Best Peach Picking VA: 12 Incredible Locations

The state of Virginia is home to some of the best peach picking locations in the whole of the United States. If you find yourself in VA, you should definitely add peach picking to your list of things to do. 

Peach Picking VA 12 Incredible Locations

If you want to get your hands on the ripest, tastiest peaches in Virginia, you should know about the 12 best locations for peach picking. 

This is why we’ve created a guide to the top 12 incredible locations for peach picking, VA. Here are the 12 best places for peach picking in VA. Hopefully, our guide will help you to pick the best fresh produce.

The 12 Best Locations for Peach Picking VA 

1. Mackintosh Fruit Farm 

Located at 1608 Russell Road, Berryville, Mackintosh Fruit Farm is one of the best locations in Virginia for peach picking. It’s also an excellent small business to support, since it’s family-owned. 

In addition to being in a gorgeous location, the farm produces some of the best-quality fruits in the state. Crops are sold on a pick-your-own basis, and there are so many varieties of different fruits to choose from. 

If you’re worried about the physical aspect of picking your own peaches, Mackintosh Fruit Farm makes this much easier by growing its fruit on dwarf trees that are easier for everyone to reach.

This is achieved by using size-controlling rootstocks. 

Of course, Mackintosh Fruit Farm grows delicious peaches, but this is not the only fruit you can pick at this location. You can also pick blackberries, strawberries, apples, blueberries, raspberries, pumpkins, and cherries. 

Just bear in mind that these fruits come into season at different times, so if you want to make sure you get what you’re looking for, it’s worth checking when that specific fruit is in season in VA, and reaching out to the owners via the website for confirmation of availability.

2. Dickie Brothers Orchard 

This orchard is not only one of the oldest farms in Virginia, but also one of the most well-established in the whole of the United States. If you’re interested in history, you’ll love the backstory behind this amazing peach picking location. 

The Dickie Brothers Orchard was sold to James Dickie in three separate areas of land, from 1752 to 1760. This was during the reign of King George II of England, and the land has been worked as a farm ever since then.

The farm has been passed down through 9 generations and has stayed in the family the entire time. 

Today, Dickie Brothers Orchard is known for producing some of the best quality fresh produce for some of the most affordable prices in the state. You can find the farm at 2685 Dickie Road, Roseland. 

There are plenty of peach varieties to choose from at this location, in addition to 20 apple varieties, plumbs, pumpkins, nectarines, and sweet potatoes, to name just a few.

Peach picking season in Virginia runs up until early August, but from mid-August onward, you can return to Dickie Brothers Orchard to pick apples. 

3. Mount Pleasant Farm

Mount Pleasant Farm is located at 2201 Mount Pleasant Road in Chesapeake. If you’re looking to plan a whole day out that includes peach picking, this is the perfect place to go. 

You can pick your own peaches at Mount Pleasant Farm, as well as other fruits from the impressive orchard, which has been established since 2011. 

Just some of the fruits available for picking include peaches, strawberries, blackberries, and pumpkins.

You can also buy free-range eggs from the farm’s chickens, and there are activities to keep you and your family entertained throughout the day, including a playground, a barrel train, and even pony rides!

The great thing about the variety of fruits available at Mount Pleasant Farm is that the selection spans half of the year, from April (Strawberries) until late October (Pumpkins).

From June to August, you can pick summer apples, blackberries, peaches, and nectarines.

If you’re in the restaurant or food market business, you should also consider Mount Pleasant Farm as a potential supplier because of their exciting range of wholesale options. 

4. Stribling Orchard 

Stribling Orchard is one of VA’s best known peach picking locations. It’s at 11587 Poverty Hollow Lane, Markham, and this orchard is the top choice for a lot of people looking for delicious fresh produce in Virginia. 

Stribling Orchard is a family-run business that has been running for more than 200 years. The farm has been in the same family for 6 generations. 

This is another peach picking location that you can turn into a whole day (see also: 15 Best Peach Picking In New York For A Summer’s Day)out for friends and family.

You’re welcome to bring a picnic and spend your non-fruit-picking time looking at the historic farm buildings, spotting the different animals, and taking in the stunning views.

Since the farm is in close proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains, the views are truly spectacular. 

Although the orchard is mainly known for its many varieties of apples (including Golden Delicious, Ida Red, Mutsu Crispin, McIntosh, Rambo Smokehouse, Grimes Golden, Red Delicious, Cox Pippin, and Jonathan), you can also pick peaches and pumpkins later in the year. Baked goods and cider are also for sale.

