The Best Strawberry Picking Wisconsin: 10 Amazing Places

Strawberries are an incredibly popular fruit!

Not only are they extremely delicious, but they’re super versatile for plenty of foods and drinks, they mark the start of the summer season and of course – they’re great fun to pick with your family! 

The Best Strawberry Picking Wisconsin: 10 Amazing Places

But where is the best strawberry picking Wisconsin? Well, we’ve got it down. Our comprehensive list will show you all the greatest places you can go to pick your own strawberries and a whole lot more! 

So, if you’re ready to learn more, then read on and discover the answers.

Without any more delay, let’s dive into our list for the best places to go for you to pick some plump strawberries(see also: The 7 Best Places You Can Go Strawberry Picking In Connecticut)(see also: All The Best Places For Strawberry Picking California Has To Offer)! We hope you enjoy this list.

1. Mayberry Farms

On top of picking some of the best strawberries, (see also: Best Strawberry Picking New York: The 8 Top Places)which are definitely sweet and juicy, Mayberry Farms allows you to shop for some gorgeous honey and dairy products. 

Mayberry Farms credit themselves as being a premier location for picking your own strawberries, (see also: Where To Find The Best Strawberry Picking In Virginia – 12 Of The Best Locations)but also as a place to pick up some smooth milk products which are not just for consumption – but also for things like bathroom products. 

These strawberries at the farms are grown using sustainable and entirely natural methods, which allows them to make some beautiful jams and jellies, along with beautiful baked goods. 

The milk and honey products are made using their native bees and goats, meaning you get completely natural products which are all very high quality. 

All of the products you can pick up are from the farm, meaning you’re picking locally. If you want to take a look around the farm for more information, they allow you to take a leisurely drive along the Rock River.

Mayberry Farms say that they do everything a little differently and that their products will tell you exactly what they mean.

Of course though, strawberry picking is relatively rapid – so be sure to get there in June only! 

2. Casey’s Berries

The surrounding lands of Casey’s Berries are rich in history when it comes to strawberries, in fact it goes all the way back to the 1920s.

Located in Richmond, Wisconsin, Casey’s Berries is a family owned and operated farm with a lot to offer.

They grow and sell things like strawberries, corn, squash, gourds, pumpkins, and so much more.

However, the time in which you can come to pick your strawberries will be highly dependent on the conditions, like the weather and climate. 

Therefore, while sometimes the picking season might be in June, other times it might be around July – but once you’ve got there in the right season, you’ll notice so much space, with over seven acres with eight different strawberry varieties, which produce at different times.

The farm is looking to diversify a little more so they can fit in line with their customers’ schedules. However, as it stands – you have to get there when the time is right! 

3. Bures Berry Patch

Bures Berry Patch is run by farmers Kathy Bures and Ed Bures and they have had this amazing farm since 2001.

Their aim has always been to provide the community with extremely fresh, high quality and home-grown products within a friendly environment.

Around the second week in June, the season begins where you can start picking your own strawberries but you’ve only got at the very most, about 3 weeks to do it.

The Bures understand this and they are usually saddened by how quickly the season goes by! 

They also understand how good and important strawberries are to us, as they are naturally high in fiber, potassium, antioxidants, folate and more.

As a result, they can help us with conditions related to blood pressure and heart disease.

Of course though, you need to get to the farm in the tiny time window. Because this window of time is so small, it’s important that you plan well in advance to avoid disappointment. 

4. Fideler Farm

Next up, we have another family operated farm which takes pride in its roots to the Southeast Wisconsin lands. They have over seventy acres of land which produces some incredible fruit and vegetables.

The farm produces lots of different varieties of strawberries, along with both summer and fall versions of raspberries, asparagus and plenty more, including homemade jams, pickles and jellies.

Ever since their opening in 1979, Fideler Farm has been run and owned by the family and will continue to do so going forward.

While you’re there, you need to be sure that you’re stocking up on everything they have on offer – you might not get a lot of time to do so! 

5. Carandale Fruit Farm

Carandale Farm right away gives you a warm and inviting welcome. They want you and your family to have plenty of fun and have a memorable experience while you’re visiting. 

It is in a very convenient location and allows you and your family to enjoy lots of strawberry picking time – which they believe is an amazing (see also: Best Strawberry Picking Illinois: The 10 Most Amazing Places)experience and adventure! 

