11 Of The Very Best Fruit Picking Farms In Long Island That You Need To Visit

There are many reasons why Long Island has become such a popular area among traveling tourists.

From its beaches to its bagels, there’s so much to enjoy when you take a quick drive down to this beautiful corner of New York City. 

11 Of The Very Best Fruit Picking Farms In Long Island That You Need To Visit

Long Island is also the home of many incredible fruit farms where visitors are freely able to collect any delicious fruits they like the look of so that they can either eat them as part of a picnic right after, or take them home to use the fruit as part of a much bigger nutritious recipe. 

No matter whether you’re someone who likes fruit picking from time to time, or if you’ve never done it and want to experience it for the first time to see what all the fuss is about, we’ve got 11 of the very best picking farms in Long Island right here that you need to visit the next time you’re there. 

1. Wickham’s Fruit Farm

Located in Cutchogue Long Island just 90 miles east of New York City, you will find Wickham’s Fruit Farm, one of the largest farms in all of Long Island with the fields spanning over 30 acres, with 20 acres worth of this being used to cultivate and grow fruit. 

You have so much choice on what fruit to pick out once you arrive at Wickham’s Fruit Farm, from strawberries and blackberries, all the way to cherries, apples, and pumpkins, if you’re looking for a wide variety of different foods that could mix well together within a pie or a smoothie, this is the place you’ll want to visit. 

Visitors are allowed to pick from May through to December, giving you a tremendous amount of time to plan your trip without having to rush around so you can get there in time. Simply pick a date that suits you, grab your bag and old shoes, and get picking!

2. Queens County Farm Museum

The name of this farm can be a little misleading as rather than being an actual museum, this is a fruit farm that has a very important place within the history of Long Island, sharing its fruit and other foods with New Yorkers for more than three centuries, so it’s worth visiting even just to speak to the owners and learn about the fascinating history of this farm and how it grew to become so relevant. 

Of course, they also have a fantastic selection of fresh and juicy fruit including all types of berries which leave the fungicides and pesticides behind to make them as appetizing and natural as possible for when you come to bite into them. 

On top of this, the Queens County Farm also features the only corn maze in New York City, and when we say it’s challenging, we really do mean it (Also check out Farmers Markets In Queens).

You will be forced to find clues and discover shortcuts to finally make your way to the Victory Bridge, making this farm a fun day out for everyone involved. 

3. Condzella’s Farm

If you’re a big fan of strawberries, you’re not going to want to miss the chance to go picking at Condzella’s Farm during the spring and the summer since they offer nine different varieties of strawberries with each being grown in a particular way in a specific climate to make them either bigger and more juicy, or slightly smaller and easier to handle, along with being more suitable to incorporate into a recipe. 

Strawberries aren’t the only appetizing food you’ll find sprawled across the farm however, you will also be up close and personal with the rows of rich and sweet tomatoes, alongside three different varieties of green beans including the dark and slim Bush Wax Beans. 

Even the pumpkins have plenty of variety to choose from, whether you want one that’s 3lb or 30, you are free to pick whichever suits your fancy for a very low price. 

Condzella therefore excels in its variety, so if you want a medley of colorful ingredients in your bag by the time you’re done picking, Condzella’s Farm is where you’ll want to be. 

4. Windy Acres Orchard

Starting in July, you will be free to pick some of the freshest strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries in all of Long Island, and with an incredibly friendly team ready to help you on your adventure, this is the perfect fruit farm to visit when you want a good selection of picking options, and you don’t mind having a little bit of guidance along the way. 

In case you’re worried about availability, since the farm is so popular among locals, you can easily give the team a call to get an idea of when the best time to visit would be based on your preferences, or you can simply book a slot for you and your family so that you can get picking without any interruptions as soon as you arrive. 

Peaches, apples, and pumpkins are also on offer in the fields at this beautiful and far-stretching farm, so it can be worth thinking of a few fruity recipes beforehand that you could make and then filling your bags with fruit that you will need for when you get back home. 

5. May’s Farm

This generational farm wasn’t always based in Wading River.

In fact, when it first started out in the early 1800s, it was actually located in Melville, but after it began experiencing a significant surge in popularity and had to expand its land in order to keep up with the fierce demand, the owners made the decision to move closer to New York City, and we’re so glad that they decided to expand because their fruit tastes downright incredible. 

Their picking seasons change depending on what fruit you are looking to collect, so while visitors are free to go sweet pea picking in June, they will only be able to pick pumpkins starting in October for the Halloween season, so it can be best to check on the official website to see when your preferred food will be available to pick, or even simply ask the May’s when you arrive. 

Before leaving, make sure to try out the farm jams and jellies which are offered at the market stall which are a real treat on the tastebuds and the perfect small gift to take back home. 

