Where To Find The Best Strawberry Picking In Virginia – 12 Of The Best Locations

There’s nothing more delicious in the summer season than eating some freshly picked strawberries with a dollop of cream or even a bowl of sugar if you are feeling particularly adventurous.

These fruits are not only delicious, but they contain so many good vitamins and nutrients.

Where To Find The Best Strawberry Picking In Virginia – 12 Of The Best Locations

If you are in the Virginia area, then you’re in luck, as there are many farms where you can go to pick fresh strawberries straight off the vine.

From family-owned farms to farms that also incorporate amusement rides and fun activities for all the family, there is a diverse range to choose from.

So, if you are in the Virginia area and you fancy indulging in an activity as wholesome as picking strawberries in the relaxing sunshine, then you should check out our list of some of the 12 best locations that you can find in Virginia for picking strawberries.

1. Mount Pleasant Farm

Address: 2201 Mt Pleasant Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23322

If you want a strawberry farm that comes with plenty of activities, including rides on ponies, a barrel train, and even a play area for the children, then we would certainly recommend this one for you.

This place was set up in 2011 and comes with a peach orchard, strawberries, and a pumpkin patch.

A farm should be the sort of place where you can witness farm animals in the great outdoors and this place is no different. They have free-range chickens with brown eggs that you can buy from the store.

They also sell them to wholesalers, so if you have your own shop, grab some eggs from here.

The time to pick these strawberries is during the early spring and summer seasons, although you might be contending with other vacationers who have caught wind of this place. Here is a list of fruits that you can pick during each time of the year:

  • Strawberries (Mid-April to Mid-June)
  • Peaches (End June to Early August)
  • Blackberries (Mid-June to Early August)
  • Summer Apples (Early-July to August)
  • Nectarines (Mid-July)
  • Pumpkins (Late September to October)

2. Wegmeyer Farms

Address: 38299 Hughesville Rd, Hamilton, VA 20158

If you are up in Northern Virginia, sampling the beautiful hills and valleys, then we would suggest that you take a pit stop at Wegmeyer Farms for the amazing strawberries that they have during the springtime.

They have strawberries in the spring and pumpkins in the Autumn, which means that they have fruits and vegetables there all year round.

They have premium-level vegetables, coming fresh out of the ground and having a wonderful taste, quality and appearance.

This place boasts having the authentic farm experience, perfect for anyone who wants to get the kids away from the consoles and out into the real world.

They can stroke pets, tickle under the chins of goats or take a few donkey rides.

This is a great place to help teach kids that their food just doesn’t arrive in a packet at the supermarket. Picking strawberries with them will not only be fun but it will help them to learn and show them how real food looks.

3. Mackintosh Farms

Address: 1608 Russell Rd, Berryville, VA

This is another strawberry farm that really takes pride in its fresh produce, not only giving people the opportunity to pick fresh strawberries but the chance to sort through many different breeds of strawberries, which is great for children.

You should go there around May if you want to enjoy the strawberry picking season, which is when they will be in full bloom.

They have a technique for planting fruit against the rootstock of more mature trees that will allow them to grow fuller and thicker.

This farm is owned by a family, so you can expect that extra homely touch (for example, look at the handmade sign that welcomes guests onto the farm itself).

This is an extremely welcoming place with plenty of friendly staff on hand to help you out with any of your queries.

4. Green Truck Farm

Address: 3015 Hartland Lane ,Markham, VA

This next farm is run by families for families, with strawberry picking that begins during the middle of May.

This has a calendar of sumptuous fruits and vegetables that you can pick throughout the year, whether it is fresh asparagus at the beginning of the year or black raspberries during the June and July seasons.

Here is a run-down of all the fruits and vegetables that you can pick throughout the year:

  • Asparagus (April to May)
  • Strawberries (May to June)
  • Blueberries (June to July)
  • Blackberries (June to July)
  • Black Raspberries (June to July)
  • Summer Vegetables (July, August and September)
  • Red Raspberries (July to October)
  • Pumpkins/Winter Squash (September to October)
  • Honey (Contact the farm directly to find out availability)
  • Corn Maze and Fun Field (September to October)

5. Flanagan Farm

Address: 1707 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

This is located at Pungo Ridge, which is one of the fertile soils for growing fruits and vegetables in the Virginia area. This farm has been producing crops for generations, so you can be sure that you will find fruits that are expertly reared and then deftly picked.

If you want to learn about the science of farming and how to grow your vegetables properly, then this is a great place to start. It grows a variety of fruits and nuts all the way through the year, so there is always something for visitors to do.

This farm operates one of the most efficient pest-management systems in Virginia. It only exercises these measures when pest control is necessary.

Flanagan Farms practices techniques to clean the fruit properly, where you and your family get to spend some time doing strawberry picking.

If you are in a rush, then you can also buy some of Flanagan Farm’s pre-picked strawberries. You can be sure that these strawberries are going to be as juicy and tender as they would be when you picked them fresh off the branch.

6. Yankey Farms

Address: 14039 Owls Nest Road, Nokesville, VA

This next farm is based in Prince William County in Virginia, where you can pick your strawberries from the late Spring season right the way through to the early Summer.

You can also pick pumpkins during the fall, which is a great activity for the Halloween season and is one of the only farms that offer this in the Virginia area.

This farm also comes with plenty of activities, whether it be a cow train or a corn maze scavenger hunt.

