The Best Fruit Picking Farms San Diego Has To Offer

San Diego is known for its beautiful ocean views and perfect weather, but did you know it’s also home to some of the best fruit-picking farms in the country? 

From strawberries to oranges and avocados, there is a variety of delicious produce waiting to be harvested. 

The Best Fruit-Picking Farms In San Diego

In this article, we’ll explore some of San Diego’s top fruit-picking farms, so you can find the perfect place to gather your fresh, seasonal fruit.

1. Carlsbad Strawberry Company

The Carlsbad Strawberry Company is a family-run Upick farm at 1050 Cannon Rd in Carlsbad, CA.

This popular destination is the perfect spot for families to enjoy time outdoors while picking strawberries during the prime season. 

An early morning or later afternoon stroll through the lush fields of berries allow visitors to pick their own produce while enjoying beautiful views and sunsets as they make their way back to the barn.

In addition to bringing home delicious fresh-picked strawberries, there are many activities to enjoy onsite such as a petting zoo, a playground for kids, and an outdoor café that serves free samples of the day’s harvest. 

2. Temecula Berry Company

The Temecula Berry Company is a U-pick Blueberry farm located in the beautiful city of Temecula, California.

Founded by the Graesser family in the late 1990s, this 10-acre farm offers an abundance of sweet and tasty Southern High bush blueberries each season. 

The berries grown on this farm are exceptionally high in antioxidants, and therefore it is classified as one of the five Super Foods. Being naturally sweet, they make a great snack for kids too!

At Temecula Berry Company, not only do you get to pick fresh blueberries straight from the bush that are juicy and delicious; but you also get to enjoy the picturesque beauty of its surrounding rolling hills and vineyards. 

Farming there is completely natural with no aggressive herbicides or chemically formulated fertilizers, which gives assurance about quality as well as its taste. 

3. Kenny’s Strawberry Farm

Kenny’s Strawberry Farm is located in the idyllic Rainbow Valley at 953 Rainbow Valley Blvd, Fallbrook. Situated in a temperate and peaceful atmosphere, this 10-year-old farm offers a perfect family outing experience. 

They have cultivated a wide range of sweet and delicious strawberries that are well known for their vibrant color and flavor.

Pickers can wander through the strawberry patches here and fill up baskets with fresh strawberries to purchase.

The strawberry variety grown at Kenny’s Farm is highly prized for its unbeatable sweetness and taste.

In fact, they don’t necessarily need any added sugars or condiments to enhance their taste, as they are perfectly scrumptious on their own. 

4. Villa Del Sol

Villa Del Sol is a 25-acre working cherry farm just one hour northeast of Los Angeles in the lovely Leona Valley. 

The best time to visit Villa Del Sol is during the annual cherry season when you can pick your own ripe cherries straight from their orange and black trees. 

This experience will let you enjoy some of California’s most delicious cherries right off the tree and even learn more about how they’re produced and grown. 

Aside from picking fresh fruit, guests are also welcome to take a stroll through their vast variety of gardens with colorful seasonal flowers.

There are definitely many reasons why folks keep coming back year after year for this unique getaway in nature!

5. Be Wise Ranch

This is an organic farm located eight miles to the east of San Diego. It has been growing certified organic produce since 1977 and is known nationally for its flavor and freshness. 

The ranch stands out from other farms in the area due to its unique microclimate, which provides year-round growing conditions and enables it to specialize in early and late season producing crops such as heirloom tomatoes, strawberries, squash, and greens.

Visitors to Be Wise Ranch are welcome to pick their own strawberries during the winter months. It’s a great way to get outdoors and enjoy a rewarding experience while helping support local farming. 

The strawberry picking takes place within walking distance of the main farm store at 20505 San Pasqual Rd., allowing guests to not only purchase some delicious strawberries but also any other products they might be looking for. 

6. Guldseth Cherry Orchard

Guldseth Cherry Orchards is a family-owned and operated business in Cherry Valley, California. Located at 9150 Whispering Pines Road, they offer Cherries that are organically grown. 

With cherry season typically running from mid-May through June, you can come to choose your own cherries to delight in their unparalleled sweetness and freshness. 

Although traditionally only accepting cash payments for their harvest, Guldseth Cherry Orchards now also proudly accept credit card payments for your convenience.

The beautiful surroundings of the orchards offer more than just a store to pick up delicious fruit. 

Visitors often enjoy picnicking among the trees at the picnic tables throughout the orchard property, and the occasional sighting of a rabbit here or there never hurts either! 

7. Stehly Farms Organics

At Stehly Farms Organics, they are dedicated to providing customers with the freshest produce possible. 

