Cherry Picking In Cali: 15 Best Places For Cherry Picking In California

Through the months of May to July, you can expect the surfing state of California to be buzzing with cherry pickers.

Many farms across the state open their doors to travelers, visitors, and natives of California to join them in picking some of their best cherries. 

Cherry Picking In Cali: 15 Best Places For Cherry Picking In California

In this article, we have 15 of the best places for cherry-picking throughout California.

You don’t even need your own container! Simply come along, pick some cherries, make some memories, and enjoy the many facilities the farm has to offer!

Just don’t forget sunscreen, the California sun can be dangerous this time of year.

Let’s get into it!

1. Mikes U-Pick Cherries 

Visit either of the two locations owned by Mikes U-Pick Cherries located in Brentwood, North California for an excellent experience.

This farm has been operating for over 30 years and their deep knowledge is great for learning more about farming fresh produce. 

Mikes U-Pick Cherries farm opens to the public at the end of May and is open for the rest of the summer. With a variety of cherries on offer, Coral Champagne, Red Lappin, and White Rainier.

You can simply come along, grab a bag, and get to picking. You can also bring your own bucket if you are expecting to be taking a mountain of cherries home. 

Make sure to ask the farmers some questions about their harvesting processes while enjoying the California sun.  

This farm does have some rather strict rules when it comes to visitors so be sure to check out their website and follow along for a great day of cherry picking!

2. Three Nunns Farm 

If you are looking for the perfect place to take the kids to really get them tired out then Three Nunns Farm is a must! With over 40 acres of land to explore, you can really let your little ones and yourself go wild. Respectfully, of course. 

Three Nunns Farm encourages everyone to come along and really get stuck in. With a 5-acre corn maze, a relaxing Corn Trail, tractor rides, and more, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. 

Cherry picking season for the farm begins in Mid-May and is open right through June. With over 6 varieties of cherries on offer, you can expect some delicious fresh produce when you visit. 

There is also a variety of pre-picked produce such as cucumbers, watermelons, peppers, blueberries, and garlic! 

3. Gilroy U-Pick 

Gilroy U-Pick is a small family operated u-pick only farm. Selling both u-pick and freshly picked fruits and veggies, you are getting only the best when you visit Gilroy U-Pick.

This quaint, homely farm is an excellent treat for kids, couples, and even mothers on Mother’s Day!

Cherry picking season begins around the 7th of May for Gilroy U-Pick and is open throughout the month of June. 

While this farm does have plenty of juicy cherries to be picked, (see also: Best Cherry Picking Los Angeles – 5 Must-Visit Farms)they do have one main attraction. Pluerries. This is a cross between a plum and a cherry! This is available for harvesting through June and July. Unique and delicious!

4. Villa Del Sol 

Villa Del Sol is located in Leona Valley and is a slice of paradise. This small acre farm began in 1999 and has been a treasure of Leona Valley ever since.

Cherry-picking season often begins at the end of May and will last right through to the end of July if the trees are feeling generous. 

No need to bring your own bucket or pay for an entrance, you simply pay for what you pick. The one rule is that you do not eat while picking, always pay for your produce before having a nibble.

We know, it’s so difficult when it looks so delicious!

You can also find fresh honey for sale at various points around the orchards at Villa Del Sol that will go perfectly with your fresh cherry jam!

5. Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch

Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch is owned and operated by Joel and Nancie Carnnell, and you can bet these two farmers are just buzzing with excitement about inviting you onto their farm. 

As part of the Leona Valley Cherry Growers Association, Rolling Thunder promises to provide you with pesticide free produce. Meaning, you can enjoy each fruit straight from the tree it’s growing on!

There is loads to do at Rolling Thunder including cherry picking, a small petting zoo, and fun photo ops to remember this day forever. 

Be sure to pick up some of the delicious local honey and sale and the iconic Rolling Thunder cherry lavender sweet tea is an absolute must-try!

6. Guldseth Cherry Orchards 

Located in Cherry Valley, this picturesque farm is perfect for cherry picking. Guldseth Cherry Orchards is a U-Pick only service and is extremely welcoming.

Having been producing cherries for over 30 years, this family-owned orchard has become known for its incredible fresh cherries! 

You can expect an entrance fee when you arrive at Guldseth Cherry Orchards but it is worth every penny.

As you make your way through the cherry orchards, feel free to have a taste of the cherries you are about to take home. Perfect if you forgot to bring a snack. 

Guldseth also has other products for picking throughout the year including walnuts in the fall, and peaches in August. 

7. Copeland’s Cherry Ranch 

At the core of Copeland’s Cherry Ranch is family. This large family of 5, works together along with their aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends to make Copeland’s the perfect place for you to spend your summer days. 

