A Guide To The Best Strawberry Picking In Florida

Strawberries are everyone’s favorite summer fruit, and who doesn’t love that distinctive taste of biting into a delicious and fresh strawberry.

A Guide To The Best Strawberry Picking In Florida

These red fruits are like a love letter from the summer itself, and when paired with fresh cream, there’s absolutely nothing better. 

Strawberries are also healthy too, and contain a high amount of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber too, and they’re also low in calories too, which is why so many people make them their go-to snack during the summer time. 

If you’re looking to go strawberry picking in Florida, then sometime between November and May is usually the best time for this, but it can all depend on the weather of course, so you’ll need to keep this in mind before booking a picking session. 

So, if you’re looking for some of the best strawberry picking places to visit in Florida, then this guide will help you to find them, so let’s start! 

1. Amber Brooke Farms U-Pick

Amber Brooke Farms in Eustis, Florida, is home to a variety of delicious and fresh produce, and while people clamor for their blueberries and sunflowers, it’s their strawberries that are so often (see also: A Guide On Watering Strawberries – How Often To Water Strawberries)the star of the show. 

The farm has an entire field full of strawberries for you to choose from, and even have two different varieties for you to choose from too.

The strawberries here tend to range between medium and large in size, which means that you’re going to be getting plenty of strawberries for your money, and who can resist the juiciness and sweetness you get with each bite?

The varieties available will change depending on the time of the season you visit, and you need to remember to only pick the red colored strawberries, as the rest will need a little while longer to ripen. 

This is a great place to start for any strawberry lovers in Florida, so definitely check them out! 

2. Spivey Farms

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Found in the heart of Plant City, Florida, Spivey Farms are one of the few farms in the country still committed to ensuring that the customer is satisfied with their products, and that they get their produce as fresh as possible, with no shortcuts or unnatural methods used along the way. 

This goes for their strawberries especially, which they ensure are completely red and large before they even consider picking it.

Or if you fancy picking them yourself, then their U-Pick option is a great way to ensure that you’re getting your hands on only the freshest and ripest strawberries! 

If you’re planning on making a visit to Spivey Farms for a strawberry U-Pick session, then it’s worth keeping an eye on their website, as they keep it updated with all of the details you need to know regarding being able to pick strawberries on the farm. 

3. Strawberry Passion Organic Farms

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As you might be able to tell from their name, Strawberry Passion Organic Farms are incredibly proud to be producing some of the best and freshest organic strawberries in Florida to both locals and tourists alike, and if you’re in the area, then a visit to their farm in Thonotosassa is definitely worth your time. 

With over 50 acres of land, their incredible strawberries, alongside their vegetables, are some of the best around, and they set their standards high too, producing only 100% organic fruit and vegetables that remain completely free of any pesticides.

During the season, they allow visitors for U-Pick sessions, allowing you to pick the best organic strawberries for yourself too.

So, if you want to pick up some particularly high-quality strawberries in Florida, then Strawberry Passion Organic Farms is most definitely the farm to visit. 

4. Far Reach Ranch

On the shores of Lake Dora in Tavares, Central Florida you’ll find Far Reach Ranch, which is a farm that is both family owned and operated, and has added strawberry fields to their portfolio of incredible produce in recent years, which makes them a great choice for delicious strawberries. 

Initially beginning as a cattle ranch with an orange grove on the side, the farm has slowly expanded over the years, adding a number of blueberry fields in 1994, and making that their priority until they added the strawberry fields in 2019. 

Their U-Pick sessions are popular with locals and visitors alike, and aside from this, they also offer pre-picked fruits, jams, and baked goods too, which makes the trip to Far Reach Ranch even more worthwhile. 

So, if you’re around Central Florida and looking for some of the best strawberries around, then a visit to Far Reach Ranch might just be in order, and nothing is better than getting to pick them yourself! 

5. Oak Haven Farms And Winery

Sorrento, Florida is the home to Oak Haven Farms and Winery, which has been a permanent fixture in the local farming community in Lake Country since 1996, before expanding to producing wines all the way back in 2010.

The beautiful scenery that surrounds this farm makes a visit here with your family or friends extra special, but not as much as the amazing strawberries will! 

Alongside their U-Pick sessions for their incredible strawberries, they also have a kitchen which is definitely worth a visit too, serving great hot dogs, chips, sodas, and even some home-style strawberry shortcakes and sundaes made using their own strawberries. 

