11 Best High Yielding Tomato Varieties For Huge Harvests To Plant Today

Tomatoes are some of the most widely grown fruits or vegetables in gardens around the world.

Not only are they some of the tastiest plants to grow, but they can also be some of the easiest, in the right soil!

10 Best High-Yielding Tomato Varieties For Your Garden

However, one thing that a lot of people don’t always realize about tomatoes is that they don’t always yield the same or similar amounts of fruits.

With the dozens of different varieties out there, they grow in all manner of quantities. Some might grow just a few fruits per cluster, while others produce a truly staggering amount of yield.

Now, if you’re someone who is growing tomatoes for foods like burgers and salads, these extra tomatoes are a nicety.

But if you’re growing tomatoes for preserving or turning into sauces, then these bigger tomato yields are a necessity!

So, if you’re looking for a tomato plant variety that can meet those needs, then you need to check out this list of the tomato varieties that produce the highest yields out there!

1. Stupice

Starting this list with a classic tomato variety that most gardeners (see also: Fastest-Growing Tomato Varieties For Short Seasons To Spruce Up Your Garden)will have at least heard of, we had the stupendous stupice variety!

Stupice are what is known as an heirloom tomato variety, meaning that they are made and created through natural pollination means, such as by bees and other insects, which gives this classic type of tomato its signature sweet flavor.

It’s also an indeterminant type of tomato, which means that it also continues to grow throughout the growing season, an important detail when it comes to producing a massive yield of tomatoes in a given season!

And with this plant only taking between 60 and 65 days to fully mature the fruit, you have a relatively fast-growing variety on your hands too!

Overall, Stupice is absolutely one of the best varieties of tomatoes to grow plenty of tomatoes with.

2. Black Krim

Now, if you’re looking for a tomato variety that is sure to stand out from the classic red and yellow cultivars that you normally see out there.

Famous for being the first ‘black’ tomato variety to be grown in the United States commercially, the other thing about this particular variety, aside from its color, that people notice is the large size of these tomatoes.

Being sometimes over 5 inches in diameter, and weighing 8 ounces in some examples, this is also a pretty big type of tomato that you can grow in your tomato plot!

While that might make it sound like this plant only produces a few large tomato fruits, the plants themselves can grow up to 15 pounds of fruit on a single plat.

So you get the big tomatoes, and a huge amount of them too!

Of course, all this yield does take a while to grow. This cultivar can take anywhere from 75 and 80 days to fully mature a black krim tomato fruit.

Still, it’ll all be worth it once you bite into them!

3. Carmello

Carmellos are in a similar boat to the black krim tomatoes that we covered before.

These are a large variety of tomatoes (a single fruit weighs up to 6 or 7 ounces), and also grow vigorously throughout the season, thanks to them being an indeterminant tomato variety.

And with a maturation time of 70 days, it’s also a relatively fast-growing kind of tomato.

Add to that a disease-resistant plant that is unlikely to die to infestations or illness, and you have one of the best plants to be growing huge amounts of tomatoes with!

4. Mountain Merit

Speaking of disease-resistant tomatoes, mountain merits, an all-American variety of tomato plants, are probably some of the best out there when it comes to hardiness!

These tomatoes are a type that prolific well, making them ideal to be grown in places where diseases have been known to destroy the crop yield of other plants.

And, of course, they are also a very prolific type of tomato that grows plenty of fruits too, with the tomatoes themselves growing to around 3 inches in diameter or slightly larger, making them an ideal medium-sized tomato!

5. Gold Nugget

Probably one of the most iconic types of tomatoes out there, gold nuggets are best known for two key features: Their small, cherry tomato size, and their bright yellow color!

Well, that, and their rich, sweet flavor, but that’s kind of a given for cherry tomatoes!

Being a cherry tomato plant, gold nuggets are usually very small, very rarely getting any bigger than an inch in diameter.

However, they are also incredibly vigorous growers and can produce a truly staggering amount of tomatoes in a single harvest.

A single plant can produce more than 50 tomato fruit in a single season, making them some of the best plants for those looking to get a high yield this growing season!

6. Beauty

Beauty tomatoes are best known for their slightly flattened shape, as well as being tomatoes with some of the most savory-tasting fruits that you’ll find out there.

Their earthy tones are what make them stand out from a fruit that is otherwise known for its bright sweetness.

These can produce some truly large tomatoes too, with a single fruit benign potentially over a pound in weight, all on its own.

Add to that a high average yield, and you have a plant that is so successful, it struggles to hold its weight up by itself, often needing structure to help this plant from toppling on the weight of its fruits!

7. Sungold

Probably some of the most popular yellow types of tomatoes out there, sungolds are known for their tropical sweet, slightly sour flavors, making them immediately stand out from other plants the moment that they hit your tongue and taste buds!

Like the gold nuggets that we covered before, this is a cherry tomato variety of plants, meaning that although the size of each tomato is pretty small, their overall yield is often incredibly high.

And with sungolds, that is the case, with many sungold pants reporting to give over 120 tomatoes from just a single plant. And this is considered an average, rather than the upper limit!

8. Celebrity

Celebrity tomatoes manage to balance healthy tomato plants with decently sized fruit, and great resistance to many of the common diseases that can affect these plants.

With the fruit being able to grow to just over 4 inches in diameter, these firmly sit in the middle-size category of tomatoes.

Plus, each plant can produce around 15 pounds of fruit as well, meaning that you have a high yield for this size category of tomato to look forward to when harvesting comes around!

Their resistance to infections like Fusarium wilt and Verticillium also keep these plants healthier for longer. And considering that a maturing period can be around 70 days on average, extra resistance is well warranted.

9. Cherokee Purple

One of the most popular heirloom tomatoes in the United States, Cherokee purple tomatoes are also some of the most distinct, in terms of their appearance.

Their dark purple, striped fruits are some of the easiest to spot out from other varieties on this list.

They are also an heirloom type of tomato, meaning that these are some of the more delicate tomato plants out there, at least regarding how resistant they are to disease and infections.

Still, that hasn’t stopped them from becoming great plants for producing high yields of tomatoes.

Not only can the fruits grow to up to 2 pounds each, but also the plant itself can grow up to 6 feet tall, giving it plenty of room to grow and ripen these truly gargantuan tomatoes.

You can’t go wrong with a slice of Cherokee purple on a good burger!

10. Sakura

Bright red, tolerant to both hot and cold temperatures, and grown in massive quantities on long, sprawling vines.

Sakura tomatoes are as abundant as they are sweet. And trust us, this is one very sweet tomato variety!

These cherry tomatoes are some of the most disease resistant that you’ll find out there, making these fruits an even more popular plant to grow in your gardens and plots!

11. San Marzano

We’ve come to a tomato in our list that is pretty specialized in its uses!

Commonly made for pastes and sauces, san marzano are arguably a variety that needs to be grown in large quantities for them to be used at their best.

And it is something that they accomplish very well. These unique, orb-like tomatoes are decently sized, filled with a deep flavor and rich content, and can grow with up to and over 40 fruits per plant.

While you wouldn’t normally eat these outside of a source, they are still an incredibly popular tomato type to grow!

Closing Notes

So, there you have it!

As you can tell by now, you’re pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a high-yield tomato to grow for yourself.

Whether you’re growing a mountain’s worth of cherry tomatoes, or bigger, beefsteak fruits, there’s a plant in this list for your needs!

Amelia Haslehurt
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