Peach Picking: 6 Best Places For Delicious Peach Picking In Michigan

When the late summer months hit, who doesn’t love biting into a refreshing, juicy peach? While you can easily go to any store in Michigan and find ripe peaches, the best way to taste them is straight from the tree. 

Peach Picking: 6 Best Places For Delicious Peach Picking In Michigan

Michigan is rich with peach picking farms that often open their orchards to the public in the summer. With various types of peaches growing across the state, it can be hard to know which peach farm is the best. 

Below are 6 of the best places for peach picking (see also: 5 Of The Best Places For The Best Peach Picking NC)in Michigan. From family-run orchards to small u-pick markets, Michigan has plenty to offer when it comes to peaches. Sweet, juicy, and all things delicious!

Let’s get into it!

1. Schell Family Farm

The day will be filled with wonderful outdoor activities at Schell Family Farm, including wagon rides, a maze to navigate, and photo ops in the breathtaking sunflower fields.

The Schell Family Farm is home to 2 acres of plum and pear trees along with 350 sweet cherry trees and peach orchards. The family is working to expand their farm to 15 acres of fruit growing and it is truly wonderful. 

The farm also has an adorable Event Barn. This is home to over 250 acres of scenic views that are perfect for weddings and special occasions.

Every season at Schell Family Farm is a photographer’s dream; from sunflower fields to pine trees blanketed in snow, you’re sure to discover the ideal snap.

2. Snappy Apple Farm Market

Snappy Apple Farm Market is known among the people of Casnovia, Michigan as a town treasure. Home to some of the tastiest apples, the farm shop is also ripe with cherries, pears, and popcorn. 

In the mood for a refreshing cider? You simply have to have a glass of Snappy Apple Farm Market homemade apple cider slushie. During the months of June, July, and August you can visit the farm for some fresh fruit picking. 

They also have a picturesque sunflower field that is great for capturing that perfect picture to remember your precious day at Snappy Apple Farm market. 

Don’t forget to pick up some of their honey, jam, and maple syrup. All of their products are locally grown and are excellent for making a variety of desserts!

3. Fruit Acres Farms Cherry U-Pick

Fruit Acres Farms has been supplying the people of Michigan with delicious fresh treats since 1846. It is now in its 5th generation of farming and enjoys opening its doors to the public each year for fruit picking season. 

While Fruit Acres Farms is mostly known for its delicious sweet cherries, it also opens for peach picking in late August and Strawberry. Don’t have the time to pick the fruit yourself?

You can find a selection of cherries, peaches, plums, and apples at their farm market!

This farm is known for its incredible Stellar Peach Breeding Program where they cross-breed peaches to create something new each year.

So, go along and discover a brand new variety of peaches this season!

Unique and juicy!

4. King Orchards

King Orchards pride themselves on being family farmers. Working together day in and day out to grow and harvest the best fruit they can.

When you visit King Orchards located in northern Michigan, there is no need to bring anything but yourself and your wallet. 

Buckets and bags are provided for you to collect and transfer your fruit making it an easy day out for the family.  You can also forget about an entrance fee, simply pay for what you pick.

King Orchards are all about sharing their harvest with the world. 

There is even a designated area for dog walking. However, if you are planning to pick some fruit it would be best to leave the pets at home. 

Peach picking is often open in mid-august for around 2 weeks so you have to be quick to be the best peaches!

5. Stove Farm Market & U-Pick

For over 30 years, Stove Farm Market has provided many people with delicious fresh fruit and vegetables.

They believe that fresh is best. So, ditch the trip to the grocery store and head on down to Stove Farm Market to pick your own fruit. 

U-Picking is also pure, unadulterated rural enjoyment. Also, you save money!

By choosing your own, you can save anywhere between 30% and 70% off the cost of purchasing fresh fruits and veggies year-round from the grocery store.

Stove Farm Market also has a range of products on offer at their market including peach salsa, sweet fire pickles, and raw creamed honey. 

The best time to pick your own peaches is from late July to September along with pears, apricots, and pluots. This farm keeps things simple and fun by allowing you to pick fruit until your heart’s content!

6. Peach Ridge Markets

Peach Ridge Markets is a family-owned farm that has been operating for over 20 years. While it is a new farm, they produce some delicious fruits and vegetables. 

Everyone is welcome to visit the farm and take a tour to learn more about the process that takes place to grow and harvest the produce.

All you need to do is call ahead and make an appointment to ensure someone is there to guide you. 

Join them for peach picking in late August to ensure you get the best peaches on the farm!

Final Thoughts 

Michigan is known for its incredible quality of fresh fruit. The open land and blazing sun in the summer allow the fruit to grow ripe and delicious. 

Above are 6 of the best places to go peach picking in Michigan for an incredible experience this summer. It is important to double-check that the farms are open for public visitation and that the fruit is ripe for picking during the season. 

Whether you are in the mood for keeping your fresh produce locally grown or want to create precious memories with the family, you can do that on a farm in Michigan while picking some of the juiciest peaches!

Amelia Haslehurt
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