However, you don’t have to settle for picking your own strawberries though. If you’re not up to it, you can simply head to their store and buy some already picked strawberries.

They are as fresh as the ones outdoors, so you don’t need to worry about that! 

Strawberries are at the heart of this farm and they are one of their biggest passions, but there’s a lot more to see here. You can also pick up some fresh grapes, plums, pears, aronia and other unique fruits and vegetables! 

Just be sure to check their social media pages for updates and be sure to plan in time for the picking season.

6. Porter’s Patch

Porter’s Patch has a focus on ensuring everything they do and produce is done so ethically – which they are incredibly proud of.

They are serious about growing a modern, environmentally friendly and natural set of products. 

They believe that by doing so, it helps to protect you, your family, their soil and of course, their products and animals.

Sustainability is right at the heart of Porter’s Patch, so they ensure they have safe food by following their “Best Management Practices”. 

Some of the organic practices that they follow include the use of cover cropping and the use of wood chips on their berries.

They believe that this works best to provide a sustainable ecosystem which can last for centuries. 

By doing all of this, the customer knows exactly where their produce is coming from, what went into the process and what they’re going to get at the end of it all. Of course, this extends to your strawberries! 

7. Basket Flats Strawberry Farm

Basket Flats is a very interesting place and it has been hailed as being one of the most friendly places to go in the whole state!

Be sure to head here in the early spring so you can pick some strawberries in a very friendly environment! 

The farm wants you to come and understand how they and their family have made a beautiful environment which is incredibly friendly and filled with plenty of amazing products to be enjoyed. 

As with some other places, you do not need to do all the work. If you do not feel comfortable picking your own strawberries, you can leave that to the staff and they’ll do it all for you! 

Be aware though that because of the small window of time in the season and the popularity of strawberry picking, you need to get there as soon as possible! 

8. Blue Clay Berry Farm

Since 2013, Blue Clay Berry Farm has been growing some incredibly plump and juicy strawberries, and every single year they ask the public to come and join them to pick their own.

Completely fresh from the lands of Wisconsin, which is an ideal environment for the growth of strawberries, Blue Clay Berry Farm understands the best way to utilize this environment and give you the very best produce possible.

So, if you’re hoping for a friendly and healthy environment to pick your very own strawberries – then you should definitely put your attention to this place! 

9. Arnold’s Strawberries

You can probably tell right from its name that this place is highly passionate about their strawberries – and this is certainly true!

At this farm, you can enjoy a sunny, happy and fun filled environment while you pick your strawberries!

They’ve been described as some of the finest strawberries in all of the Midwest, and this might have something to do with their very well kept lands.

The land is free of sand and free of weeds – which makes it a perfect place for the strawberries to thrive! 

Everybody is welcome to come and pick their own strawberries, from adults to children alike! Oh, and you don’t need to worry if the weather isn’t great either – they’re open rain or shine.

You just need to make sure you turn up early June! 

10. Barthel Fruit Farm

Finally on our list, we have a picturesque farm which offers a whole host of different fresh delights, including fresh vegetables, fruits, honeys and jams.

Of course though, strawberries are among some of the most popular! 

In the middle of June, the berry harvest season begins and this lasts around three to four weeks.

All of these strawberries are strictly on a pick your own basis, but the farm staff can help you to understand the best way to pick them for maximum success. 

The hours of operation change on a daily basis, which largely depends on the climate, because this can affect the way in which the strawberries ripen.

As a result, Barthel Fruit Farm kindly asks patrons to call them on the day.

Indeed, it might be a little disappointing if you have traveled all the way here to discover it is closed, so it’s always best to check with the farm first.

Luckily though, due to its handy location, you have plenty of places around you if the worst should happen. 

If you’re lucky enough for the farm to be open, you will be able to enjoy some of their incredible products, including apple cider donuts, apple muffins, pumpkin cheesecakes and so much more! 

Certainly if you have a sweet tooth, this is the farm for you. Take your whole family and enjoy a day of strawberry picking and dessert testing!

Final Thoughts 

Wisconsin has a lot of strawberries that need picking, so if you choose one of these places above – you can get involved in all of the fun, and enjoy some gorgeous, fresh produce!

Amelia Haslehurt
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