A Guide To The Best Fruit Picking Farms in Virginia

It’s no secret that Virginia is home to so many great fruit picking farms, and it doesn’t matter what you’re looking to pick, as there will always be a variety of fruits for you to choose from all year round. 

A Guide To The Best Fruit Picking Farms in Virginia

Whether you’re looking to pick cherries, blueberries, strawberries, lavender, sunflowers, blackberries, pears, pumpkins, apples, or raspberries, you should find what you’re looking for here. 

Going to pick your own fruit is one of the best ways to have a day out with your family for a relatively low cost, plus you get to bring home a whole bunch of fresh produce, so it’s extremely healthy too. 

This guide will take a look at some of the best places that you can go fruit picking in Virginia, no matter whether you’re a local, or just visiting, all of these farms welcome people with open arms all year round to come and help themselves to their incredible produce. 

So, let’s begin to take a look at the best fruit picking farms in Virginia! 

1. Mackintosh Fruit Farm

Found in the aptly named Berryville, Virginia, Mackintosh Fruit Farm is a family-owned farm located in the gorgeous Northern Shenandoah Valley in Clarke County.

This farm operates on a “pick your own” basis, which means that they’re no strangers to having visitors come and pick their own produce. 

Speaking of the produce, the fruit produced on this farm is exceptional, and is known in the local area for the care and labor that goes into ensuring that the fruit you pick is only the best quality.

This farm is also well regarded for the wide variety of crops it produces too, with a combination of early, mid, and late season varieties meaning that there should always be something for you to pick. 

Mackintosh Fruit Farm also makes sure that everyone gets to pick fruit from the farm, as they intentionally grow fruit on dwarf trees, meaning that picking the fruit is super easy, and can be done by most people. 

In addition to this, by grafting the varieties it also leads to much tastier fruit, which will certainly make you smile when you end up taking a big bite of your hand-picked produce once you’ve got back home! 

2. Green Truck Farm

Green Truck Farm is a beloved family owned and operated farm found in Markham, Virginia. The farm is so well regarded because of the variety of produce it grows, and the quality of the produce itself. 

The fruit and berries available on the farm are some of the best in the area, which is exactly why a visit to Green Truck Farm is almost traditional for locals, especially as an inexpensive day out, with your family or friends. 

Being out in the countryside is especially important for young children, and teaching them more about the way our fruit is grown is equally as important too. 

Green Truck Farm is predominantly known for its strawberry picking, but they produce more than just these luscious red fruits, especially later on in the year. 

The first crop of the year is usually the asparagus, which is available between April and May, and then the strawberries are around between May and June.

June and July is when the blackberries, black raspberries, and blueberries are all available, and the crop of summer vegetables begins too. 

July onwards also sees red raspberries, pumpkins, corn maze, winter squash, and even honey available on the farm. So it’s definitely worth a visit if you can make it! 

3. Eastfields Farms Blueberries

While a visit to the countryside to pick your own produce is always good for the soul, so is visiting a farm found on the waterfront, and Eastfield Farms in Mathews, Virginia is no exception to this! 

Mathews is an exceptionally beautiful place, and Eastfield Farms is another reason why so many people have been flocking to here since they first started blueberries all the way back in 1984. 

Their blueberries are renowned for their quality, and it’s all thanks to the fact that they avoid using any sprays or chemicals on their produce, allowing them to grow in exactly the way they were intended to. 

Eastfield Farms are usually open between July and August every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between 8 am and 1 pm, and they’ll also provide you with containers for you to take home your pickings in as well, but you’ll need a take-home box in order to carry them! 

If you’re planning a visit to Eastfield Farms, then it’s always worth double checking the website and their social media accounts to ensure that they’re open and welcoming pickers, as it can all be weather dependent. 

4. Yankey Farms

Found in Prince William County, Nokesville, Virginia, Yankey Farms is another one of the great farms in Virginia that allows visitors to come and pick their own produce.

It all begins towards the end of spring when their strawberry patch opens up until early summer. 

The fun doesn’t end once the strawberries go though, as they also have a pumpkin patch that opens up in the fall, just in time for Halloween. 

However, while their strawberry and pumpkin picking is definitely the initial draw for people to visit the farm, this isn’t all there is to do here.

