Amazing Locations For The Best Cherry Picking CT

Connecticut has some of the greatest farms in the United States. In fact, it’s known for fantastic locations for the best cherry picking CT.

You can easily pick fresh cherries yourself and turn them into pies or jam. But these tasty fruits are also super delicious when you eat them raw. 

Amazing Locations For The Best Cherry Picking CT

If you want to preserve some of the summer flavors, then freeze the cherries and bake them into your Christmas cake.

Whatever you want to do with cherries, here are some of the best locations for cherry picking in Connecticut.

Locations For The Best Cherry Picking CT

Connecticut isn’t just known for its beautiful fall foliage but it also offers some of the best places to pick fruit, including deliciously ripe cherries.

1. Belltown Hill Orchards – Cherry Picking Connecticut

Address: 483 Matson Hill Rd, South Glastonbury, CT 06073

Belltown Hill Orchards isn’t just a place where you can pick fresh fruit but it also offers a wide variety of activities for all the family.

This fourth-generation orchard is nestled in the rolling hills around Glastonbury, Connecticut. 

They offer a farm market with a range of local produce, including apple cider, donuts and super delicious fresh pies.

You can take the whole family and ask everyone to pick some cherries. 

If you feel hungry after all this fun picking, then Belltown Hill Orchards has its own harvester concession stand with hot apple fritters and other tasty treats.

But you don’t have to be up on your feet all the time. Bring a picnic blanket and enjoy the picturesque views across the stunning fields.

Belltown Hill Orchards isn’t just famous for its wonderful cherries but it also offers over 24 varieties of apples. Of course, you can also pick your own apples at the farm.

2. Starberry Farm

Address: 47 Kielwasser Rd, New Preston, CT 06777

The owners of Starberry Farm, Sally and Bob, used to operate a fruit farm on Kinney Hill until 1977.

When they tried to buy the property and lost the bid, they were devastated but a new opportunity arose.

Their neighbor told them to go ahead and order their first fruit trees. He even found them a spot where to put them and that was Starberry Farm.

Bob and Sally lovingly transformed the old pasture into a 15 acres orchard with hundreds of trees, including sweet and sour cherries, apples, plums, pears, apricots and peaches.

They continue to plant new trees every year, adding different fruit varieties.

3. Lyman Orchards Farm Store

Address: 32 Reeds Gap Rd, Middlefield, CT 06455

Lyman Orchards Farm started off as a small working farm. Over time, it has transformed into a big attraction that draws families from near and far.

In 1741, farmer John Lyman and his wife Hope bought 37 acres of land in today’s Middlefield.

Thanks to their vision and the hard work of their children and the generations after them, Lyman Orchards has become one of the most popular family attractions in Connecticut.

The 37-acre parcel of land has transformed into over 1,100 acres of wide and open farmland where you can pick a huge choice of fruit and while away your day with the whole family.

The complex even has over 350,000 sunflowers that make up a fun sunflower maze every summer and fall. 

The maze is over 3 acres in size, so kids can run and enjoy the beautiful grounds. But don’t worry, it takes just around 30 minutes to get through the maze.

While Lyman Orchards charge a modest admission fee, they donate the money to good causes. 

4. Easy Pickin’s Orchard

Address: 4805, 46 Bailey Rd, Enfield, CT 06082

If you love your fresh fruit and veg, then Easy Pickin’s Orchard is a great place to pick your own fruit.

But they also offer their customers to become members of the farm’s very own “Community Supported Agriculture” program.

This means that you can pay the farmer in advance and get a secured share of the harvest. 

This guarantees that you always get a box of fresh fruit and veg every week for 20 weeks between mid-June and October.

Plus, you can support local farmers as the upfront payment allows them to get ready for the planting season and other expenses.

As Easy Pickins Orchards grow a great variety of berries, fruits, herbs and vegetables, members of the community-supported program can enjoy a fantastic mix.

Final Thoughts

Cherry picking is great fun, so don’t miss out on these places for the best cherry picking CT.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Best Time For Cherry Picking In Connecticut?

The best time to pick cherries in Connecticut is late June when the fruit is bright red and deliciously sweet.
You can pick cherries at the same time as raspberries, although this is a bit earlier than apples, plums and apricots.

What Time Of Day Should You Pick Cherries?

The best time to visit a u-pick farm is early in the morning before the summer heat and the crowds. This allows you to pick the tastiest cherries of the day.

Should You Wash Cherries After Picking?

You don’t have to wash cherries immediately after picking. In fact, it is best to store cherries unwashed in the refrigerator. This keeps them fresh for longer.
When you are ready to eat your cherries, just give them a quick wash under cold, running water to remove any dirt.

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