OC Farmers Markets

There is a fantastic selection of farmers markets in Orange County, but how do you know which ones are worth visiting?

OC Farmers Markets

We have put together this list of the best farmers markets in OC to help you decide which ones to go to for locally grown and made produce. 

1. Great Park Farmers Market 

The Great Park Farmers Market is open every Sunday between 10 am and 2pm. You can find it at 8000 Great Park Boulevard in Irvine. Entry into the market is free, and so is parking! 

The star of the show is the fresh fruit and vegetables grown on the Great Park Farm and other local farms, but there are other reasons to visit the market.

The ‘Farm + Food Lab’ is perfect for keen gardeners who are looking for tips from local experts (agriculture specialists from the University of California). 

Whether you are shopping for groceries or looking for a tasty lunch, you can find it all at Great Park Farmers Market.

They have fresh produce like Strawberries, celery, beets, lettuce, blueberries, yams, cauliflower, plums, pomegranate, watermelon and more. You can browse for cheeses, milks, herbs, spices, cooking sauces, mat, and freshly caught fish.

You can also get yourself a cup of freshly brewed coffee, or some freshly squeezed juice. You can also treat yourself to some hot prepared food like tamales, crepes, burgers, tacos, BBQ, pies, cookies and cakes. 

2. Irvine Farmers Market 

In the city of Irvine there are several certified farmers markets run by Orange County Farm Bureau.

All of the vendors are checked to make sure that they are the growers of the produce, and that all of the produce is grown locally or regionally. 

On Sundays the market takes place outside Plaza De Paz Shopping Center between 8am and 12pm. On Tuesdays the market is at Irvine Regional Park between 9 am and 1pm.

On Wednesdays you can find the market in Tustin Old Town (245 El Camino Real) between 9am and 1pm. On Thursdays there is a seasonal market that closes for winter but runs through most of the rest of the year.

This is at Brea Place between 3pm and 7pm, ideal for people who want to visit after work. On Fridays the market is at Laguna Hills Mall between 9am and 1pm.

Finally, the Saturday market takes place between 8am and 12pm at Mariners Church, 5001 Newport Coast Drive.

The vendors vary depending on the location, and there is always a fantastic selection of produce. The markets are open come rain or shine. 

3. Orange Home Grown Farmers Market 

Orange Home Grown is a grassroots, non-profit organization that began in 2009. The aim was to support the community by ensuring that residents have access to homegrown, nutritious, fresh produce at an affordable price.

It also strives to educate local residents about agriculture and business, and to treat the local land and environment with respect. 

There are various aspects of Orange Home Grown, and the farmers market is one of them. It takes place every Saturday between 9am and 1pm at 303 West Palm Avenue in Old Towne Orange.

The vendors are selected based on their ethical growing techniques, their transparency, integrity, and their commitment to healthy food. There is also live music, cooking demonstrations, and even yoga classes at the market.

You can grab some food from one of the food trucks, and wander around taking in the sights and sounds. 

Only registered service dogs are allowed within the market area, but there is a pet sitting service called ‘Park Your Paws’ so you can leave your pet in a safe place while you explore. 

4. Soco Farmers Market 

Soco farmers market, also known as Costa Mesa farmers market, takes place every Saturday between 9am and 2pm.

You can find the market at 3315 Hyland Avenue. This is a great market to bring your kids too, as there is a KidsZone with lots of free crafts they can have a go at.

There are also periodic ‘Young Makers’ markets for artisans between the ages of 5 and 15. 

You will not be disappointed with the range of products on offer at Soco farmers market. There are seasonal fruits and vegetables along with more exotic options so that you can try something a little different.

You will find free range eggs and meats, nuts, small-batch and specialty breads, and even authentic and freshly made hummus. You can also get delicious hot food like tamales or Salvadoran Pupusas. 

5. Garden Grove Farmers Market

OC Farmers Markets (1)

The Garden Grove Farmers Market takes place every Sunday between 9am and 2pm. It can be found between Acacia Parkway and Garden Grove Boulevard.

The Historic Main Street is closed to traffic for this market, so you can walk around safely and enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere.

There is plenty of free parking at either end of the block so the market is also very accessible. 

Not only does this market have a great selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables, there is also a wide range of Asian produce available. This is ideal if you cook a look of Asian cuisine or you are looking to try something new. 

6. Corona Del Mar Farmers Market 

This farmers market was created over 20 years ago so that the community of Corona Del Mar could showcase their incredible hard work and growing talents. All of the items sold at the market are grown in the local area by people from the community.

Shopping at this market helps to support the Corona Del Mar community economically, and you can soak up the wonderful, friendly atmosphere. 

The market takes place at Marguerite and PCH every Saturday between 9am and 1pm. It is open rain or shine and is a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

You will find an amazing selection of fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, plants, flowers, eggs, and even freshly caught fish.

There are also vendors offering locally made products such as cheeses, sauces and condiments, honey, and skincare products. If you are looking for prepared food, keep an eye out for the fresh tamales, cakes, cookies, soups,and more. 

7. Buena Park Farmers Market 

The Buena Park Farmers Market runs all year round and is open every Saturday from 9am until 2pm. If you want the best selection of produce then it is advisable to arrive early, as things sell out quickly!

The market is close to Buena Downtown Mall so there is plenty of parking available for visitors.

There are also picnic tables with umbrellas close by, so you can sit and enjoy any snacks or prepared foods that you purchase at the market. 

You will find a range of different fruits and vegetables from various vendors, as well as locally grown flowers and plants.

There are stalls offering other items such as clothes or leather goods, and there is an excellent choice of hot foods and treats that you can eat straight away – baked goods, pupusas, sandwiches, wraps, tacos, and even a full breakfast!

8. Mile Square Park Farmers Market 

The Mile Square Park Farmers Market takes place every Friday from 9am until 1pm all year round. It is in Mile Square Regional Park and you can find free parking in parking lot E.

This marker is certified by the Orange County farm Bureau which means that all of the vendors grow or make their produce locally, and they are the genuine growers or makers of the products. 

There is an excellent selection of locally grown produce including fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses and much more. You can also get products from local artisans and small businesses.

This market isn’t just for shopping – you can enjoy live entertainment and sample food from the gourmet food trucks on site. It makes for a fun and exciting morning out for the whole family. 

9. Laguna Beach Farmers Market 

The Laguna Beach farmers market is a popular Saturday morning tradition with local residents and is open from 8am until 12pm. The market takes place next to Laguna Beach City Hall and across the road from the Lumberyard Shopping Center.

During the hours of the market you can get free parking in parking lot 11, right next to where the market takes place in parking lot 12. 

You can get yourself a cup of freshly brewed coffee, or stop at one of the prepared food vendors for some hot breakfast or lunch.

You will be able to buy organic fruit and vegetables, freshly pressed juices, nuts and seeds, farm fresh meats and eggs, baked goods with natural ingredients, natural oils, herbs and spices and much more. 

10. Downtown Anaheim Farmers Market 

This certified farmers market takes place every Thursday between 11am and 3pm at 435 West Center Street Promenade. It is an open air market with a great atmosphere and a fantastic range of vendors and local produce to choose from.

There is free parking for visitors and vendors. The vendors include farmers, prepared food, and crafted items. 


Any of these farmers markets would make a fantastic day out and are the perfect place to do your grocery shopping or even to buy gifts for friends and family. You can also excite your senses with prepared food and vibrant sights and smells.

Amelia Haslehurt
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