This orchard is set in Sweden, Maine and has some incredible mountain views. 

Once you have worked up a sizable appetite, you can rest and refuel in the onsite restaurant that serves wood-fired pizza with your choice of toppings. This is a great place to apple pick with friends or the whole family. 

8. Thompson’s Orchard

Based in New Gloucester, Maine, there is another family owned and run apple picking orchard that presents the greatest fall activities year on year, Thompson’s Orchard. This is the perfect apple picking orchard that the whole family can enjoy together. 

Thompson’s Orchard offers tractor rides, a pumpkin patch, and some of the best apple picking in the state. There is an onsite farm store that is stocked with some of the best local Maine goodies.

There are jams, syrups, and crafts that are made by locals that are perfect for holiday gifts. 

9. Wallingford’s Fruit House

Set in the stunning Auburn countryside is the adorable Wallingford’s Fruit House. If you are looking for the most quaint orchard in the country, this is it.

The most impressive thing about this orchard, aside from its aesthetics, is its range of delicious, crisp apples to pick. 

With that being said, Wallingford’s Fruit House offers so much more than just apples. This orchard has its own petting zoo, a corn maze, a playground, and even haunted hay rides. If you really want to get into the fall vibe, this is the orchard for you. 

10. Bell’s Orchard

Located in Beaverton, just a 30-minute drive from Portland, you will find Bell’s Orchard. You can visit Bell’s Orchard from late August to begin your fall apple picking.

There is a wide variety of apples available to pick, however, Bell’s specializes in honeycrisp and Gravenstein apples. 

Fruit picking isn’t just limited to apples at Bell’s Orchard, you can also pick pears and peaches when they are in season. There are also “short orchards” that are filled with low trees that can be accessed by kids. 

11. True North Orchards

12 Best Apple Picking Near Portland Maine To Try Today

If you are willing to travel a little further from Portland, Truth North Orchards is set in Salem, an hour from Portland.

This orchard has been growing apples since the 1970s, however, its produce extends to pears, plums, and other fruits throughout the year. 

You can check their website to find out which fruits are in season when you are planning to visit. Apples are available to pick throughout the fall months.

Some of the most popular types of apples at Truth North Orchards are Granny Smith, Pinova, and Jonagold. 

12. Draper Girls Country Farm

The final orchard on this list is Draper Girls Country Farm. It is the furthest orchard from Portland, based in Parkdale, it is 1 hour, 20 minutes away. However, it is worth the journey for the views and aesthetics alone. 

The orchard is located south of the Hood River. It is filled with stunning pick-your-own apple orchards during the fall and offers plenty of other fruits throughout the year.

You can feed the farm animals while you take in the breathtaking views of Mount Adams and Mount Hood and enjoy a freshly made cider. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many stunning orchards that you can visit near Portland in Maine. This is our list of the best orchards to visit if you are short on time and want to make the most of the natural produce that the state has to offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should You Spend At An Orchard?

Thankfully, there is no prescribed minimum amount of time that you have to spend at an orchard. The amount of time that you will want to spend at a pick-your-own orchard is entirely dependent on the time that you have. 

It is possible to make a quick stop at an orchard in the middle of a road trip to stretch your legs, have some fun, and pick up some delicious, healthy snacks for the trip.

However, depending on the orchard that you visit, it is possible to spend an entire day at an orchard. This is a great way to spend time with your family and friends, especially around Thanksgiving. 

When Is The Best Time To Visit An Orchard?

If you are looking for apple picking, there is always going to be produce to harvest throughout the fall months, from late August to mid November.

However, if you want to have the choice of a wide variety of apples to pick, it is best to visit an orchard in the middle of fall. This is when there will be overlap between different varieties. 

Amelia Haslehurt
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