On the farm you’ll also find a cow train, as well as a corn maze scavenger hunt, so there are plenty of activities to keep the younger members of the family occupied. 

The produce from the farm is always good quality too, so what better way to spend a day outside in the countryside than a visit to Yankey Farms with your friends or family to get your hands on some delicious strawberries or pumpkins? 

5. Critzer Family Farm

Another excellent farm to visit if you’re looking to get outside and take in the fresh Virginia air is Critzer Family Farm.

This family-friendly farm is perfect for everyone, which is exactly why so many people make a point of visiting here in order to get their hands on some delicious produce. 

Critzer Family Farm has made a commitment to not only produce exceptional fruits and vegetables, but also to leave the land in better condition than it was initially, which is a promise that has been passed down for five generations, and is done by only using environmentally-friendly practices during their farming process. 

This incredible farm is open to visitors between April and October, which makes it a perfect place to visit during summer vacation, especially if you have little ones who are interested in what farm life is like. 

Teaching young children where our food comes from is an important part of growing up, and a visit to a farm like Critzer Family Farm is also a great way to teach them about hard work too, so it’s definitely worth a visit. 

6. Wegmeyer Farms

There’s nothing better than a visit to a gorgeous country farm that is graced with incredible scenery, which is exactly what you will find if you make your way to Hamilton, Virginia, and pay a visit to Wegmeyer Farms. 

Wegmeyer Farms are a renowned family farm, known for its incredible strawberries during the spring months and its big pumpkins in the fall.

As a farm, they ensure that only maximum care and attention is provided to their crops, providing the best taste, appearance, and quality. 

Wegmeyer Farms regularly welcome visitors of all ages to their farm, and aim to provide a wholly authentic farm experience for all of the family, which is always good for young children who are yet to learn about what farm life is all about. 

If you’re not able to pick the strawberries yourself then worry not, as Wegmeyer Farms also offers portions of pre-picked fruits too, so you can experience the incredible taste of their fruit without the effort of picking them, and there’s also a number of jars with Wegmeyer Farms strawberry preserve available for you to enjoy. 

7. Braehead Farm

It’s very rare to find a farm still around that has been operating for close to 100 years, and Braehead Farm in Fredericksburg is one of the last remaining farms from that period in this historic city, having been established all the way back in 1937! 

A farm predominantly focused on producing incredible beef cows as well as great produce, the farm has a variety of different fruit and vegetables which it grows, with the Pick Your Own sections being open in the spring, summer, and fall, daily between 9 am and 6 pm. 

Braehead Farm is also open during the winter months too if you’re interested in some winter produce, with the farm being open between 9 to 5 every day. 

Another great thing about Braehead Farm is that they never charge anyone admission fees to their Pick Your Own patches, so you only have to pay what you end up picking! 

There are also play areas with farm animals to see, and they even offer barns to rent for occasions and events too, so it’s not hard to see why so many people visit Braehead Farm on such a regular basis. 

8. Mount Pleasant Farm

Another great escape to the outdoors for you and your family is a visit to Mount Pleasant Farm in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Not only do they have plenty of produce for you to choose from and pick yourself, but there are also a number of activities that will be enjoyed by the whole family, such as pony rides, a great playground, and a barrel train. 

Mount Pleasant Farm’s approach to an all-encompassing, family-friendly, farm, means that you can bring even the youngest members of your family to the farm, especially if you want to teach them more about where our food comes from and the effort that goes into delivering such delicious produce. 

Since its start in 2011, Mount Pleasant Farms has a peach orchard, as well as pumpkin, strawberry, and blackberry patches.

They also have their own free range chickens kept on the farm, which means that you can even buy some incredible brown eggs too. 

So with several different varieties of fruit available for you to choose and pick depending on the time of year, then a visit to Mount Pleasant Farm is an absolute must if you can make it. 

9. The Berry Patch, Gallmeyer Farms

Nothing’s better than a visit to a farm that is owned and operated by a family that cares about what they do so deeply, and Gallmeyer Farms in Richmond is a farm owned by such a family.

They’re committed to producing good quality fruit and vegetables to both the local community and visitors alike, everyone is welcome at Gallmeyer Farms. 

