Meet The Team is run by brother and sister duo Amelia and Jeffrey Haslehurt. They have a strong passion for food, and love to know exactly where their produce is coming from. 


Amelia Haslehurt - Creator

Hi, my name is Amelia Haslehurt and I am a food blogger.

As you can guess, I am passionate about what I eat, but what is most important to me when reviewing is high quality, fresh, organic, delicious ingredients.

There is such a real difference between foods you purchase at a grocery store, and foods you can get from a farmers market, or fresh produce stall.

Those ingredients come from the farm and straight to your dinner table. There’s no interference, no additives, no preservatives, and none of the nasty things you don’t want to eat.

This is what inspired me to start I’m so fed up with store bought produce, that doesn’t last long, is filled with pesticides and chemicals, and you never really know where it comes from.

I wanted to create an online space where others could sample some of my favorite recipes, and share in my passion for home-grown produce.

Whether you are looking for vegan recipes, easy recipes, healthy recipes or your favorite yummy snacks to brighten your day, I can help you out here at


Jeffrey Haslehurt - Creator

Hi! I’m Jeffrey Haslehurt, Amelia’s older brother. Amelia and I have always had a fondness for farm-fresh, home-grown food.

This probably stemmed from our childhood, where we would spend summers and weekends helping out at our grandparents’ farm.

We loved living with the land, and still try to continue to do that today. My wife and I love nothing more than going to local Farmers markets on the weekends to do our weekly food shopping. More often than not, we’ll bump into Amelia there!

It’s so much better and more fulfilling to help a small business in need than rush to the local grocery store, and the difference in quality is astronomical.

When Amelia came to me with her dream of starting a site where she could share her passion for home-grown food with others, I knew I wanted to help.

I’ve worked as a writer for a number of years, writing articles for newspapers, marketing agencies and blogs, but there is something different about writing about things that are close to your heart.

I hope that together, my sister and I can help you find the information you need to spur your love of fresh food on, learn how to grow your own produce, or to simply find the best produce in your area to take your food to the next level! 

Join us in our little community, and become a garden enthusiast like us.


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