The Best Fruit Picking Farms In Georgia To Visit Today

While some U.S. states specialize in growing a few limited varieties of fruits, the great thing about Georgia is that you can pick so many different kinds of fruits from local farms.

The Best Fruit Picking Farms in Georgia to Visit Today

There are over 40 fruit varieties you can find at Georgia fruit picking farms. 

Not only can you pick fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, apples, and peaches, but you can also pick certain flowers at Georgia’s best fruit farms, including lavender and sunflowers. 

The selection of fruits you can pick at Georgia’s fruit picking farms changes seasonally, which means you can visit your favorite fruit farms in GA for most of the year. 

If you’d like to find out more about the best fruit farms Georgia has to offer, read on! We have 23 amazing fruit picking farms in Georgia to recommend today, so get ready to plan a fun day out!

1. Red Apple Barn

Located at 3379 Tails Creek Road, Ellijay, Red Apple Barn is the perfect place for apple picking.

It’s considered by many to be the best place to pick apples in the entire state, not only because of the high quality of the fruit, but because of the experiences the farm offers for adults and children alike. 

You can visit Red Apple Barn between September and November for apple picking.

You’ll need to get a ticket for admission, but the price is very reasonable, especially considering the fact that your ticket will get you a tractor ride to the orchard, as well as some delicious produce. 

If cider is available, you’ll get a cup of cider for free, as well as an apple cider donut. You will also be granted access to activities offered by the farm, such as pumpkin painting and rock painting.

There’s a playground for children and a picnic area where you can sit and enjoy your food. 

Even if you don’t want to pick fruit, you can still purchase a ticket to the farm and walk around the orchard. Bear in mind that dogs are not allowed in the orchard, but they can be walked around the other areas of the premises. 

Before you visit Red Apple Barn, we recommend taking a look at the helpful Apple Tasting Chart on the farm’s website.

This will help you to decide ahead of time which apple varieties you will enjoy most, so you know exactly what to pick. 

2. Adams Farm

Adams Farm is a wonderful fruit picking farm, which you can find at 1486 Georgia Highway, 54 West Fayetteville

Adams Farm aims to make the experience of picking your own fresh produce as authentic as possible. Specializing in strawberries, the farm consists of large, well-organized berry fields that make it easy to pick your own berries. 

You will need to bring your own container if you want to pick your own fruit and take it home, although containers can be provided for the actual picking process, and farm employees will be on hand to help you if you have any questions or concerns.

While strawberry picking is what Adams Farm is best known for, there’s no obligation to pick your own fruit if you don’t want to. Pre-picked strawberries are usually available.

Adams Farm also has a roadside market, where you can purchase a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. While some of the produce at the market is sourced from other farms, most of it is grown on site. 

The available produce, depending on the season, may include squash, cucumbers, cantaloupe, tomatoes, corn, beans, cabbage, and much more. In addition to fresh produce, it’s also possible to purchase relishes, jellies, jams, and pickles. 

3. B.J. Reece Orchards 

You can find B.J. Reece Orchards at 9131 GA-52, Ellijay. This farm is a popular venue for fruit-picking family days out because in addition to apple picking, B.J. Reece Orchards provides fun activities for the whole family. 

B.J. Reece Orchards is specifically an apple-picking farm, and it grows many different varieties of apples. While all varieties will not be available at the same time, the farm has a rough schedule for when different varieties tend to be ready for picking. 

Throughout the month of August, for example, you can pick Gala, Empire, and Ginger Gold apples. 

Then, in September, you’ll have an even bigger selection to choose from, including Blondies, Rome Beauty, Red Delicious, Staymen Winesap, Honey Crisp, September Wonders, Jonagolds, Mutsu, and Crimson Crisp. 

There are also plenty of apple varieties available in October. During this month, you’ll have a choice of Granny Smith, Winecrisp, Candy Crisp, Gold Rush, Pink Lady, Fuji, Yates, Cameo, Shizua, Arkansas Black, and Braeburn. 