With a wide variety of fruits and vegetables on offer throughout every season, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Throughout Spring and Summer, their trucks are packed with blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries that have been freshly harvested the day before. 

And for those looking for something more exotic, keep an eye out for the Dragon fruit, which appears as early as late summer until fall. 

Whether you’re looking for organic fruits or vegetables or even something unique like dragon fruit – there’s something perfect waiting for you at Stehly Farms Organics.

8. Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch

Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch is situated in Leona Valley, California, and offers locals amazing pesticide-free cherries of various types. 

The ranch is home to Rainier, Bing, and Skeena cherries which can be picked fresh off the tree while you’re there. 

For those looking forward to the sweet smell of fresh fruit, the rolling hills of this cherry orchard are only a short drive away from Santa Clarita.

9. Julian Farm And Orchard

Julian Farm and Orchard are located in the picturesque Wynola neighborhood of Julian, just an hour east of San Diego. 

Situated on 25 acres of rolling land, the farm provides a truly unique experience with sprawling apple orchards and an untouched agricultural landscape.

Those who visit are welcomed by their friendly staff, which guarantees a safe and memorable experience. 

Among the farm’s offerings are tractor-pulled hayrides, axe throwing, a petting zoo area for up-close encounters with the property’s friendly animals, and various dining options. 

Perfect for families or those looking to take a day away from their hectic life, Julian Farm and Orchard also offers plenty of space to relax and unwind among the lush nature with picnic areas, hammocks, and even a gift shop full of local products hand-picked by their knowledgeable staff. 

Go visit them soon to explore all of these wonderful opportunities at Julian Farm and Orchard!

10. Hana Field

Tucked away in Costa Mesa, you’ll find Hana Field by Tanaka Farms. Not only does the name Hana mean flower in Japanese, but the Field is filled with wonderful seasonal flowers.

Visitors to Hana Field will find acres and acres of Sunflowers perfect for any Instagram shot throughout the year. 

Aside from those are Marigolds that spectacularly blanket the Field during fall. Strawberry Tours take place between February-June, and Watermelon Tours take place in July-August. 

But there’s also a fun U-Pick Tour offered all year long that allows visitors to pick fruits straight from the land, such as plump and juicy strawberries during warmer times of the year, right up to October where they can get their traditional pumpkins! 

For those looking for some amazing flower shots, or just a quaint U-Pick experience, then Hana Field by Tanaka Farms is the answer!

11. Rancho Bernardo Pumpkin Farm

Located in the delightful suburban town of Escondido, CA, Rancho Bernardo Pumpkin Farm offers a truly unique and amazing experience for families. 

Visitors can enjoy the classic activities of a pumpkin patch – picking their very own pumpkins straight from nature’s vine – as well as those special features that make the farm truly special. 

Onsite they’ll find an 8-foot tall corn maze, a petting zoo with friendly animals, and even a magical train ride adventure!

Children of all ages delight in the fun they have while finding their way through the winding paths of massive corn stalks. 

Historic Highland Valley Road also offers guests some beautiful views of nature during their visit.

Parents and children alike often find themselves falling in love with Rancho Bernardo Pumpkin Farm’s hay wagon rides around the farm property, lasting anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes. 

These leisurely rides take riders along the fields where produce is grown including pumpkins and fresh vegetables and give them plenty of exciting fodder for conversation around campfires later! 

12. Bonita Pumpkin Farm

The Bonita Pumpkin Patch is a well-known attraction located in Bonita, California. Located at 5354 Sweetwater Road, this family-run operation has been offering exciting fun for over 20 years. 

Whatever age you are or whatever interest you have, there’s something to do there that everyone will enjoy. You can pick your own pumpkins from the patch and then decorate them however you’d like when you get home. 

That’s not all the pumpkin farm experience has to offer, though! There are also kiddie rides, giant slides, an inflatable play center, petting zoos, game zones for kids of all ages, school tours, and party packages too.

Stroll around the living pumpkin patch or explore a living corn maze with the entire family. And after that, take a hay ride with the kids through their Christmas Tree farm! 

This is sure to be an unforgettable experience as they get to see firsthand how real pumpkins grow while having a great time with their friends and family. 

Final Thoughts

San Diego is full of incredible farms, each offering its own unique experience. From U-Picking fruits and vegetables to pumpkin picking and hayrides, there’s something for everyone in San Diego. 

Whether you’re looking for an educational activity or just a fun time with your family, these farms have plenty to offer! So don’t miss out this season and head out to one of the best fruit-picking farms in San Diego.

Amelia Haslehurt
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