These are amazing places to take the children, giving them experiences that you simply cannot get at Starbucks.

At this farm, you can reap hundreds and hundreds of fresh strawberries with your family.

Then you can have some more fun at home by turning these strawberries into fresh jams and jellies. Imagine tasting your own jam on natural ice cream or in your own strawberry pie.

7. Critzer Family Farm

Address: 9388 Critzer Shop Road Afton, VA 22920

This next family farm is a great day out for the whole family, allowing you to get some fresh air in your lungs as well as helping the kiddies burn off all that excess energy.

This is a very friendly farm with a warm atmosphere and plenty of staff to help you.

This farm is committed to environmental improvement, vowing to contribute as much as they can to the community and improving the local countryside.

This place is open from the beginning of the spring right way through until the summer. We would recommend that you get there early to pick the best strawberries.

This is where your children can hear about all the rigors of farming life as well as teach them where the food they buy in the supermarket comes from.

This is one of the premium farm experiences that you can find in the whole state of Virginia.

8. Hollin Farms

Address: 1524 Snowden Road, Delaplane, VA 20144

This next farm is in the Blue Ridge mountains and has been a family farm that has run for generations. When it comes to berries, this farm has a lot: strawberries, raspberries, sour cherries and blueberries as well as a horde of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Here is a list of dates for when you can pick each vegetable:

  • Strawberries (May to June)
  • Raspberries (Late June to Early July)
  • Blackberries (Late June to early July)
  • Sour cherries (Late June to early July)
  • Spring vegetables (Late June to early July)
  • Summer vegetables (Late June to early July)
  • Peaches (July to August)
  • Japanese plums (July to August)
  • Asian pears (July to August)
  • Cucumbers (July to August)
  • Tomatoes (July to August)
  • Sweet corn (July to August)
  • Peppers (July to August)
  • Beans (July to August)
  • Okra (July to August)
  • Eggplant (July to August)
  • Squash (July to August)
  • Potatoes (July to August)
  • Cut flowers (July to August)
  • Summer vegetables (July to August)
  • Apples (September to October)
  • Pumpkins (September to October)

9. Cullipher Farm

Address: 772 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23457

This next farm allows you to pick your own fruit and vegetables while also giving you an outdoor play area for the children to run around in.

Cullipher Farm also has a market that is frequented by many locals who buy their fresh and delicious produce.

One of the biggest draws of this farm is the apple orchard where you can pick apples from August onwards.

There are many varieties of apples on offer, all of which are very affordable, so you can get dozens of them for either eating solo or cooking, although you will have to purchase a ticket before you turn up to pick apples.

This farm also offers you the chance to pick pumpkins and sunflowers, both of which sprout during the fall and early winter.

If you have missed strawberry picking during the summer, then you can go to the market during the fall and winter and buy the surplus.

You can also pick peaches during the August season too, but you will have to ring up to enquire about the harvest first.

10. Braehead Farm

Address: 1130 Tyler Street, Fredericksburg, VA22401

This is a family-owned market and farm which was initially established in 1937.

This comes with pick-your-own strawberries, so why not bundle the kids into the station wagon and get them down to Braehead Farm to pick as many strawberries as you like?

This is situated not far from the City of Fredericksburg and they have a fresh beef farm as well as a farmer’s market where you can pick your own produce.

This also comes with farm animals and barn events, so check the website and sign yourself up for farm-themed fun all year round.

You can also pick your own produce no matter what the season is. You should always check before you trot down to the farm to check if their produce is fresh and that there are plenty of spots available for picking.

11. The Berry Patch, Gallmeyer Farms

Address: 3622 Darbytown Ct, Richmond, VA 23231

This next family-run farm provides the very best fruit and vegetables that you and your children can pick for next to nothing. They will even provide you without giving you a cover charge and provide you with free containers too!

They also have a local market where you can buy their produce as well as some up-to-date items like sodas and bottled water. This will keep you hydrated if you are picking strawberries on a baking hot day.

This farm really provides you with a wholesome and traditional experience for the whole family, whether it is allowing you and the kids a place to sit in the shade and enjoy your own picnic or free hayrides for the little ones.

If you like honey, then you can also help to harvest it from the beehives they have on site.

12. Yoder’s Farm

Address: 1134 Browns Mill Rd, Rustburg, VA 24588

This is a farm that offers visitors the chance to pick their strawberries around early Springtime. They offer free parking right up by the strawberries as well as giving you plenty of space to allow you to move through each lot.

This is a great place to take the kids as they are really geared around making the whole experience of picking fruit as easy and as fun as possible.

There is always staff there to give you a helping hand. These strawberries are reared to provide you with only the very best flavors, so expect them to be nice and juicy and ripe.

This place does not offer that much in the way of other amusements, but if you want to focus on your strawberry picking and helping your kids to gain some knowledge about where their food comes from, then this is a great place to try out.


We hope that our guide to strawberry picking in Virginia has to whet your appetite to try strawberry picking when the spring and summer next roll around.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Of Year Are Strawberries The Ripest?

Strawberries are ready for picking from the start of April right the way through until the beginning of the fall. You should try and pick them when the sun is at its highest, as this will be when they are the juiciest.

How Long Do Strawberries Keep?

Strawberries keep for around 1 week if they are stored properly. We would recommend that you keep them in the fridge to preserve their integrity.

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