Once you’ve finished picking the apples you want to take home, you can have fun at the B.J. Reece Orchards petting farm.

Pony rides are also offered, and before you set off for home, you should definitely stop at the country bakery, which sells some of the most delicious freshly-baked goods. This is a fruit-picking farm experience you won’t want to miss!

4. Dickey Farms 

Although Dickey Farms is primarily known for its delicious peaches, it has recently also become known for its strawberry patch, which is a great place to stock up on fresh berries throughout the spring. 

The address for Dickey Farms is 3440 Musella Road, Musella. The farm has been established for more than 120 years, and in that time, it has grown to provide even more exciting produce.

Not only does the farm grow a wide variety of fruit, but it now produces homemade ice cream and food-based gifts. 

Recently, the farm has introduced a playground, which allows parents to relax in the covered area of the pavilion, which includes rocking chairs. 

Once you’ve picked all the fruit you want from the peach orchard and strawberry patch, you can visit Mr. Bob’s Market, which is a farm market serving various preserves, including salsa and jam. 

Visiting Dickey Farms will be a memorable experience for the whole family, but if you want to take those memories with you in a physical way, there are plenty of great places to take pictures throughout the farm. 

5. Southern Belle Farm

Southern Belle Farm is situated at 1658 Turner Church Road, McDonough. It’s mostly known as a strawberry picking farm, but it offers much more in terms of produce and experiences. 

This is a large, 330-acre farm, and it’s a great family-owned business to support. Seasonal produce available at Southern Belle Farm includes peaches, berries, and even Christmas trees!

So, before you head on over to the farm, take a look at the website to see what’s in season at the moment. 

Strawberries are typically available at Southern Belle Farm around April. If you want to go strawberry picking, you’ll be provided with buckets, although you should bring your own container to take your fruits home.

If you don’t want to pick your own strawberries, you can get a bucket full of freshly-picked strawberries from the Country Market at the farm. 

Southern Belle Farm is a family-friendly environment for children to play, and it’s the perfect escape from the fast pace of everyday life. 

6. Mercier Orchards 

While a lot of fruit-picking farms in Georgia grow a wide variety of fruits, Mercier Orchards is the perfect choice of farm if you’re specifically interested in picking your own apples. 

You can find Mercier Orchards at 8660 Blue Ridge Drive, Blue Ridge. You’ll know you’re in the right place because there’s no missing the incredible beauty of the farm’s natural surroundings. 

This farm has been run by the same family for 4 generations. In addition to being family-owned, it’s veteran-owned, and has been established since 1943.

From August all the way through until October, you can pick apples from Mercier Orchards. You can also pick strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries when these fruits are in season. 

You will be transported through the orchard by tractor, which is just one aspect of this fun and authentic fruit-picking experience.

Guides will accompany you to the orchard to show you the best ways to pick the fruit, so if you’ve never done anything like this before, don’t worry – there will always be an expert on hand to help. 

One reason why this fruit-picking farm is so popular is the quality of the fruit. All fruit grown at the farm is sun-ripened, which means each fruit is packed with flavor. 

Once you have finished picking your fruit, you can continue your day out at Mercier Orchards by stopping at the café for a delicious meal, or visiting the market, which sells treats made from produce grown at the orchard, including the ever-popular fried pies.

This is the perfect location for a peaceful, informative, and fun family activity!

7. Sweets Berry Farm

You can probably guess what Sweets Berry Farm is known for from its name.

This is a relatively small, 15-acre farm located at 3800 Davis Academy Road, Rutledge. If you’re looking for a lovely place to pick high-quality, fresh berries, consider paying Sweets Berry Farm a visit! 

The berries at Sweets Berry Farm are all sun-ripened, so they taste amazing.

You can really tell the difference between the fruits grown at Sweets Berry Farm and the warehouse-ripened fruits you would typically find at your local grocery store. 

Sweets Berry Farm grows more than one variety of each berry, which means that if you do some research into the flavors of the different varieties beforehand, you’ll be in a great position to know which berries to pick for your enjoyment.