For those who are looking for a U-Pick session, then a visit to The Berry Patch at Gallmeyer Farms is definitely in order, offering the opportunity for you to pick your own strawberries with no admission charge at all, and they even offer free containers for you to take them home in too. 

They also sell their own local honey on site, as well as plenty of Virginia grown spring vegetables, and a picnic area and playground for you to relax after you’ve picked your delicious strawberries too. 

So, if you’re looking to visit a farm steeped in tradition and history, then a family trip to The Berry Patch at Gallmeyer Farms is a great idea. 

10. Flanagan Farm

A Guide To The Best Fruit Picking Farms in Virginia (1)

In an area of Virginia Beach more commonly known as Pungo Ridge is Flanagan Farm, and when you learn that Pungo Ridge is home to some of the best soil for farming in the entire area, it soon makes sense why the produce that Flanagan Farm has is so good. 

Flanagan Farm is currently operated by both fourth and fifth generation farmers, so you can be sure that they have the experience and knowledge of farming sciences to produce only the best fruit and vegetables for you to enjoy. 

There are a variety of different fruits and vegetables grown on the farm right from spring to fall, and they regularly welcome people to the farm to pick their own strawberries to take home with them. 

So, if you want to support a farm which is committed to following sustainable practices and produces only the best fruits and vegetables, then why not pay a visit to Flanagan Farm and get a taste of how much the incredible soil in Pungo Ridge helps the flavor! 

11. Yoder’s Farm

Yoder’s Farm in Rustberg, Virginia is a farm that is dedicated to making the process of picking your own strawberries as easy as possible, as a result, their farm has plenty of convenient parking spots, spacious row middles which are strawed too for easier walking, and easy row access too. 

You’ll find all of the strawberries on Yoder’s Farm have been planted on raised plastic beds, and are carefully fertilized to ensure that the strawberries they produce are packed with flavor and are a good size, and it’s also great that they only grow Chandler strawberries, which are known to be one of the best varieties in the first place. 

With strawberry picking usually beginning at the end of each April, it’s worth checking out their website to see when they’re due to start, as it all depends on the weather, but it certainly makes for a fun day out for all of the family if you can make it! 

Yoder’s Farm claims that their strawberries will be the best you’ve ever tasted, so on that premise alone, it’s definitely somewhere to visit if you’re looking for a fruit picking session. 

12. Carter Mountain Orchard

Charlottesville, Virginia is home to Carter Mountain Orchard, and is close by to a number of large towns, although you wouldn’t think it considering how rural the area around the farm itself is. 

The views from the farm are incredible, and make for a particularly scenic day out, so if you’re just passing through Virginia, it’s a great way to get a feel for just how beautiful some of the natural parts of the state are. 

The views aren’t the only good thing about the orchard though, as you’re able to go around and help yourself to a variety of apples and peaches, so it doesn’t matter what season you visit in, there should be some delicious fruits for you and your friends and family to enjoy. 

The apples are usually able to be picked sometime between August and December, and there are a large variety of apples grown here too, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to pick out some of your favorites. 

There is also fresh apple cider, apple cider donuts, and even some homemade apple pies on offer at the orchard too, all made using apples straight from the orchard. 

Apples are a particularly healthy snack, or even a great addition to salads, so why not treat yourself with a visit to Carter Mountain Orchard to stock up on plenty of apples for yourself? 

13. Hollin Farms

It’s rare nowadays to see a farm that has been kept within one family for a number of generations as it used to be.

However, if you want to visit a farm that has been preserved and loved by a single family for generations, then a visit to Hollin Farms, found on the Blue Ridge Mountains is definitely going to be worth your time, as this farm is now home to its fourth generation of farmers! 

This farm grows a variety of fruit and vegetables over the course of the year, so if a selection of produce such as strawberries, raspberries, sour cherries, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, Asian pears, Japanese plumbs, as well as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, sweet corn, okra, beans, eggplants, squash, and potatoes all sounds good to you, then why not make your way to Hollin Farms? 

They also produce apples and pumpkins later on in the year too, and their pick-your-own sessions usually begin towards the end of May, so it’s worth keeping an eye on their website to see when you’ll be able to visit them and get your hands on some incredible fruit and vegetables! 

