5 Of The Best And Most Relaxing Areas For Blackberry Picking In New York

There’s nothing quite like spending a quiet afternoon picking some fresh and juicy blackberries with the family when the temperatures are high and the sun is beaming down, and while skyscrapers and busy streets may be the first things to pop up into our heads when we think of New York, the truth is that it is also home to some amazing fruit farms that visitors are welcome to explore for themselves.

5 Of The Best And Most Relaxing Areas For Blackberry Picking In New York

While most people will take their bag of blackberries back to the house to whip up some cheesecakes, muffins, or pancakes, you can even snack on a few while strolling through New York City and gazing at all the big apple has to offer, the choice is entirely up to you. 

With that in mind, we’ve got 5 of the very best areas for blackberry picking (see also: 6 Best Places For Blackberry Picking GA)in New York for you right here to get you started. 

1. Love Apple Farm

While the name might suggest that this farm specializes in growing apples, it is actually more related to tomatoes which are commonly called pomme d’amour (Love Apple) in French because of their shape which slightly resembles a heart. 

The owners of this farm loved the phrase and decided to use it for their 80 acres worth of land where they grow cherries, plums, peaches, strawberries, and of course, dark and natural blackberries which visitors are free to pick from August to September. 

After you’re done filling up your bag full of blackberries, consider paying a visit to the small playground if you have the kids with you, or take a load off and relax at the local cafe near the gift shop just around the corner from the entrance. 

2. Patty’s Berries And Bunches

With so much on offer at Patty’s Berries and Bunches, it’s hard to know where to begin, but if there’s one thing you should know right off the bat, it’s that their blackberries, along with their strawberries and blueberries, are all 100% fresh with no pesticides or fungicides being used anywhere on the farm as the team prefers to use much more natural methods to keep their fruit safe and healthy. 

Picking fruit is just the start of the fun at this farm however as visitors are also given the opportunity to buy one of the many flowers that are on display at the flower market, before then heading to the produce stand which features a whole range of home-made goods including baked treats, seasonal ice cream, honey, and even multiple jam variations. 

While this is the perfect area for blackberry picking, make sure you visit with a fairly empty stomach since it’s too easy to also pick up a few snacks to enjoy for the ride home.

3. Garden Of Eve Farm

The magnificent and gigantic Garden of Eve Farm offers berry picking for an incredibly low admission price, and considering you can pick from 9 am until 6 in the evening, you will have plenty of time to wander through the fields to see which blackberries look the most appetizing to you. 

The Garden of Eve is one of the only farms that is certified organic in all of Long Island, and they offer a vast amount of fruits for visitors to collect at different points of the year.

For blackberries, picking begins in mid-July, while strawberries and blueberries are a month earlier. 

This means that if you’re a big fan of blackberries specifically, and like to pick them out in a calm and quiet environment, then you’re in luck as the crowds are far smaller since most people are most eager to get their hands on some strawberries instead. 

When you pay your admission fee, you will also be granted access to the pedal karts and hay tower, along with live music events which play most weekends. 

One thing is for certain, if you visit the Garden of Eve with the intention of picking some blackberries, you certainly won’t be disappointed with either the quality or quantity, so book your slot today, or simply pay when you arrive during the scorching month of July. 

4. Fishkill Farm

While the peaches and nectarines are available for collecting in August, the blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries at Fishkill Farm are ready for picking as soon as July hits.

This locally beloved farm located in Hopewell may be most well known for its juicy apples which can be picked from August all the way to October, but this simply means that everyone hoping to fill their bag full of blackberries is guaranteed to have a nice and relaxing experience without the bustling crowds or long queues ruining the experience. 

The team and workers at Fishkill Farm have made it their mission to use clean growing methods to produce their fruit, and they don’t just mean this for their apples, but their blackberries too which are lightly covered with Kaolin Clay to protect them from pests and insects, but don’t worry, this is much cleaner than pesticides and is completely non-toxic. 

With such a variety of foods on offer at different times of the year, it’s not so bad of an idea to visit for the blackberries, and then maybe pop back for a visit again to pick out a few different fruits and vegetables to use in even more delightful recipes. 

5. Terhune Orchards

Just an hour’s drive away from New York City is Terhune Orchards, a small patch of land that welcomes visitors and picking enthusiasts throughout the month of August where they are able to pick and fill up their bags and buckets from 9 am to 5 pm every weekday. 

There’s no doubt that the land here is a lot more steep and hilly than many others, however, many people find that this only adds to the sense of adventure since each time you pop up over a hill, a new fresh field of berries awaits you. 

The farm also features a winery that you can take a guided tour of which is led by the incredibly friendly staff, along with a whole schedule of live music events and festivals that take place all throughout the summer, making this an extremely lively and vibrant farm that any fan of summertime blackberry picking needs to visit, especially since the temperature is usually a lot more manageable during August in New York.


Don’t miss the chance to pick out some mouthwatering fresh blackberries when you’re next in New York and be sure to try out more than one farm so that you can get a delightful variety of sweet and tasty treats to take home with you (Also check out The Best Places For Fruit Picking In New York). 

Amelia Haslehurt
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