Alternatively, you can wait until you get to the farm itself and do a taste test, which will allow you to know for sure which varieties you prefer.

Because there are so many different berry varieties grown at Sweets Berry Farm, you can go berry picking early season, as well as in the middle of berry-growing season, and even towards the end of the season, since individual varieties ripen at different points in the year.

8. R And A Orchards 

R and A Orchards is an excellent apple-picking location in Georgia, but it also grows many other fruits when they come into season, so you can always check the farm’s website and see which fruits are available for picking when you want to visit (see The Best Fruit Picking Farms In Georgia To Visit Today). 

You can find R and A Orchards at 5505 Highway 52, Ellijay. The farm has been around since 1947.

This family-owned farm measures 150 acres, and it’s one of North Georgia’s best apple orchards.

A farm market also operates out of the farm, where you can stop and buy locally-grown fruits and vegetables, plus preserves such as honey and jelly. 

In addition to the 38 apple varieties grown at R and A Orchards, you can find 30 varieties of peaches during the summer months.

8 different types of nectarines also grow at the farm, and depending on the season, you can also find plenty of delicious vegetables.

Having picked the fruit at R and A Orchards to your heart’s content, we recommend taking the time to visit the bakery and the café. You can find no less than 18 types of fried pies at the café, all homemade with local ingredients. 

The fee for U-pick per person is very reasonable, and children aged 3 or below can enter the farm free of charge.

If you’re organizing a school or church trip, contact R and A Orchards for more information, since this farm organizes excellent group tours.

9. Taylor Orchards 

Taylor Orchards is located at 1665 Fall Line Freeway, Reynolds. Although this farm is best known for its delicious peaches, you don’t have to limit your visits to Taylor Orchards to the summer season.

Other fruits are available at other points in the year, so you can continue to support this family-run business for months at a time. 

This farm has been run by the same family since the 1940s.

At the time, the farm consisted of 200 acres dedicated to growing peaches. This has now expanded to an impressive 3600 acres, and you can find 30 varieties of peaches throughout peach season. 

Because of where Taylor Orchards is located, right in the middle of the peach belt that Georgia is known for, its peaches are excellent. They taste sweet and, when allowed to ripen fully, are the perfect balance between firm and soft. 

Strawberries can also be picked at Taylor Orchards because the farm has a large strawberry patch, yielding ripe, fresh berries during the spring. 

10. Hillside Orchard Farms 

Hillside Orchard Farms is in a beautiful location in the mountains of Georgia: 18 Sorghum Mill Drive, Lakemont.

You can spend an entire day exploring and picking fruit at Hillside Orchard Farms. There’s a retail store at the farm, as well as a playground and a pavilion where you can relax and take in the scenery. 

Apple-picking season at Hillside Orchard Farms is from September until all the apples have been picked.

Access to the farm depends on weather, but assuming the weather conditions are fine, you can pick your own apples, with plenty of varieties to choose from. These include Gold Rush, Staymens, Arkansas Blacks, Pink Ladies, and Enterprise varieties. 

During the Fall, you can also pick pumpkins, and a corn maze operates every September, which makes for a fun family activity. 

When you’re done picking fruit, you can head over to the barnyard, where you can interact with some of the farm animals, including the donkey and the goats. This is a great experience for children and parents alike.

Plus, getting around the farm from activity to activity is easy thanks to the Train and Hayride. 

You can purchase ice cream from the farm, and blackberry picking is also available during the late summer and early fall months. 

11. The Shed At Fitzgerald Fruit Farms 

The Shed at Fitzgerald Fruit Farms opens from March to June for strawberry-picking season, and we highly recommend visiting this farm if you want to pick some of the tastiest strawberries in Georgia! 

You can visit The Shed at Fitzgerald Fruit Farms by going to 3355 Imlac Road, Woodbury.

It’s a gorgeous location where you can take some stunning pictures, pick fresh fruit, and enjoy some of the best homemade ice cream you’ve ever tried! The ice cream is, of course, made with the berries from the farm. 

