11 Best Fruit Picking Farms In Florida – Find Fresh Fruit Near You

The humid Florida climate encourages fruits to thrive, with strawberries and blueberries in particular benefiting from the year-round warm weather.

When these two fruits come into season, they can grow until they’re absolutely bursting with juices, and impossible to resist!

11 Best Fruit Picking Farms In Florida - Find Fresh Fruit Near You

Fruit-picking farms in Florida are incredibly popular, with visitors flocking to fill buckets and baskets with their favorite fruits.

A family-friendly activity, a u-pick can teach kids about where their food comes from. And you get to go home with a bag full of strawberries!

In this guide, we’ve taken a look at some of the best fruit-picking farms in Florida (Also check out Farmers Markets In Tallahassee). These destinations offer a seasonal picking service, so we recommend checking out the opening hours before any visit.

No matter how good a farm is, it can’t produce fruit out of season! Read on to discover the best Florida u-picks.

11 Delicious Fruit-Picking Farms In Florida

Ready to get picking? These are the best Florida farms for u-pick fresh fruit.

1. Southern Hill Farms

Southern Hills Farms is a 120-acre family-owned farm that’s bursting with fresh produce for much of the year! Come along to Southern Hill Farms to pick strawberries, blueberries, and peaches.

The strawberry u-pick season starts first before the blueberries ripen, and finally, the peaches join the party. 

As well as fruit picking, Southern Hill Farms also offers a flower u-pick!

You can choose from sunflowers or zinnias, with each flower priced per stem! In the fall, Southern Hill Farms run a vegetable u-pick service, with produce including bibb lettuce, Brussels sprouts, and broccolini!

Southern Hill Farms offers a fun day out for the entire family, with the Kid Zone keeping younger guests occupied.

Families can buy wristbands for Unlimited Play, and kids can let loose on the numerous attractions available on the farm. 

Southern Hill Farms is located in Clermont, and is open in winter, spring, and fall, with different u-pick options depending on the season.

To find out what’s happening at Southern Hill Farms for your visit, check out their website, or contact the team directly.

2. Pappy’s Patch U-Pick Strawberries

Located in Oviedo, Central Florida, Pappy’s Patch is one of the most popular u-pick farms with both locals and visitors. This simple farm offers a no-frills approach to u-pick, really allowing the produce to shine. 

As you might imagine, Pappy’s Patch is all about strawberries. They’re big, juicy, and delicious. You’ll want to take home as many as you can, and punnets are priced by the pound.

The only problem with Pappy’s Patch is that the strawberries are too good! You might find yourself trying to pick half the field!

Pappy’s Patch is popular, so we recommend arriving as early as possible to get the best picks. The location is a little out of the way, but the surrounding area is lovely, and the strawberries are worth the drive.

Just make sure to check the opening hours before visiting, as they’re subject to change.

3. Showcase Of Citrus

Oranges are an icon of Florida, and at Showcase of Citrus, you can get your hands on some of the best citrus fruits in the U.S. There are over 50 varieties of citrus waiting for you at Showcase of Citrus!

If you’ve never picked citrus before, the staff at Showcase of Citrus are happy to help!

They’ll provide you with guides to what is in season, how to pick the fruit without damaging it, and how to choose the perfect citrus for your tastes.

If you aren’t sure if a citrus pick is right for you, visit during the harvest to try some of the freshly squeezed juice — you won’t be able to resist picking your own fruits afterward!

Showcase of Citrus is conveniently located just 15 minutes from Disney, and 35 minutes from Universal. It’s a refreshing change from the theme parks, and we mean that in every sense of the word! 

4. Strawberry Passion

Strawberry Passion farm is passionate about two things — strawberries, obviously, and creating organic produce.

This certified organic u-pick farm in Thonotosassa is a family favorite destination, with crowds coming to pick the juicy strawberries whenever they’re in season!

The strawberries are the star of the farm, and you’ll want to pick at least a handful during your visit! But Strawberry Passion is also home to vegetables and herbs.

Take time out of your strawberry pick to get some green beans and yellow beans, fresh from the farm. 

On select weekends, Strawberry Passion is also home to local vendors, so you can transform your trip to the farm into a family day out.

We recommend checking the opening hours in advance of your visit, and arriving early so there are still some strawberries left!

5. Deer Park Peaches

You can find a combination of citrus and peaches at Deer Park Peaches, a u-pick farm in St. Cloud.

The peaches have been specially selected to ensure they can thrive in the Florida conditions, and the result is a juicy fruit that comes into season at the end of April.

The peach season is short, so make sure to pick your peaches before they’re gone!

Deer Park Peaches is a slightly different u-pick farm, offering a fruit that you’re more likely to come across in Georgia!

Although peaches might not be the first crop that comes to mind when you think of Florida fruit picking, the stone fruit can grow to be plump and delicious under the Florida sun.

If you’d like to try your hand at peach picking, give Deer Park Peaches a try! But keep a close eye on the opening hours, as they do vary.