5. Hollin Farms

At 1524 Snowden Road, Delaplane, you’ll find Hollin Farms. This farm is located on the Blue Ridge Mountains themselves, so if you want to pick fresh fruit while enjoying an incredible view of Virginia, it’s well worth a visit. 

Four generations of the same family have farmed this land, so if you’re looking for a family-owned business to support, this is yet another fantastic option. 

Between the months of July and August, you can pick peaches from Hollin Farm, as well as okra, eggplant, cucumbers, Asian pears, plums, berries, squash, and beans.

You can also dig up your own potatoes around this time of year. However, that’s not all. You can pick apples and pumpkins in September and October, and strawberries between May and June. 

In the Summer months, you can also head down to Hollin Farms to pick a variety of summer vegetables, as well as blackberries, raspberries, sour cherries, and blueberries.

6. Fruit Hill Orchard 

Fruit Hill Orchard is situated at 2745 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy, Palmyra. Another family-run business, Fruit Hill Orchard is known for its sustainable practices in terms of growing and harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables. 

If you’re trying to make more sustainable choices when it comes to your produce, getting your fruit (including peaches) from Fruit Hill Orchard is a great decision. 

This orchard has been in the same family for 5 generations, dating back to 1929. At the time, the farm was located in Winchester, but has since moved to Palmyra.

The orchard has grown significantly since its beginnings, from 900 to more than 2,000 fruit trees.

Although Fruit Hill Orchard primarily grows apples, you can also go here to pick peaches, pumpkins, squash, and other fruits and vegetables.

Peaches are typically available from mid-July up until Labor Day, although you’ll need to get there early if you want a generous selection, since the choice of peaches is more limited compared to the apples. 

It’s worth calling ahead if you have a specific variety of any fruit or vegetable in mind. This is because the varieties available change year by year, so crop sizes and availability are subject to change. 

7. Albemarle Cider Works 

You will find Albemarle Cider Works at 2545 Rural Ridge Lane, North Garden. This orchard has been established since 2000, and its focus is on rare tree fruits. 

In fact, many of the fruits you’ll be able to pick at Albemarle Cider Works are now obscure due to the fact that they are not commonly used in commercial marketing systems.

Commercial distribution systems only choose fruit and vegetable varieties that ship well, for obvious reasons.

However, just because a certain variety of fruit doesn’t fit with the industrial agricultural system doesn’t mean it’s not just as delicious, if not more so. 

As you might expect from the name of the orchard, it specializes in apples and grows 200 interesting apple cultivars, including heirloom varieties. 

With that being said, Albemarle Cider Works also grows several varieties of peaches, as well as plums, apricots, cherries, quince, and pears. Most of these are vintage varieties. 

You can see exactly which varieties are available each season by checking the catalog on the Albemarle Cider Works website before you visit.

It’s definitely worth checking out this location because you won’t be able to find most of the apple and peach varieties grown here anywhere else – locally, at least.

8. Carter Mountain Orchard 

Carter Mountain Orchard is located at 1435 Carters Mountain Trail in Charlottesville.

This family-owned orchard is only a short distance from nearby towns, but its rural location means it’s both easily accessible and a great escape from the fast-paced town environments many of us are used to. 

The location itself is absolutely beautiful. While you’re there, you should make a point to stand still and take in the stunning views of the groves and the valley beneath the overlook. 

The most popular season at Carter Mountain Orchard is August until December, because this is when the apples are in season, and you can also purchase other Fall and Winter-themed delicacies, such as apple cider donuts and apple pies.

Apple cider, fresh from the press, is also available to buy. 

However, if you’re specifically looking for peaches, you should visit Carter Mountain Orchard around the middle of July.

Around this time, you’ll be able to pick yellow, white, and donut speeches, or you can purchase pre-picked peaches if you don’t have the time to pick them yourself. 

9. Cullipher Farm

Cullipher Farm can be found at 772 Princess Ann Road, Virginia Beach.

This is a great location for family-friendly days out, since there’s an outdoor play area that kids can use in addition to the pick-your-own fruit and vegetable area and produce market. 

You’ll be able to pick peaches at Cullipher Farm between early July and mid-August, but there are plenty of other fruit and vegetables to pick throughout the rest of the year.

For example, in the Spring months, you can pick blueberries and strawberries, whereas during the Fall, sunflowers and pumpkins are available. 