14. Stribling Farm And Orchard

With over 200 years of education going into their fruit growing experience, then it’s safe to say that the folks over at Stribling Farm and Orchard in Markham, Virginia, certainly know what they’re doing. 

The Striblings have owned and operated the farm for generation upon generation, and are now on the sixth generation of farmers, and are renowned for the incredible produce available from their pick-your-own sessions, with a wide variety of apples available from their orchards beginning in mid-August all the way through to November. 

They also have pumpkins during the fall, and use many of the apples to produce some delicious apple cider too, which is definitely worth trying if you’re a fan of cider. 

You can also visit some of the animals on the farm, and they also invite people to bring their own picnics so that they can take in some of the incredible scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains that surround the orchard. 

Some of the apple varieties available from the orchard include Johnathon, Rambo, McIntosh, Mutsu Crispin, Smokehouse, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Ida Red, Grimes Golden, and Cox Pippin too.

15. Fruit Hill Orchard

Another great orchard for you to check out in Virginia is Fruit Hill Orchard in Palmyra, Virginia.

Family run and with a passion for growing sustainable produced fruit and vegetables which tastes as good as they look, this orchard is the result of five generations of tender care and hard labor. 

Since they planted 900 apple trees back in 2000 as a way of teaching the younger family members at the time the effort that went into running a business, they now have over 2,000 different fruit trees planted, and regularly plant thousands of other vegetables each year too. 

Fruit Hill Orchard grows a variety of different apples to ensure that there are apples available for you to pick right from July to October, so be sure to check out their website for more details on what apples you’ll be able to pick during your visit to the orchard.

Pumpkins and butternut squashes are also available for you to pick as the months cool down after the summer, and if you want to pick peaches, you’ll need to confirm your place in advance, as they’re much more limited than the apples! 

16. Dickie Brothers Orchard

As one of the oldest and longest-running same-family owned and operated farms in the entirety of the US, you can be sure that the history of this farm is certainly an interesting one. 

The land for the orchard was initially sold to the family by England’s King George II, the land was sold in 3 different tracts, with the first piece of land being sold in 1752, and the final tract being sold in 1760.

The Dickie family has owned and farmed this land ever since, which means that the family has spent 269 years in the business. 

The Dickie Brothers, the ninth generation of farmers, are committed to selling the best quality of produce at the lowest price possible to ensure that their customers are able to enjoy plenty of delicious fruit and vegetables. 

With over 20 different varieties of apple available, this orchard will definitely have your favorite variety available. However, this isn’t the only fruit they have available, as they also produce peaches, plums, blackberries, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and more! 

If you’re planning on visiting Dickie Brothers Orchard, then picking your own apples begins around mid-August! 

17. Johnson’s Orchard

Found in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Johnson’s Orchard is one with plenty of history and interesting trivia surrounding it, most notable for its various appearances on television across various different channels, including Fox, BBC, and even a Korean Film crew, where it became the location for the film “Beale Treasure”. 

Aside from its spot in the limelight, Johnson’s Orchard is also a fantastic producer of apples, with over 200 acres and over 7,000 apple trees, it produces nearly 200 different varieties of apples, so it’s definitely worth a visit if you consider yourself to be an apple fan. 

Apple picking isn’t the only thing offered at Johnson’s Orchard, as they also run frequent educational trips for schoolchildren to come and learn more about apples, cider, and how it all gets made. 

So, if you ever happen to be in the vicinity of Johnson’s Orchard, then a visit is definitely worth your time, as their apples are known to be exceptionally delicious. 

18. Morris Orchard

Another excellent family owned and operated orchard located in Virginia is Morris Orchard, which is located towards the foot of the High Peak Mountains in Monroe, Virginia.

This farm is dedicated to producing high-quality fruits and cider, as well as welcoming visitors to their farm with open arms, allowing them to pick their own produce, and try out some of their delicious cider too. 

Alongside their incredible apples, they also grow blueberries, blackberries, and peaches. And of course, we can’t forget the amazing fresh apple cider that gets made at the orchard too. 

The orchard’s focus on the pressing of the cider begins when the trees first begin to bloom in the spring, and continues right until the cider is bottled and ready to be drunk.

