Best Cherry Picking Los Angeles – 5 Must-Visit Farms

Whether you like eating cherries on their own or in a sweet and tasty homemade recipe (cherry cheesecake, cherry cobbler, and cherry pie come to mind), nothing beats a sunny day spent cherry picking.

Cherry picking is the perfect summer activity for all the family, and Los Angeles just so happens to have some of the best cherry picking locations to visit!

Best Cherry Picking Los Angeles - 5 Must-Visit Farms

So why not spoil the whole family to a day out at one of the best cherry picking Los Angeles farms?

We’ve listed 5 must-visit Los Angeles cherry picking farms below, so check them out when summer comes around and, well, simply take your pick with which one to visit first!

Best Cherry Picking Los Angeles

Cherry Hill Farm

Where: 39300 Bouquet Canyon Road, Leona Valley, CA 93551

Cherry Hill Farm is a picturesque farm that specializes in growing and selling a variety of fruits, including apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, apples, grapes, and, of course, cherries! 

What’s great about the orchard at Cherry Hill Farm is the scenery, where you won’t just be feasting on cherries, but a stunning landscape of rolling hills in the distance as you walk around and pick to heart’s content.

After getting your fill of cherry picking, make sure to also check out their farm stand, where they sell a fresh variety of their produce, plus honey, jams, and other locally made products, such as handmade soaps.

Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch

Where: 10254 Leona Ave, Leona Valley, CA 93551

Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch is a you-pick cherry ranch that offers a variety of cherries fresh for the picking: Rainier cherries, Bing cherries, Skeena cherries – you name it!

It’s a legitimate ranch, too, so it’s a great place to walk around and relax on a sunny day.

If the variety of cherries Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch offers isn’t enough, the ranch also has fresh honey for sale, plus their must-try cherry lavender sweet tea, which absolutely must be tried before you leave.

The best thing about Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch is that the cherries are all pesticide-free, so you can sample right off the tree as you go around!

Copeland’s Cherry Ranch

Where: 9611 Leona Avenue, Leona Valley, CA 93551

Copeland’s Cherry Ranch is a family-owned cherry farm that, like Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch, offers a variety of sweet cherries to pick and sample around its scenic orchards, including Bing, Utah Giant, Benton, Tieton, and Rainier cherries.

In addition to cherry picking, Copeland’s Cherry Ranch has its own onsite store that sells wildflower honey and other farm-grown products that you can sample, buy, and take home to use in your recipes. 

And if you need somewhere to host a special event, this cherry ranch also has a picturesque picnic area that’s perfect for parties, gatherings and more!

JL Farms U-Pick Cherries

Where: 7651 E Avenue U Lot 0, Littlerock, CA 93543

JL Farms U Pick Cherries is a family-owned and operated U-Pick cherry (see also: The Best Guide To Cherry Picking New Jersey)farm that grows a fresh variety of sweet cherries, including Rainier cherries, Bing cherries and Brooks cherries.

Simply grab a plastic bag onsite and get picking from the 650 fruit trees this stunning orchard has to offer!

In fact, JL Farms U-Pick Cherries is Littlerock’s oldest family-run orchard, so it’s a great landmark to check out in the local area. 

This Los Angeles cherry picking farm is also extra family-friendly, as the owners trim all the cherry trees to between 7 and 9 feet to make sure little kids can reach.

Villa Del Sol

Where: 6989 Elizabeth Lake Road, Leona Valley, CA 935551

Villa del Sol might sound like a Tuscan getaway resort, but it’s actually the largest you-pick cherry picking orchard in South California, boasting over 3600 cherry trees.

As a result, there are plenty of cherries for the picking at this must-visit Los Angeles cherry orchard!

This cherry farm spans 25 acres and has been growing cherries since 1999.

The cherry orchard is naturally pollinated by the farm’s collection of honey bee hives, so Villa del Sol is also a great place to pick up some fresh local honey.

The location is picturesque too, and one way to enjoy it is by sitting down for a (cherry) picnic at the nearby Marie Kerr Park after you’re done picking!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it: 5 must-visit farms to go cherry picking in Los Angeles(see also: Best Fruit Picking Farms Los Angeles – 12 Farms You Should Visit). These best cherry picking Los Angeles farms are the perfect way to spend a summer’s day out with the whole family.

They’re also stunning locations to walk around and explore! 

So the next time your family has a free weekend to spare (or is craving cherries – or even any tasty homemade cherry recipe), then make sure to head to these must-visit Los Angeles cherry picking farms.

Amelia Haslehurt
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