If you’re not in the mood to pick your own strawberries, don’t worry – you can still get fresh, delicious berries to take home with you!

Berries are picked fresh on a daily basis during strawberry season at Fitzgerald Fruit Farms, so you can simply pick up a batch for a reasonable price. 

Bear in mind that the conditions may not be suitable for strawberry picking after heavy rain, so make sure to call ahead of time to make sure the patch is open after bad weather. 

12. Southern Grace Farms

Not to be confused with Southern Belle Farm, Southern Grace Farms is located at 3131 Vickers Church Road, Enigma.

Not only can you pick delicious, fresh fruit at this farm, but there are plenty of activities to take part in, so this is an ideal location for a long day out with friends and family. 

A variety of berries are grown at this South Georgia farm, including blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Additionally, depending on the season, you can pick plums, nectarines and peaches. 

You can get all of your fruit picking done first, and once you’re finished, you can continue with a fun-filled day of shopping and play.

There is a playground on-site made from repurposed farm tires, which is not only sustainable and eco-friendly, but great fun. 

While the children are playing, you can sample the farm’s own strawberry ice cream from the comfort of the porch.

We also recommend taking a look at the farm’s store, where you can buy pre-picked produce, gifts, clothing, and accessories. 

It’s worth reaching out to the farm and checking whether any peaches are available if this is the fruit you’re specifically interested in.

Peach crops are very weather-dependent, so depending on the temperatures during the winter, there may not be many peaches available during the summer months.

When the weather is good, however, peaches are available for picking, and are also sold at the Country Store. 

Field trips to the farm, including birthday parties, can be booked ahead of time, subject to availability. 

13. Jaemor Farms 

Jaemor Farms is situated at 5240 Cornelia Highway, Alto. This family-owned business has been in the same family for six generations, and family is one of the core values that this Georgia fruit-picking farm stands for. 

This farm is in quite a secluded location, among foothills in the countryside of north Georgia. The farm has been established for many, many years, but it’s recently undergone a process of diversification, introducing new crops.

This means that while the farm used to focus mainly on apples and peaches, you can now purchase and pick many more types of fruit here. 

Just some of the fruit and vegetables you can pick at Jaemor Farms include grapes, tomatoes, blackberries, strawberries, muscadines, pumpkins, and zucchini.

A corn maze also opened at the farm back in 2006, and since then, this has been one of the farm’s main attractions. 

However, apples are still the most popular fruit at Jaemor Farms. You can choose from an extensive variety of apples at this farm, but it does specifically specialize in east coast varieties. This includes Arkansas Black and Ginger Gold apples. 

However, even more varieties are available to purchase at Jaemor Farms because it is able to source some apples from other farms in the area. This means you can buy Mutus, Red Delicious, Honeycrisp, Gala, Winesap, Golden Delicious, Red Rome, and Fuji apples from Jaemor Farms, even when the apples they grow in their own orchards are out of season. 

14. Hodges Strawberry Farm

In the mood for strawberry picking? In that case, you should head on down to Hodges Strawberry Farm at 8705 GA-21, Newington

This is another family-owned farm where you can either pick your own strawberries, or, if you’re in a hurry, simply pick up some pre-picked berries. You can also purchase other produce from the farm, including homemade honey, jelly, and jam. 

Make sure to call ahead before visiting the farm because the fields may not be open some days due to weather and crop availability.

Once you’ve confirmed that the fields are open, you can drive 50 minutes to get there from Downtown Savannah, or if you’re starting from Statesboro, it should only take 20 minutes. 

The owners of the farm are lovely and friendly, and add to the warm and welcoming experience of visiting Hodges Strawberry Farm, so we highly recommend stopping by if you can!

15. Panorama Orchards 

Panorama Orchards is both an orchard and a farm market, located at 63 Talona Mountain Road, Ellijay

The farm has been established since the 1920s, but it’s grown a lot since then, and is now one of the most popular fruit-picking farms in the state, especially when it comes to apples and peaches. 

Peaches and apples are the main fruits grown at Panorama Orchards, which is not surprising considering how well-known Ellijay is for its apples.