Unlike some other ciders out there, Morris Orchard ensures that there are no unnatural preservatives or additives, just pure, fresh apples. 

If you make your way through the local area to get to the orchard, chances are you will discover that many places along the way will be selling Morris Orchard apple cider, but it’s definitely best to get it straight from the orchard! 

19. Cullipher Farm

Cullipher Farm is a farm located in Virginia Beach, Virginia and is one of the best places to visit for all of those families looking for a great, family-friendly place to visit with their children to pick some of their own produce. 

In the spring time you’ll be able to pick both strawberries and blueberries, while peaches follow not too long after in the summer months, and then the apples will start from August onwards. 

They have a small variety of apples on offer, such as enterprise, gala, and crimson crisp, so you should be able to find an apple variety you like while picking.

Booking is required so you’ll need to contact the farm ahead of time if you fancy treating yourself to some delicious and fresh produce. 

Aside from the pick your own sessions that the farm offers, there is also a market and an outdoor play area, which means that there is plenty of things to explore for the entire family. 

So, for those who are looking for an inexpensive day out in and around Virginia Beach, then a visit to Cullipher Farm is definitely a great idea! 

20. Albemarle Cider Works And Vintage Virginia Apples

Situated in North Garden, Virginia, Albemarle Cider Works and Vintage Virginia Apples is most definitely not your typical pick your own orchard, so before you go ahead and plan your visit, it’s worth doing a little research on the unique vision and philosophy behind this extra special orchard. 

Founded in 2000, Vintage Virginia Apples was started in order to grow varieties of tree fruits that have become rarer and rarer in recent years, whether it’s because they’ve become slightly more obscure, or because they’re no longer desired by the market as a whole, the idea behind this orchard is to try and preserve some of these niche apple varieties. 

Alongside their apples are pears, peaches, and plums, and each year the orchard will offer the chance to share their varieties of fruits with like-minded orchardists who are looking to bring something unique to their own orchard. 

Many of the apple varieties available at Vintage Virginia Apples are simply unavailable anywhere else, which makes a visit to this orchard just that little bit more special. 

Although you’re not able to pick your own produce here, it’s still definitely worth a visit to see this unique orchard! 

21. Spring Valley Orchard

Spring Valley Orchard is very much a gem in the valley in Afton where it is located, with its vast amount of cherry trees being surrounded by the incredible Blue Ridge Mountains all the way around. 

Cherry picking is a tedious task, especially since their ripening is so weather dependent, but if you want to get the chance to pick your own cherries, then a visit to Spring Valley Orchard is definitely a good idea, but you’ll need to watch their channels carefully to find out when they’re going to be open.

Plus, the season for cherry picking is often a short one too, usually lasting just a couple of weeks during June, so you’ll need to get there quickly to land your own cherries. 

Another reason why the cherry season is so short is due to the fact that in comparison to other fruits and berries, cherries are actually much more perishable, which is why Spring Valley Orchard recommends that you place your cherries into your refrigerator as soon as you manage to get them back to your house. 

You can freeze your cherries to keep them for long too, or if you’re craving the delicious taste of freshly picked cherries, then you can just eat them of course! 

22. Marker Miller Orchards

Looking for an orchard that is going to be suitable for the whole family?

Then Marker Miller Orchards is the perfect place to visit, as the owners are extremely welcoming, and are committed to ensuring that all members of the family, both big and small, are able to enjoy being out in the luscious countryside to pick some incredible fruit. 

Whether you simply want to just sit back, and relax from the comfort of the rocking chairs found on the front porch, or purchase a container in order to adventure out into the orchards to go out and help yourself to their vast variety of amazing fruit and vegetables, the choice is entirely up to you. 

Depending on the time of year, the availability of certain fruits and vegetables varies, so you’ll need to check in advance depending on what sort of produce you’re looking to pick.

But with a number of different varieties of apples, red raspberries, peaches, blackberries, and winter squash, you definitely won’t be leaving Marker Miller Orchards empty handed. 

They even provide plenty of picnic tables for you to sit at and enjoy your own lunch too, which you’ll definitely need after wearing yourself out exploring all of the different areas of the pick-your-own section! 

