13 Best Strawberry Picking Places To Visit In Michigan

Everyone loves strawberries! They are deliciously juicy and sweet fruits that feel like summer in a bite and strawberry picking is a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed by anyone at any age. 

Lots of strawberry picking locations (see also: Where To Find The Best Strawberry Picking In Virginia – 12 Of The Best Locations)tend to have a lot more on offer than just the strawberries too, making them the perfect place to go and spend the day when the weather is at its warmest.

13 Best Strawberry Picking Places To Visit In Michigan

When you find the perfect location, time will fly and you and the whole family will have a wonderful day out. 

Michigan is home to many different locations in which you can enjoy strawberry picking in the summertime, so finding the best locations to go and do it can be a bit of a challenge.

But don’t worry, we are here to help! We have put together a list of 13 of the best strawberry-picking places to visit in Michigan, so you can spend less time searching and more time picking! 

Michigan is home to many wonderful strawberry-picking places, but the 13 we have featured on this list are easily the best and we recommend you check them out before you go anywhere else! 

Along with strawberry picking, most of these establishments have lots of other fun activities on offer, so you can take advantage of the wonderful summer weather and make a whole day trip out of your time there. 

Check out the list below to find the perfect strawberry-picking location in Michigan for you and your family! 

1. Lavender Fields Farm

First, on the list, we have the beautiful Lavender Fields Farm. The family-owned farm can be found in Berrien Springs, Michigan. 

Along with strawberry picking, Lavender Fields Farm is especially unique because it is home to many different varieties of lavender!

First and foremost, this location is a lavender farm and that is what they specialize in, so you will be able to pick strawberries in the sun while you are surrounded by the wonderful smell and sight of lavender. 

The family who owns the farm are incredibly friendly and take pride in how hard they work to make their farm a family-friendly place that is sustainable and can be enjoyed by everyone. 

You can find Lavender Fields Farm at 2175 E Hinchman Rd, Berrien Springs, MI 49103. 

2. Stovers Farm Market & U Pic

Another spot that is located in Berrien Springs, Michigan, Stovers Farm Market & U Pic is a fantastic place to visit when you want to go strawberry picking, (see also: 12 Best Places To Pick Strawberries In Maine)but you also want to take part in some extra activities.

This farm has been around for 30 years, but even in such a short time, it has made a fantastic impression on those who visit! 

If you want to go for strawberry picking specifically, you will need to head there during the months of June and July. At this time, you will also be able to pick your own raspberries and cherries too. 

The produce at Stovers Farm & U Pic is better than anything you would get in from your local supermarket. As you pick it directly from the ground, the produce naturally ripens and the freshness and flavors are absolutely out of this world! 

On top of this, U Picking is a lot cheaper than buying in bulk at a store. By picking your own strawberries or other produce, you can save between 30% to 70% of what you would usually pay. 

You can find Stovers Farm Market & U Pic at 7837 M-139, Berrien Springs, MI 49103. 

3. Urka Farm

Located in Brethren, Michigan, Urka Farm is one of the most popular fruit farms in the entire state.

It is especially popular for picking strawberries when they are in season, so if you find yourself in Michigan during this time, you definitely don’t want to miss your chance to visit! 

Urka Farm is open seven days a week between the hours of 8 am – 8 pm during the appropriate season, and it is full of many things to do that are appropriate for all ages. 

This is the perfect location for you to visit with your family and friends if you want to pick your own strawberries (see also: Best Strawberry Picking Long Island – 7 Of The Best Options To Visit Today!)and enjoy a real taste of the country! 

You can find Urka Farm at 16919 Pole Rd, Brethren, MI 49619. 

4. Harveys Farm

13 Best Strawberry Picking Places To Visit In Michigan

You can find Harveys Farm in Tekonsha, Michigan, and it is a first-generation farm that was established in 1984.

Owned by Ron and Rose Harvey and their family, this farm is home to fresh asparagus, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries that you can pick yourself! 

All the produce at Harveys Farm is available from May all the way to November. Their strawberries are fresh and delicious, and incredibly juicy!

This is one of the best strawberry-picking locations in all of Michigan, and because it is family-owned, they really know how to cater to other families of all different shapes and sizes! 

You can find Harveys Farm at 2651 15 Mile Rd, Tekonsha, MI 49092, which is just west of I-69 and it is easily accessible. 

5. Stotz Strawberry Farm

Located in Monroe, Michigan, Stotz Strawberry Farm is the perfect place to go and pick (see also: 12 Best Places For Strawberry Picking In Maryland)strawberries if you want something a little more rustic.

This farm has been growing strawberries for decades in 2017, they opened their gates to customers so they could come and experience picking their fresh strawberries for themselves. 

Stotz Strawberry Farm is another family-owned and operated business, and they know just how to cater to other families so you will have the best time here when you visit. 

Even if you don’t want to pick the strawberries yourself, they also offer pre-picked strawberries for purchase at their farm. But to truly experience this farm, you will definitely want to try strawberry picking (see also: Where Can I Find The Best Strawberry Picking In Indiana?)here at least once! 

You can find Stotz Strawberry Farm at 952 W Albain Rd, Monroe, MI 48161 on the corner of Lewis Ave and Albain Rd. 