You’ll have many different varieties of apples to choose from, and if you’re not sure what you’d prefer in terms of flavor and usage, you can reach out to the farm ahead of your trip. 

In addition to the apples themselves, you can also buy other products made with the apples from the farm market.

For example, during the fall and winter months when apples are in their off season, you can buy apple-based baked goods, and you can also continue to purchase pre-picked apples until they have all been sold. 

The farm has also made it easier for people to purchase larger quantities of apples ahead of time by providing tips for storing apples long-term.

If you look on the farm’s website, you will find instructions for keeping the apples in a cool space, exposed to the air, or refrigerating the apples to keep them fresh. You’ll also find optimal temperature guidelines for storing your apples. 

16. Pearson Farm

Pearson Farm’s address is 5575 Zenith Mill Road, Fort Valley.

The farm has been an integral part of Georgia’s fruit farming community for over 135 years, and it continues to be one of the state’s most popular and authentic fruit farms. 

This farm has been growing peaches for over a century, and it now also grows pecans. On top of that, you can purchase delicious goods made with the farm’s produce, so there are plenty of reasons to visit Pearson Farm today. 

The peaches available at Pearson Farm tend to be ready for picking between the months of June and August.

You may also be able to find them in stores and at markets throughout the U.S. because Pearson Farm ships some of its peaches to retailers. However, nothing beats hand-picked peaches from the orchard. 

You can choose between Clingstone peaches, which tend to come into season at the beginning of June, or Prince and Freestone peaches, which start to become available around the middle of June. 

Not only can you pick excellent fruit at Pearson Farm, but you also get to interact with the lovely farm owners, who make the experience of visiting the farm even better with their warm welcome and impressive knowledge of the fruit farming business. 

17. Hillcrest Orchards 

If you want to pick your own apples and enjoy other delicious products made from fresh, local apples, you need to visit Hillcrest Orchards at 9696 GA-52, Ellijay.

There’s a fairly short window of time during which you can pick apples at Hillcrest Orchards, from September to October (or until there are no apples left to pick). 

At Hillcrest Orchards’ U-Pic Orchard, you can collect your own Yates, Granny Smith, Rome Beauty, Golden Delicious, Goldrush, and Arkansas Black apples. You will need to pay for admission, but your payment will get you more than just a basket of apples! 

During your visit to Hillcrest Orchards, you can visit the petting farm, get a wagon ride, and get access to the on-site playgrounds. These playgrounds feature a corn maze for kids, a jumping pillow, giant slides, a ball zone, and trike rides. 

You can also visit the bakery, which is open on a daily basis and sells apple-based products, including apple cider donuts, fried apple pies, and incredible apple fritters. 

At the farm market, you can purchase apples, apple cider, honey, and canned apple products. Toys, peelers, and storage baskets are also available. 

18. Greene Acres Farm

Greene Acres Farm can be found at 952 Empire Chester Highway, Cochran. This is primarily a strawberry picking farm, which is exciting enough, but it’s also so much more than that!

You can pick your own strawberries at Greene Acres Farm from the end of March to the end of May, although it’s worth checking with the farm before you visit to confirm availability.

Crop production can vary due to numerous factors, so it’s best to check ahead of time to avoid disappointment. 

Not only can you pick strawberries from the 4-acre strawberry patch, but you can also sample homemade strawberry ice cream made at the farm.

Blackberries and peaches are also grown at Greene Acre Farm from the start of June, so bear this in mind when planning your visit. 

If you’d like to book a field trip for either children or adults, contact Green Acres Farm using the information of the farm’s website.

These trips are not only fun and rewarding, but also educational, including plenty of information about the food production and farming industries. 

19. Aaron Family Orchards 

Aaron Family Orchards is based at 8350 GA-52, Ellijay. Although apples are the only fruit grown at this farm, it’s well worth a visit because of the impressive range of apple varieties you can pick here. 

One of the first apples grown at Aaron Family Orchards was the Gala apple, and this continues to be one of the farm’s most popular varieties.