6. Seven Ponds Orchard

The Seven Ponds Orchard specializes in raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries which can all be picked from June onwards, however, the picking season only lasts for a few weeks, so you’ll have to be quick, especially if you want to beat all the crowds. 

Apple picking is also available in August, so while there isn’t too much time given for visitors to pick a specific fruit, there’s always a picking opportunity of some kind available for most months of the year, and since their picking times last from 9 am to 6 pm each day that they are open, they give you plenty of time to pick at your own pace.

There really is nothing quite like picking a few juicy blueberries and strawberries to take home while admiring the dazzling sunset that shines over the entirety of Long Island (Also check out Best Locations For Blueberry Picking Long Island). 

7. Harbes Orchard

With 27 different types of apples available for visitors to choose from while they pick, you may be wondering how the owners and workers of the farm grow such a sprawling variety, and it’s all down to their incredibly unique trellis system which is used in the growing stages to diversify the apples and make them different in terms of texture and taste by altering their growing conditions. 

Because of this, the Harbes Orchard Farm is undoubtedly the number 1 picking destination for any apple lovers out there, though their assortment of blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries is also very appetizing and well worth collecting, especially because of how cheap the asking price is. 

During your visit, it can also be worth trying a few of the fun activities available to visitors around the farm including the tricky tracks, sports zone, and obstacle course which make this the perfect destination for a fun family day out where you can guarantee the kids will never get bored. 

8. Bhavana Blueberries

From July through to late August, visitors are able to browse and pick some of the freshest blueberries in all of New York, and if you’re wondering where this farm got its unique name, it is actually in reference to the concept of Bhavana which is the cultivation and coming together of the mind, body, and spirit. 

The friendly folks at Bhavana Blueberries are dedicated to playing their part in creating a healthy and responsible food community where the people of New York are well-fed by the carefully grown fruits provided by the farm and the workers’ labor. 

As soon as you arrive and gaze at the fruit fields that stretch on for several acres, you will be provided with a bucket so you can immediately start picking.

Just make sure to bring a hat and some sunscreen since you can be sure the sun is going to be beaming down when it’s picking season. 

9. Lewin Farms

As the first pick-your-own farm in all of Long Island, Lewin Farms has definitely built up quite the reputation among locals for its historical relevance and as a pioneer of fruit picking in the area that many other farms would replicate soon after, but this isn’t to say that the fruit hasn’t held up all this time, because it certainly has. 

All their fruit, from their strawberries to their peaches, are extremely fresh and aren’t covered in pesticides or fungicides during their growth to ensure that the soil remains healthy and the fruit is as organic and natural as possible. 

While the U-pick is cash only, the good news is there is an ATM just around the corner from the farm, so you won’t have to drive miles down the road just to be able to enter. 

Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with the friendly owners about the longstanding history of the farm and the contribution it has made to the community of Long Island, they are always more than happy to have a conversation about the farm’s legacy and how it has remained popular for all these years. 

10. Glover Farms

Initially, Kenny Glover Sr. used this farm to grow potatoes, but when the potato business took a massive hit, and his crops weren’t selling enough to keep him afloat financially, he decided to give strawberries a try, a decision he would never regret making considering how beloved the farm has now become among fruit lovers. 

Eventually, Kenny’s son, Kenny Glover Jr., also got involved in working on the farm and made the suggestion to try growing pumpkins which would be ready to pick for the October holiday season.

Nowadays, the Glover Farm features a whole range of different fruits that visitors are able to plop into their bucket or bag beginning in the spring and ending near August.

With that being said, the Glover Farm has been attracting new and returning visitors ever since it first opened its doors to the public in 1952, so it can definitely be worth giving them a call to reserve a spot at this beautiful generational fruit farm. 

11. Milk Pail U-Pick Farm

This farm allows visitors to pick their gigantic catalog of fruit (see also: The Best Fruit Picking Farms San Diego Has To Offer)from September to October, perfect for when you’re preparing for the fall holiday season and need a few zesty pumpkins or succulent apples to use as part of a mouthwatering recipe. 

The pumpkins are what really steal the show here, with some weighing over 150 pounds, and considering there are over 60 varieties of pumpkin, squash, and gourds to discover, it makes adventuring through the fields so much fun and a real adventure that you can guarantee the whole family will enjoy. 

During the months of September and October, the farm is only open for pickings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between 10 am and 5:30 pm, so it’s never a bad idea to plan a trip in advance so that you can make the most of your time there, and so you know when pickings will be available. 


After taking in the bright lights and glamor of New York City, pay a visit down to Long Island and enjoy some peaceful and relaxing fruit picking at one of these amazing farms (see also: 8 Best Fruit Picking Farms In Houston, TX)so that you can grab the ingredients you need to make a delightful meal or dessert for the entire family when you arrive back home with a bag full of goodies. 

Amelia Haslehurt
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