Topped off with their own wines, and your visit to Oak Haven Farms and Winery is sure to be one to remember! 

6. Brown’s Farm

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While it’s always great to visit a farm with plenty of different attractions and a variety of treats to try, nothing comes close to beating a family owned and operated farm that focuses on producing the best quality fruits and vegetables possible. 

With Brown’s Farm in Hawthorne, North Central Florida, that’s exactly what you’ll find during your visit. The farm produces a selection of great produce that you’ll be sure to enjoy, including pecans, sweet corn, field peas, and watermelons. 

However, the strawberries from Brown’s Farm are always great too, and their strawberry picking is always a favored activity among families in the local area. 

If you’re planning a visit to Brown’s farm to do a spot of strawberry picking, it’s always worth checking out their website to ensure that it’s still going ahead, as it’s all weather dependent! 

7. JG Ranch

JG Ranch is another family run and owned farm in Brooksville, Florida, and is all about family life, which is why they always welcome plenty of families onto their farm each year for their U-Pick sessions, allowing people to get a feel for the incredibly fresh produce they have available. 

The farm has been in business for over two decades now, so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing, and alongside their strawberries, you’ll also be able to help yourself to their blackberries and blueberries too.

But that’s not all, as they also have a one-stop farm shop with everything you need, including honey, eggs, and a range of other fresh produce too. 

You can also feed the animals during your time on JG Ranch, which is an activity that is always loved by the young members of the family. 

JG Ranch happily provides buckets for you to place your pickings into, but they also recommended bringing along a cooler to help keep your strawberries fresh during their travel home in the Florida heat.

Appropriate clothing and footwear is also recommended to ensure that you remain cool and protected from the sun while picking too. 

8. Upicktopia

As the name suggests, Upicktopia in Masaryktown, Florida is home to a farm that focuses entirely upon U-Picks, and as you can imagine, alongside their variety of fruit and vegetables to be picked are plenty of delicious strawberries. 

Their 56 acres of land is the perfect place to grow such a vast array of fruits and vegetables, and they also avoid using pesticides on their produce too, and only using appropriate products to ensure that they are as kind to the local environment and wildlife as possible. 

With the possibility of a winery being added to the farm on the horizon too, Upicktopia is a farm that you’re definitely going to want to add to your list of farms to visit, especially if you want to get your hands on some amazing pesticide-free strawberries picked straight from the plant. 

9. Roger’s Farm

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Gainesville, Florida is a place filled with scenic countryside, and among that countryside is Roger’s Farm, which is the perfect place for a family day out in the sunshine, especially when it’s strawberry season. 

Roger’s farm has been around for nearly four decades, and despite changing owners in 2018, their methods and values have not changed at all, with the focus still being firmly on the production of incredibly fresh produce, ranging from fresh peas and butter beans to corn maze and strawberries. 

Roger’s Farm’s U-Pick events are always immensely popular, and that’s because the strawberries they produce are exceptionally good quality, which is even more of a reason for you to visit if you find yourself nearby! 

10. Honeyside Farms

Honeyside Farms is run by its 5th generation of farmers, based in Parrish, Florida, this farm is intent on only producing the best organic strawberries around.

Alongside their strawberries is also a variety of other organic fruits and vegetables, as well as delicious honey too. 

Honeyside Farms isn’t just loved by local customers, but also by restaurant owners in the area too, who often buy produce from the farm to use within their cooking, which is a testament to just how high-quality their produce actually is. 

It’s all down to the fact that the farm refuses to use any form of chemical fertilizers or pesticides on their produce, they simply grow it all the way nature intended. 

If you plan on visiting for a U-Pick session, then keep an eye on their social media pages for information! 

11. Pappy’s Patch

The final farm on the list, Pappy’s Patch is a farm that discards the gimmicks or frills of other farms, and instead focuses on welcoming plenty of families and visitors alike to come and visit their amazing farm to pick their own produce. 

They tend to remain open so long as they have berries available for you to pick, but you’ll need to check their pages regularly to ensure that they’re open! 

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide to Florida’s best strawberry picking locations helps you find the right place for you.

All of these farms are beloved strawberry picking locations, so no matter which one you choose, you’re going to be sure to get some delicious strawberries!

Amelia Haslehurt
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