23. White Oak Lavender Farm And The Purple Wolf Vineyard

A family owned and operated farm situated in the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley in Harrisonburg, Virginia, this farm focuses on the production of both incredible wines, and amazing lavender products too. 

If you’re planning on visiting the farm for some wine tasting, don’t hesitate to bring some of your own snacks to help see which wine would complement them, although they do offer you cheese and crackers to purchase on-site. 

Alongside some incredible wine-tasting sessions, White Oak Lavender Farm also offers the chance for you to pick as much lavender as you would like from the farm too.

Lavender is an incredibly comforting plant, and is used in a wide variety of different applications, so getting the chance to pick your own straight from the farm is an offer you definitely shouldn’t refuse. 

For those who fancy the opportunity to pick their own lavender, pay close attention to the farm’s website, as they’ll keep you updated with all of the information you need to know in regards to the lavender U-pick. 

There’s also some great outdoor seating, with a number of fire pits to help keep you warm while you’re out there, although you can just as easily opt for the covered decking with space heaters instead. 

So, with a combination of amazing wine and comforting lavender, what’s not to love about this place, and if you’re in the area, then you should definitely make some time to check it out. 

24. Lavender Fields Herb Farm

A Guide To The Best Fruit Picking Farms in Virginia (2)

Found in Glen Allen, Virginia, and only a few minutes away from Richmond, Lavender Fields Herb Farm is focused on providing you with a wholly unique and enjoyable experience during your visit here, which is exactly why so many people decide to pay the farm a visit when they find themselves in the area. 

The first thing you’ll find on the farm is the cute farm store, which stocks a variety of goods and gifts, including locally farmed raw honey, and as you might have guessed from the name, plenty of lavender associated products too. 

In addition to this, there’s also a plentiful selection of both herbs and vegetables, as well as all of the gardening supplies you could ever ask for too, so it really is something of a one-stop shop here. 

They even schedule tours and gardening classes on a regular basis, so if this is something you would be interested in, then you’ll need to watch their website and social media pages for when they provide updates on these events so that you can book yourself a visit. 

For those who are looking to do their own picking, then the farm usually tends to sell pumpkins during the fall, although you can visit the farm during any season and still have a great time.

25. Tantivy Farm Lavender Fields

Fairfield, Virginia is a fairly scenic location, but if you’re looking for a real slice of heaven, then all you need to do is make your way to the Lavender Fields of Tantivy Farm.

Set alongside the gorgeous oasis, the views that surround this place are nothing short of breathtaking, and is a great place to go if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of real life for a few hours. 

With its very own hidden waterfall, plenty of farm animals to visit and say hello to, and a quaint farm shop filled with sweet lavender, you can see why so many people love this place, and despite the fact that there is no fruit picking available here this place is still one of the best farms to visit in Virginia. 

The farm puts on a variety of different events throughout the course of the year, so if you’re planning a visit to the farm sometime soon, then definitely check out their website to see if anything that is of interest to you! 

26. Under The Stars Lavender Farm

For a visit to a rustic and relaxing farm, then a visit to the Under The Stars Lavender Farm is an absolute must, especially if you find yourself in or around Gloucester, Virginia.

There’s almost nothing better than the smell of lavender in the air, especially if you’re someone who feels like it’s a smell that relaxes you, in which case a visit to this farm is a great place to savor the smell as much as possible. 

As well as being used for weddings and private events, Under The Stars Lavender Farm is also open for lavender cuttings too, which is great if you want to take some of this fragrant flower home with you to enjoy. 

Found on site is a farm shop that sells all things lavender-related, selling everything from body butter to lavender honey and loose lavender tea too.

Why not enjoy a delicious lavender-based drink and get yourself some lavender cuttings to help bring the relaxing fragrance to your own home?

So, to transport yourself to something of a lavender wonderland, make sure that you visit Under The Stars Lavender Farm during your time in Virginia! 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best fruit picking farms in Virginia.

The list has plenty of different farms to choose from, so we hope that you’re able to find a farm that you and your friends or family will be able to enjoy, and hopefully you get to taste some delicious fruit too 

Just remember, picking times can change quickly depending on the weather, so always check the farm’s website before going!

Amelia Haslehurt
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