While the season is commonly short for cherry picking, Copelands work to make the most of it. Everyone is welcome to join them for some cherry picking or to purchase a bag of pre-picked cherries if you are short on time. 

Don’t forget to bring lunch and enjoy a picnic at their gorgeous picnic area!

8. JL Farms U-Pick Cherries

JL Farms is the oldest family-owned cherry orchard in Little Rock and has a large variety of cherries for you to pick and enjoy. 

All of the trees on the farms are trimmed to around 7 or 9 feet making it the perfect height for little ones to pick their own cherries.

Everyone planning on touring the orchards must have closed-toe shoes for protection and of course, bring a supply of hand sanitizer and wipes. 

There is no need to bring your own bucket, a bag will be provided for you to pick up and transport your cherries! All you have to do is wait to pay before eating. 

9. Cherry Hill Farm 

Located in Leona Valley just 12 miles west of Palmdale you can find Cherry Hill Farm. This is a 7.5-acre family-owned farm that works all year round to ensure their orchards are beautiful and healthy. 

There are never any pesticides or herbicides on their farm, meaning you can enjoy the fresh fruit straight from the tree. While there is no entrance fee, you simply pay for the bucket. 

It is important to remember that Cherry Hill Farm is a cash-only operation, so be sure to have plenty of cash to purchase some of their luxurious goodies. Pick up some of their soap, bath salts, and other relaxing products!

10. AIRAYA U-Pick Farm

You can find AIRAYA U-Pick Farm in Brentwood and in early May, it opens for the u-pick season. Open Monday through Sunday, you can join AIRAYA to pick some delicious stone fruits such as peaches, apricots, plots, and cherries. 

It is highly recommended that you call the farm before visiting to ensure that the season has begun and is open to the public. 

You are required to bring your own container or bag to collect your fruit and bring it home. A plastic bag does the trick and makes it a lot easier when it comes to weighing and paying for the fruit you pick! 

11. Bacchini’s Fruit Tree 

The Bacchini’s Fruit Tree has been owned and operated by the Bacchini family since 1945. All that they ask when you visit is to keep yourself and those around you safe for the best experience. 

With no need to bring your own container, all you need is yourself, sensible shoes, and sun protection for the blazing California sun. 

Bacchini’s Fruit Tree has a selection of U-Pick and Pre-Picked fruit to choose from which you can then take home and enjoy. Remember to give your fruit a quick wash before eating!

12. Pomeroy Farm

Pomeroy Farm is located in Brentwood and is spread across numerous locations depending on the fruit you want to harvest.

For Bing and Rainier White Cherries be sure to visit the Marsh Creek Road venue while a larger selection of cherries is available at the Eureka Avenue venue. 

Cherries are perfect for picking in early May and throughout June, making it an excellent choice for a summer field trip. 

The farm will provide you with buckets and bags for collecting your fruit making it easy to move around. Be sure to bring lunch and enjoy a picnic at this glorious farm. 

13. Pease Ranch 

Pease Ranch has been family owned and operated since 1983 making it a close-knit community of farmers and visitors. 

The farm is open Wednesday through Sunday for public visitation and is an excellent place to bring the kids. Opening in May you can pick from a selection of Tioga Cherries and Free Blackberries to take home and create some delicious recipes. 

Now, the opening of the farm depends on the weather and the ripeness of the fruit so be sure to call ahead for more information on their opening season. 

Pease Ranch is a cash-only farm and all produce must be purchased before eating. We promise it is worth the wait!

14. Cherry Time 

For the Cherry connoisseur, you are sure to find something new at the Cherry Time farm. With a wide range of cherries, this is a great place to learn and experience the true process of growing and harvesting cherries. 

Cherry Time also has a humble marketplace with local fruit, veggies, and other products on offer by local businesses!

15. John Podesta Farms 

John Podesta Farms is located in Stockton and is truly incredible. This farm has been in operation since 1907, and their knowledge shows in their love for the crops they grow. 

Join them in the early spring and from cherry picking. Be sure to bring your own container or you can purchase one at the farm for storing your cherries!

Make sure to follow the rules when out in the orchards to keep everyone safe and comfortable. 

Final Thoughts 

Cherry picking (see also: Best Cherry Picking Long Island: The 4 Greatest Places)is one of the most popular activities to be done in the summer in California. Outside of surfing and relaxing on the beach of course. 

Above are 15 of the best places to go cherry picking (see also: The 5 Best Places Where You Should Go Cherry Picking In New York)in California. Get everyone together, pack a yummy lunch, and get to picking fresh cherries!

Amelia Haslehurt
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