6. Middleton Berry Farm

Middleton Berry Farm is located in Ortonville, Michigan and it’s the perfect place to go strawberry picking (see also: 14 Best Places For Strawberry Picking In The Stunning State Of Georgia)during the appropriate season.

The farm is situated on over 40 acres of lush land, but they only grow on 6 of those acres because they grow where they can hand weed. 

The remaining acres are left natural and untouched so wildlife can thrive, and some of those natural areas include marshes and woodlands.

This is the perfect place to visit when you want to go strawberry picking (see also: 6 Best Places For Strawberry Picking Dallas)while also being surrounded by nature in its most authentic form. 

There are also plenty of natural wildflowers for you to spot, as well as bees, butterflies, and even bats! 

Middleton Berry Farm can be found at 4790 Oakwood Rd, Ortonville, MI 48462. 

7. Slow Farm

Slow Farm can be found just three miles north of Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is a U-Pick farm that is certified organic and along with the strawberry fields, it is also home to woods, native prairie, and wetlands. 

It is a recognized diversified farm, which means that they grow a lot of different kinds of crops here, so you can go and check them out once you have finished strawberry picking.

Altogether there are 20 acres that are under cultivation at Slow Farm and there are over 100 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and flowers there. 

Slow Farm is incredibly beautiful, and the perfect place to go on a day trip with your friends and family. You can find Slow Farm at 4700 Whitmore Lake Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105. 

8. Krupp Farms

Found in Comstock Park, Michigan, Krupp Farms is one of the most popular farms in all of Michigan for strawberry-picking.

Krupp Farms is so well-known and beloved by visitors because there is plenty of things for you to enjoy along with the strawberries! 

Along with strawberry picking, you can also enjoy the petting zoo and ice cream shop, and there is also a playground for your children to play in.

You can easily spend the whole day at Krupp Farms without getting bored. 

Krupp Farms is a fourth-generation centennial farm and whereas it is known as being a strawberry farm, it also grows asparagus, rhubarb, and red and black raspberries now too!

You can also buy pre-picked strawberries if you don’t have time to pick them, but picking them yourself is definitely more fun! 

You can find Krupp Farms at 8025 Krupp Ave NE, Comstock Park, MI 49321 just north of Grand Rapids in Comstock Park, MI on Krupp Avenue. 

9. Delanges Red Berry Farm

Delanges Red Berry Farm is located in Hudsonville, Michigan and it is an absolutely treasured part of the Hudsonville community. Along with its strawberries, this farm is also well known for its raspberry cultivation. 

You can buy freshly pre-picked raspberries and strawberries if you don’t have time to pick them, but if you do have the time, you will definitely want to go for the U-Pick strawberries and raspberries option instead.

There is also a farm market on site that you can browse through and purchase fresh produce from! 

Delanges Red Berry Farm can be found at 5723 Port Sheldon St, Hudsonville, MI 49426. 

10. Whittakers Berry Farm

Whittakers Berry Farm can be found in Ida, Michigan and they are a friendly, family-run farm that heavily encourages you to come and pick their delicious berries for yourself!

When you arrive at the farm, you will be greeted by a friendly face who will have containers ready for you. 

Strawberry harvesting usually begins in the first week of June at Whittakers Berry Farm and depending on the weather, it usually only lasts about 18 days!

If you want to visit Whittakers Berry Farm, you will have to be quick if you want to see the strawberry fields in all their glory! 

Field members are on-site to direct you to the best picking spots, and they will always try and set you up in an area where strawberries are abundant! 

Whittakers Berry Farm can be found at 6724 Todd Rd, Ida, MI 48140. 

11. AJ’s Berry Farm

AJ’s Berry Farm can be found in Lachine, Michigan about 15 miles west of Alpena on M-32. They take pride in being a family-friendly farm and they make sure that you can enjoy the strawberry picking experience, regardless of your age. 

They are mainly a U-Pick farm, so picking the strawberries for yourself is heavily encouraged and they don’t mind customers sampling the strawberries out on the field either! 

You can find AJ’s Berry Farm at 1150 Salina Rd, Lachine, MI 49753.

12. Rowe’s Produce Farm

You can find Rowe’s Produce Farm in Ypsilanti, Michigan. This farm has a lot of pride in the fruit they grow there and their workers are incredibly welcoming and friendly. 

The farm has been in the Ypsilanti area for over 40 years and has become a staple part of the community.

Along with strawberry picking at the appropriate time of the year, they also have a Farmer’s Market you can browse during the summer and fall months. 

You can find Rowe’s Produce Farm at 10570 Martz Rd, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. 

13. Bird Berry Farm

And finally, we have Bird Berry Farm which you can find in Belding, Michigan. The farm usually opens for strawberry picking between June 12th to the 15th. You can check their Facebook page to keep track of the dates! 

Along with strawberry picking, you can also pick blueberries, and the farm takes pride in being a family-friendly place. 

Bird Berry Farm is located at 5256 Belding Rd, Belding, MI 48809, United States. 


So there you have it! These 13 farms in Michigan are considered the best of the best when it comes to strawberry picking!

They are all family-friendly and very welcoming, so you are sure to have a wonderful time when you visit with your friends and family. 

If you find yourself in Michigan during strawberry season, make sure to check these strawberry-picking places out for yourself! 

Amelia Haslehurt
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