The Best Cherry Picking Illinois: Top 5 Places

Cherry picking is an amazing activity that is ideal for the spring and summer. You can pick some delicious cherries that can be transformed into an irresistible cherry pie, cake, or jam. 

The Best Cherry Picking Illinois: Top 5 Places

To ensure that you have an excellent time when you’re cherry picking, we’ve found the best places for cherry picking (see also: Best Cherry Picking Long Island: The 4 Greatest Places)in Illinois.

The Best Cherry Picking Illinois: Top 5 Places

1. Braeutigam Orchards

Address: 2795 Turkey Hill Ln, Belleville, IL 62221

This orchard has been in the family ever since 1831. However, the orchard itself has only been growing fruit since 1935. This gorgeous family-run orchard is located in Belleville, Illinois.

The orchard grows a wide assortment of fruits, including tart cherries. These cherries are available for picking from June 1st to the 15th.

Alongside these cherries, the orchard also grows apricots, peaches, plums, blackberries, nectarines, and many different types of apples.

During your trip to the Braeutigam Orchards, you may also want to check out the brilliant bakery. 

2. Heider’s Berry Farm

Address: 1106 N Queen Anne Rd, Woodstock, IL 60098

This wonderful orchard in Woodstock is ideal for people who adore fresh berries.

Strawberries and red raspberries are perhaps the most popular products from this orchard, but Heider’s Berry Farm also grows tasty cherries, rhubarbs, and black raspberries.

There are also a variety of homemade jams on offer here.

If you want to get cherries from this orchard, you should visit it at the start of July. This is when the cherries will finally be ripe for picking. 

It’s important to note that while cherries are grown here, they are pre-picked. As a result, if you have the desire to pick the cherries yourself, Heider’s Berry Farm may not be the ideal option. 

One of the advantages of visiting this berry farm is that you can receive lots of helpful information about how to care for the fruits that you pick.

Not to mention, you can find recommendations for using these fruits. For example, it is advised that you transform cherries into baked goods, like pies.

3. Curranʼs Orchard

Address: 6385 Kilburn Ave, Rockford, IL 61101

Curran’s Orchard is a charming business founded in Rockford, Illinois. This is a small family-run orchard that primarily grows amazing apples. The orchard aims to grow fantastic fruit using as few chemicals as possible.

You can find a wide variety of apples here, including honey crisp, gala, yellow delicious, and blushing gold. Curran’s Orchard also specializes in tart cherries.

If you enjoy tart cherries, it’s worth visiting this outstanding orchard between June and July. 

It’s worth checking out the charming store and trying some of the fun activities whilst visiting Curran’s Orchard. 

4. Homestead Orchard

Address: 11802 Charles Rd, Woodstock, IL 60098

Nestled in Woodstock, Illinois, Homestead Orchard is a gorgeous location that allows guests to pick 23 different varieties of apples. Additionally, pears and pie cherries can be found in this welcoming orchard.

It’s important to find out whether a specific variety of apples is in season, as they are ready to be picked at different times of the year. 

This extraordinary orchard is home to one of the oldest maple trees in McHenry. You can also experience history through the fascinating memorial to World War II veterans.

The orchard also features an old horse barn that dates back to the 1880s. Inside this rustic barn, you will find a store that sells high-quality products, including furniture and glassware.

You can also purchase honey, which is made by the bee hives featured in this orchard.

Ultimately, the Homestead Orchard is a great option for cherry-picking if you have a passion for history.

5. The Valley Orchard

Address: 811 E State St, Cherry Valley, IL 61016

Last but not least, is an impressive 35-acre orchard that is run by a family. This orchard allows guests to pick their apples or purchase ready-picked apples from the store.

There are 30 different varieties of apples grown here, many of which will be ready during different seasons.

Aside from apples, the orchard is also home to a wide selection of different fruits, such as blackcurrants, blackberries, and rhubarbs. Most importantly, The Valley Orchard grows tantalizing cherries. 

Another fantastic feature of this orchard is that it brews apple cider. This cider is used to make refreshing slushies and a range of baked goods from the bakery. 

From this brilliant bakery, you can buy tasty treats like pies, doughnuts, bread, and fudge, most of which are made using ingredients grown at the orchard.

You can also get your hands on some beautiful fall-themed decorations.

Final Thoughts

Cherry picking is a great activity that’s fun for all the family. If you live in Illinois, it’s worth visiting some of these beautiful orchards so that you can pick some juicy cherries.

With these sweet and tangy cherries, you can make a broad range of delectable dishes.

Amelia Haslehurt
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