6. Oak Haven Farms And Winery

What better way to celebrate a successful strawberry pick than with a bottle of locally grown wine?

At Oak Haven Farms and Winery, berries and wine come together in the most incredible way, celebrating the lush growing conditions of Florida.

From December until March (roughly), you can enjoy picking strawberries in Lake County. The setting is gorgeous, and the produce is somehow even better!

Visit on the weekend to enjoy snacks and treats from the country kitchen (including strawberry sundaes made with local produce).

And let’s not forget the wine! Oak Haven Winery creates wine from locally grown fruits, and every bottle is bursting with both flavor and character.

You can try a wine tasting to sample before you buy, or simply pick up a few bottles to enjoy at home.

The dessert strawberry wine pairs particularly well with sweet foods, so pour yourself a glass as you tuck into your u-pick strawberries.

7. Far Reach Ranch

Far Reach Ranch offers a u-pick experience for the entire family. Located in Tavares, Far Reach Ranch is a popular strawberry u-pick that combines fruit picking with festival-style fun. 

Far Reach Ranch offers Hayride Happy Hours once the strawberry picking day is over. These give you a chance to sit back and soak up the atmosphere.

With live music, food and drink stalls, and a playground for the little ones, the Far Reach Ranch u-pick is a celebration! And did we mention the free hayrides? 

It isn’t just about strawberries at Far Reach Ranch. Throughout the fall, winter, and spring different fruits come into season, including blueberries and peaches.

They also offer a range of homemade goods, including jams and jellies, for you to enjoy with your hand picked fruits. 

8. Spivey Farms

There’s a real family atmosphere to Spivey Farms, a Plant City u-pick that wants every customer to leave delighted by their pickings!

Spivey Farms is primarily a strawberry u-pick, and the strawberries here are excellent. Even better than the produce is the atmosphere. Spivey Farms goes out of its way to ensure you pick only the best.

If you’ve ever left a u-pick feeling disappointed by your collection, then you might have picked the wrong fruits.

Spivey Farms offers clear instructions on how to find the right strawberries, when is the best time to pick, and which ones are best left to keep on growing. 

This extra careful touch means every visitor to Spivey Farm can leave happy, proud of what they’ve collected, and looking forward to tucking into some lush fruits.

9. Crossroads Farm And Apiary

Crossroads Farm and Apiary (previously known as Roger’s Farm) is a strawberry u-pick in Gainesville.

A family-owned business, the friendly u-pick service operates across a sizable farm, ensuring there are plenty of strawberries for every visitor.

Crossroads Farm and Apiary offer u-pick strawberries by the pound, and you can choose the freshest, juiciest looking fruits from across the farm.

There’s a real welcoming atmosphere at Crossroads Farm. Enjoy wandering among the planting looking for the perfect strawberries to add to your bucket!

While you’re at Crossroads Farm and Apiary, don’t forget to visit the on-site store. The store is packed with locally handmade gifts and crafts, as well as seasonal produce.

You can also grab some of the raw honey, made by the bees that live on the farm!

10. JG Ranch

JG Ranch offers fruit picking from November through to May (roughly), thanks to the diverse planting across the ranch.

November signals the arrival of strawberry season, which rolls until April. The blueberries start to ripen in April, and you have until May to pack your bucket with as many bursting berries as possible.

In May the blackberries appear, growing heavy with juice until June.

There’s more than the u-pick at JG Ranch, although the u-pick is undeniably impressive. You can get your hands on a range of local produce, including local honey, to meet all your farm-to-table needs. 

A family-run ranch, JG Ranch is an excellent fruit-picking service for anyone looking to teach their kids about where food comes from.

Check with JG Ranch before arranging your visit to see what’s available, and enjoy exploring a real working ranch. 

11. Margo’s Blueberry Farm

Blueberry season starts around April, and that’s when the fields at Margo’s Blueberry Farm come alive with fresh produce.

Selling berries by the pound, you can fill your buckets with some of the biggest pick-your-own blueberries we’ve ever seen.

The fresh blueberries at Margo’s Blueberry Farm are mouthwatering, and even though blueberries can be a little tricky to pick, you’ll enjoy grabbing as many as you can for your bucket!

Located in Brooksville, Margo’s Blueberry farm is a family-run operation.

The blueberry season is quite short, running from April to May, and we recommend calling ahead of your visit to see if the blueberries are ready for picking.

It can get hot out there picking blueberries, so make sure to pack plenty of water and sunscreen, and bring a hat!

Final Thoughts

The most common types of u-pick farms in Florida are blueberry farms and strawberry farms. However, you can also find blackberry picking, citrus fruit picking, peach picking, and more!

If you visit in the fall, many Florida farms run pumpkin picks, and you can also find vegetable picks!

The warm climate of Florida allows some fruits such as strawberries and blueberries to thrive. We hope this guide has inspired you to get out and get picking! 

Amelia Haslehurt
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