It’s sweet and can be used for both cooking and eating, so be on the lookout for this variety when you visit. 

Other apples you can pick at Aaron Family Orchards include Detroit Red apples (ideal for cooking and making applesauce, available from late August) and Red Delicious (crisp and sweet, perfect for eating). 

We personally love Aaron Family Orchards’ Golden Delicious apples because of their large size and sweet flavor, as well as the Ozark Gold apples and Jonathan apples. 

Arkansas Black apples are available for much of the year because they tend to stay good to eat into the early months of the year after harvest season.

This apple variety may be more tart than some of the others, but it still has a nice sweetness to it, and it can be used for cooking and baking purposes. 

Honeycrisp apples are also available, as are Cameo and Pink Lady apples. Pink Ladies, in particular, are a popular choice because you can eat them raw or cook them.

Their sweet flavor and medium size make for a great snack. 

Other Aaron Family Orchards’ apples that you can use for both eating and cooking include Yates, Fuju, and Granny Smith. 

Don’t forget to look out for the farm’s delicious Stayman Winesap, Jonagold, Kimrome, Mutsu, and Rome Beauty apples. 

20. Moon Farm

Moon Farm at 3498 GA-72, Colbert, wasn’t always a fruit-picking farm. In fact, until fairly recently, the farm mainly focused on raising beef cattle in addition to harvesting wheat, grain, corn, and soybeans. 

However, back in 2010, the farm opened up a strawberry patch where visitors could pick their own strawberries, and it has been a huge success. 

This is a large farm, consisting of more than 1350 acres. The strawberry patch may only take up 4 acres of this space, but it’s one of the main reasons why so many people visit the farm during the spring season today. 

Each year, Moon Farm plants 48,000 strawberry plants. These plants span multiple varieties, including Ruby June, Albion, Camarosa, and Fronteras.

The farm prides itself on growing large fruit that bursts with flavor, so you can expect nothing less than excellent-quality produce from this farm. 

If you don’t have time to visit and pick your own fruit, you can always stop by Moon Farms Country Market to get your hands on some delicious, pre-picked strawberries.

If you’re not sure which strawberry variety would be the best pick for you (no pun intended), you can always reach out via the contact details on the farm’s website for more information about availability and different varieties. 

It’s also worth noting that the strawberries at Moon Farm are all planted on plastic beds, which are raised off the ground.

While this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it does mean that if you’re worried about the cleanliness of your produce, you can rest assured that the berries are kept as far away from soil and dirt as possible without compromising the natural growing process too much. 

21. Gregg Farms 

Gregg Farms may not be the largest or most well-known fruit-picking farm in Georgia, but it has been around since the 1970s, and the modesty of this farming operation is part of its charm. 

Despite its relatively small size, Gregg Farm produces some of the best peaches in Georgia, which is saying something considering how well-known the state is for its peaches!

The farm has persevered through obstacles such as late frosts in recent years, coming out the other side with a wide variety of delicious produce for visitors to pick and buy. 

In addition to peaches, Gregg Farms grows sweet corn, nectarines, blueberries, watermelons, blackberries, tomatoes, and peas.

Now, the farm even produces its own homemade peach ice cream, which is absolutely delicious and has put the farm on the map, with visitors driving long distances from all over the country just to taste it. 

Gregg Farms is a wonderful, family-run business. Originally started by John and Patsy, the farm is now run by Patsy and the couple’s two sons. 

22. Deep Roots Orchard 

Why not drive to 2984 Mobile Road, McCaysville, to visit Deep Roots Orchard if you’re in the mood for fruit-picking? 

Not only can you pick baskets full of apples from this farm, but you can also sample delicious baked goods and take part in a range of fun activities. A visit to Deep Roots Orchard is guaranteed to be a day to remember!

You can pick your own apples for a reasonable price in the orchard, and you can also stop by the herbal apothecary or Mae’s Kitchen, which sells amazing baked goods. 

In addition to that, the farm hosts bonfires, tours, wagon rides, and music events featuring local musicians. Festivals sometimes take place on the premises, and you can attend classes and workshops related to farming practices at different points in the year. 

