8 Best Fruit Picking Farms In Houston, TX

While you could just go to the grocery store to pick up some fruit, there is nothing better than picking your own. Not only are they fresher, but you can choose how little or a lot that you would like to take home.

It is also something fun to do with the kids too. It might even encourage them to eat healthier. If you live in the Houston area of Texas, you might be wondering where you can go to pick your own fruit.

8 Best Fruit Picking Farms In Houston, TX

Living in such a forward thinking city might have you wondering about where exactly these farms might be that offer visitors to pick their own fruit(see also: The Best Fruit Picking Farms San Diego Has To Offer). Fortunately, there are many right on your doorstep.

You have the option to pick berries, veggies and even flowers. You just need to have a look around to find the pick your own farm that suits your needs. 

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at the best fruit picking farms in Houston, TX.

1. Blackberries Of Houston

We thought we would begin this list off with Blackberries of Houston. As you can probably tell by the name, this farm exclusively sells the antioxidant rich blackberry. 

In fact, they grow a kind which does not have any thorns. This means you will not get a few thorn pokes in the hand as you try and pick the blackberries. It also means it is much safer if you plan to take the children along to help pick the blackberries.

The farm itself is located within the Cypress area of Houston. Usually the blackberries on this farm can be picked from May, however you will want to ring them up before you travel.

They recommend you do so just to make sure that they are permitting blackberry picking due to the weather and how busy it is. 

Even so, they are open 7 days a week. This means you can take the children at the weekend, though it might be busy!

2. Sweet Berry Farm

If you have young children and want to pick your own fruit, then Sweet Berry Farm will be ideal. Not only does it have the pick your own fruit areas, but there are fun things for young children to do as well.

For example, your children can enjoy the inflatable house, a pony ride, a Sweet Berry Express Barrel train ride, or even the petting zoo.

You can even purchase a strawberry popsicle or some delicious refreshing strawberry lemonade – all made on site.

There is also the opportunity to paint plant pots with seeds to grow at home, as well as create sand art jewelry. 

Once fall comes around, the children can enjoy the seasonal corn maze and the pumpkin patch. You can also pick tulips and sunflowers too, but only when they are in season.

However, the main reason people come is to enjoy the activities alongside the berry picking. It costs $3.50 for every pound, and you can carry up to 8 pounds worth.

3. P-6 Farms

P-6 Farms is the kind of place you will enjoy if you have children too. This is because not only does it have a pick your own when it comes to a plethora of fruits, but there are also lots of activities for the kids to do.

The farm itself says they have the best blackberries around, and they make the most of this by putting on a seasonal event.

It includes the usual blackberry picking, but there are also vintage style fair rides, chances to have pictures among the sunflowers, and you can even purchase some kettle corn.

There are plenty of other things included at P-6 Farms too. For example there is the flower field, a pumpkin patch in fall, and even farm-based activities such as seeing the animals.

4. Atkinson Farm

Atkinson is a farm that has been around for four generations of the same family. The generation of the Atkinson who manage the farm today has around 100 acres worth of fruits and veggies.

It is quite amazing to see all of the ripe fruit that you can pick.

There are plenty of options as well when it comes to picking your own produce. For example, you can pick tomatoes, blackberries and even strawberries.

If strawberries are something you want to pick, then you will want to visit Atkinson Farm from March to May. If it is blackberries that you are after, then a visit to the farm will be best in May to June. 

The great thing about this farm is that there are no entrance fees to pick your own fruit, though you will have to pay $3.99 per pound.

5. Froberg’s Farm

At Froberg’s Farm there are two choices you can make when it comes to picking fruit: you can have fun picking your own fresh fruit, or buy it from their farm-based market.

Either way, you are sure to go home with some delicious and healthy treats.

There are lots of different types of berry picking here too, such as blackberry and strawberry. However, you will need to make sure that you attend when these types of berries are in season.

The strawberry picking often begins in January which is quite early compared to other farms. 

This farm also has some great events too, such as the corn maze which takes place annually. There is also the Fall Festival which is great for the whole family.

As well as fruit, Froberg’s Farm also has a Flower Garden which is where you can pick lots of flowers and pay for the amount you pick. 

6. Wood Duck Farms

This family owned farm is based within the Sam Houston National Forest which is to the north of Houston. They offer visitors the chance to pick their own fruit during seasonal times, as well as a delivery service.

The season for picking your own fruit at Wood Duck Farms typically begins in the month of March. This means you can head on down there as soon as the weather picks up in springtime. 

The great thing about this place is that it is a fully functioning working farm. This means that it will not be surprising to see the daily activities that happen when working on a farm.

This may be something that your kids will enjoy getting to see. 

It costs $3 to pick strawberries at the weekend, however it is their autumn festival that attracts the most visitors. When this rolls around you can sample lots of their veggies.

7. Chmielewski’s Blueberry Farm

If you haven’t guessed so already, Chmielewski’s is a blueberry farm. There are eight acres worth of blueberries to pick which is very impressive. 

The varieties here include the Southern Highbush blueberries and the Rabbiteye. If there is a particular variety that you are wanting, then you will need to make sure that they are in season.

Generally the season for blueberries at this farm is between the end of May towards the latter end of July.

It does cost a dollar to visit this wonderful pick your own blueberry farm. Those who are two and under get in for free. It will also cost $5 for every pound of blueberries that are picked. 

You can also fill a 2.5 pound container worth the sum of $13 too!

8. Blessington Farm

A lot of people enjoy picking their strawberries at Blessington Farm because it only costs a dollar each round.

Not only that, the time to do so is between December and May – though as with everywhere else when it comes to picking fruit, this can change. Always ring ahead to make sure it is happening.

This farm also offers delicious and juicy blueberries which take place between the months of May and June. However, it will cost $10 for every pound. A round of blackberries will cost you $8.

It is a great place for the kids due to them having a Farm Fun Land. However, it will cost $15 for the admission fee.

It is worth it though because it includes camel feeding, gemstone mining, fossil dig, pedal cars, fishing, an aviary, and so much more. 

Final Thoughts

Because it always seems to be sun shining in Houston, Texas, you can be sure that there are plenty of fruits and vegetables that are able to grow.

For this reason you will always be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking your own fruit. 

There are many different types of pick your own fruit farms within this area (see also: 25 Of The Best Fruit Picking Farms Found In The Bay Area)of North America. It does not matter whether you want a delicious berry or even pumpkins – you will find it if it is in season.

It is also a really fun experience to do with the whole family too. This is because there are lots of other things to do, such as playing games and enjoying the seasonal activities. 

Hopefully this list has helped to inspire you to find your local fruit picking farm in Houston, Texas.

Amelia Haslehurt
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