Cullipher Farm also has a large orchard of apples. Apple-picking season begins in August. You can find plenty of different varieties of apples here, including Gold Rush, Winecrisp, Evercrisp, and many more. 

Bear in mind that you’ll need to have a ticket to pick your own fruit, and because availability can vary depending on a number of factors, it’s always a good idea to check the website before purchasing a ticket. 

10. Marker Miller Orchards 

Marker Miller Orchards is a stunning location to pick peaches as well as other fresh produce in a mountain setting. You can find the farm at 2025 Cedar Creek Grade, Winchester. 

All you need to do is buy a container from the farm and head out to the orchards to pick your favorite fruits. 

In July, not only can you pick peaches, but you can also harvest your own tomatoes, blackberries and raspberries.

As the weather gets warmer in August, peaches will still be available for picking, along with the other fruits mentioned above, but you’ll also be able to pick Gala apples and Ginger Gold apples. 

From September onward, peaches will no longer be in season, but there will be 12 apple varieties, along with winter squash and pumpkins, just in time for Fall. 

When you’ve picked all the fruit you want, you can bring a packed lunch or food purchased at the farm to the outdoor picnic tables, or simply sit on the front porch to admire the view.

11. Critzer Family Farm

You can incorporate Critzer Family Farm into a fun-filled day out for the whole family. It’s the perfect place to get in touch with nature, get some exercise, and come away with some delicious fresh fruit. 

If you’re trying to make more environmentally-conscious choices when it comes to food, you can rest assured that Critzer Family Farm only uses sustainable methods when it comes to growing and harvesting fruit.

This land has been farmed by the Critzer family for 5 generations, and the owners are committed to contributing only positive things to the land. 

The farm is open from April until October. April is strawberry season, but once the warmer weather rolls around, you’ll be able to pick a wider variety of fruit, including peaches in July and early August.

You can also pick apples and pumpkins. 

If you’re not interested in hand-picking produce, you can purchase flowers, vegetable plants, and herb plants. Farm-grown fruit ice cream and cider from the farm’s apples are also popular products. 

12. Morris Orchard 

Morris Orchard is located at 226 Tobacco Row Lane in Monroe. This family-owned business is a great choice if you want to support small, local businesses and also get some fresh fruit out of the process. 

Situated at the bottom of High Peak Mountain, this orchard provides an incredible experience in terms of the location itself. However, the range of fruits available is even more impressive. 

Fruit is available on a seasonal basis at Morris Orchard. 17 apple varieties are grown in the orchard throughout the Fall months, and you can also purchase bottled cider made with these apples, which is free from preservatives or additives.

During the Fall, you can also buy cider donuts, which are absolutely delicious and seasonal. 

However, apples aren’t the only fruit you can pick at Morris Orchard. This is also one of the best peach-picking locations, with peaches available to pick from the middle of June until the middle of August.

The Spring and Summer seasons also bring blackberries, blueberries, sweet corn, and a range of Summer vegetables. 

Look out for Morris Orchard’s produce at farm markets in the local area throughout the year, including the orchard’s signature cider blend.

Final Thoughts 

If you want to go peach-picking in VA, you should make sure to plan your picking day for Summer, between early July and mid-August. This is when peaches are in season in Virginia, so you’re likely to have more choice, and the fruit will be riper. 

With that being said, you can also visit some of VA’s best peach-picking locations at other times of the year, since these farms and orchards also grow other produce, including apples, berries, pumpkins, and other seasonal fruits and vegetables. 

Be sure to check out the website of the location you’re planning to visit ahead of time to find out about availability and produce options.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When Is The Best Time For Peach Picking, VA?

If you want to pick the ripest, tastiest peaches in Virginia, you will need to wait until peach picking season, which begins in the middle of July and lasts until the beginning of August.

This is a pretty short window, so you should make sure to take advantage of the couple of weeks when Virginia’s peaches are ripe and in season. 

What Are The Best Peach Varieties In Virginia?

You can pick multiple varieties of peaches in Virginia, and it’s a good idea to think about what you want from a peach in terms of taste and texture, so you know which varieties you might prefer. 

Elberta is the main peach variety grown in Virginia. However, you can also pick Challenger peaches, Candor, Flaming Fury, Contender, Carolina Bell, Baby Crawford, and a wide range of other peach varieties. 

Where Do Peaches Grow In Virginia?

Virginia as a whole has a good climate for peaches. However, Central, Southwestern, and Northern Virginia are the regions best known for producing good peaches.

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