This is definitely one of the most unique fruit-picking farms in Georgia, so if you’re in the area, you should definitely make a point to visit when you can!

23. LCCL Strawberry Farms 

LCCL Strawberry Farms is in a beautiful location, at 3743 Old Dalton Road NE, Rome. This farm has been growing strawberries ever since 2003, and the strawberry patch has become the farm’s main attraction. 

When spring rolls around, you can visit LCCL Strawberry Farms and pick your own strawberries. The berries here are grown in the most natural conditions, and you can really taste that in the produce. 

If you’re new to strawberry picking and don’t know exactly how to pick your own strawberries, or are unsure how to use the strawberries you’ve picked, LCCL Strawberry Farms’ website has you covered.

If you click on the link above, you’ll be able to access plenty of tips for picking strawberries efficiently and choosing the best berries.

You can also find recipe ideas that will help you to decide on a fun and delicious way to use your hand-picked strawberries. 

Final Thoughts 

Georgia is one of the best states in the U.S. for fruit picking.

Not only is Georgia known for its incredible peaches, but its climate is suitable for growing a wide variety of fruits, including apples, berries, watermelons, pumpkins, and more. 

Georgia’s best fruit-picking farms have orchards and patches full of delicious fruits, as well as vegetables.

Some even have farm markets and bakeries on-site, selling pre-picked fruits and products made from them. 

Be sure to inquire about activities and field trips today if you’re interested in planning a fun day out at one of the best fruit-picking farms in Georgia. These farms are the perfect idyllic escape from day-to-day life.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Fruits Is Georgia Best Known For? 

Georgia is best known for its peaches. In fact, Georgia is sometimes referred to as ‘the Peach State’. Black in 1995, the peach was made the official state fruit of Georgia.

So, it’s hardly surprising that so many of the best fruit-picking farms in Georgia grow large orchards full of peaches.

The reason Georgia is able to grow such delicious peaches is because its climate is perfect for peach production. There aren’t many hard freezes in Georgia, even during the winter, and the rainfall is fairly consistent on a yearly basis.

This means that peach crops aren’t often derailed by unexpected weather conditions. 

In addition to peaches, blueberries are extremely popular in Georgia, and there are actually more blueberries grown across Georgia than peaches, even if they’re not associated as strongly with the state.

What Month Is Apple Picking In Georgia?

Apple-picking season in Georgia usually starts around the end of August. This is when the earliest apple varieties become ripe and ready for picking. 

While some varieties, such as the Jonathan, only last until September, some varieties can continue to thrive all the way through from September to December. A good example of this is the Mutzu Crispin.

Other varieties, like the Yates apple, aren’t ready for picking until October, but they last until December as well. 

A few varieties of apples will be ready for picking before apple season in Georgia starts in earnest, and may last all the way to the end of the year.

The Golden Delicious, for example, may be ready for picking as early as July, and can continue to be picked until December.

What Is Strawberry Season In Georgia?

Strawberry season in Georgia happens during the spring and extends into the summer months. 

You’ll typically see fruit farms advertising their strawberry crops from the end of April, and depending on how successful crops have been that year, strawberry season can last until the beginning of July.

Usually, though, the best berries will be picked between the beginning of May and the middle of June. 

What Is the Best Month For Georgia Peaches?

Peach season in Georgia is during the summer, beginning in the middle of May and running all the way through until the Middle of August, just a few weeks before the beginning of apple season.

The peaches tend to be at their best between mid-June and mid-July, although different varieties might ripen at different times. 

What County In Georgia Grows The Most Peaches?

Unsurprisingly, the county of Peach in Georgia is one of the most productive in terms of peaches. Other counties known for producing the most peaches are within the southern region of the state.

These include Macon, Taylor, and Crawford.

What Is The Peach Capital Of Georgia?

Fort Valley is known as the Peach Capital of Georgia. It’s situated within Peach County, and grows more peaches than anywhere else in the state of Georgia.

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