9 Top Rated Peach Picking In Atlanta Worth The Trip

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the most beautiful cities in America. With a thriving nightlife scene, some of the best food in the world, and of course the delicious peaches, anyone can find a home in the city of Atlanta. 

9 Top Rated Peach Picking In Atlanta Worth The Trip

Whether you are visiting on vacation or only making a one-night stop, peach picking is one of the best activities you can do!

We have 9 of the top-rated peach-picking fields in Atlanta. Enjoy your time in the sunny fields of Atlanta, breathing in the fresh air while picking some of the juiciest peaches you will ever taste. 

Let’s get into planning your perfect peach-picking trip in Atlanta (Also check out The Best Apple Picking Near Atlanta)!

1. Jaemor Farms

Now, this is located just outside of Atlanta in Alto but it is definitely worth the trip. Jaemor Farms is known for having some of the best peaches in Georgia.

There is a farmers market open every day through the week where you can select some of the freshest produce. 

This family-owned business has been producing some of the highest-quality products for more than 100 years. And you can certainly taste their experience and care in every bite. 

When you visit the farm you can enjoy some of their excellent activities such as on-farm shopping, a six-acre corn maze, a farm tour, and of course peach picking! 

Don’t forget to indulge in their homemade fresh peach ice cream! They create their ice cream onsite, daily so that it is fresh, creamy, and super delicious. Plus it is slightly healthier than your typical ice cream. 

2. Dickey Farms

Make sure to visit Dickey’s to properly commemorate this milestone as they are enjoying their 124th peach season! This Georgian treasure, which supplies Georgia with some of the best peaches available, is something you don’t want to miss out on!

Dickey Farms is open Monday through Saturday and is a great place to spend the day with the kids. With a fully open playground, the kids can play while the parents relax on the large rocking chairs.

This quaint farm is also home to the oldest peach packinghouse in Georgia. With rocking chairs made to have you feeling at home, you can create some of the best memories at Dickey Farms. 

Forgot to bring some lunch? Never worry! You can grab a delicious bite to eat at the store, all before treating yourself to a fresh ice cream cone. 

The kids are sure to need a nap on the ride home making it perfect for enjoying a relaxing ride home. 

3. Fitzgerald Fruit Farm

Picking your own fresh fruit is an incredible experience, especially when it is done at Fitzgerald Fruit Farm. They have some of the best fruits, ripe for picking including strawberries, blueberries, and peaches!

The picking patches are open from late March until late September making it the perfect trip for the family throughout the summer. They also have a range of vegetables during the late spring. Great if you want to support a local business!

Feel too tired to go to the farm directly? The Peach Peddler brings delicious Georgia peaches straight to you. So, you never have to miss out on the sweetness of a Georgia peach!

You must pick up some of their tasty fig jam. Summer just isn’t the same without it!

4. Southern Belle Farm 

A thriving farm with 330 acres under family ownership, Southern Belle Farm. They are open throughout the year for collecting berries, selecting peaches, enjoying the fall, and much more! Come early because it can get busy here. 

If not, be careful to check whether there are any peaches left before departing! We advise purchasing a jar of their excellent spiced variation of the Georgia classic in addition to harvesting your own peaches.

The Southern Belle Farm organizes activities for every occasion. Check them out during the Christmas season for some festive fun or through the summer for a fun day of peach (see also: 15 Best Peach Picking In New York For A Summer’s Day)picking! 

Everyone of all ages can enjoy an activity at the Southern Belle Farm. 

5. Gregg Farms

Gregg Farms is located just outside of Atlanta in Concord, Georgia. This serene little farm is a hidden gem in the state of Georgia. However, as the peach season comes to an end you may find it best to call ahead before visiting. 

Throughout the summer, Gregg Farms is bustling with many visitors purchasing some pre-picked peaches or picking their own fresh from the farm!

With over 50 years of supplying the patrons of Georgia with peaches, strawberries, and seasonal veggies, this farm is well-loved.

They also sell a variety of jams, jellies, salsa, and sauces that go great on a range of treats and dishes. Be warned, as the farm does not accept electronic transactions meaning you must have plenty of cash to make any purchases. 

And you are going to want to make many!

You simply cannot visit Gregg Farms and not try their homemade fresh peach ice cream. It is just too good! Spend endless summer days touring the farm and enjoy the foods they create.

6. Lane Southern Orchards

Located in Fort Valley, Lane Southern Orchards is home to some of the most delicious peaches in the state of Georgia. This is a great way to make some memories with the kids or even an ideal ‘me day’ activity. 

This roadside market and cafe have plenty for everyone to get involved in.

Take a relaxing self-guided tour of the factory to learn the peach packing process before taking a moment to really relax on a calming rocking chair with the children playing in the farm-themed playground. 

Lane Southern Orchards has been growing peaches and pecans for the state of Georgia since 1908 and their expertise can be tasted in every bite.

From bbq pork to homemade ice cream and delectable loaves of bread, everything comes from the comfort of their Southern kitchen. One thing is certain, you will never go hungry at Lane Southern Orchards!

7. CJ Orchards

For almost 40 years Carolyn and Jim have operated CJ Orchards and supplied the town of Rutledge with delicious fresh produce. This family-run farm is a treasure hidden in Georgia that you have to visit. 

Throughout the summer months, you can pick your own blueberries, melons, pecans, and peaches! Taking them home to create an indulgent peach cobbler or to have a sweet, healthy snack. 

CJ Orchards is the top supplier of fresh peaches, tomatoes, blueberries, and pecans for the middle Georgia region because it is the only full-sized orchard in a 20-county area.

Regular visitors to the orchards include people from the neighboring counties of Morgan, Greene, Putnam, Oconee, and Baldwin, but people from all over the world come to see whatever freshly harvested harvest is in season.

CJ Orchards has over ten varieties of yellow flesh peaches. Meaning there is plenty to choose from when you visit! 

8. Sugar Hill Berry Farm

While Sugar Hill Berry Farm is not known for its peaches, they are something to marvel at. This farm has a self-service stand that is open all day every day.

They sell a bunch of seasonal items such as pumpkins and squash in the fall or berries and tomatoes in the summer. 

Be supplied with hand sanitizer and your picking container as you enjoy picking your own blueberries and peaches throughout the summer season. Sugar Hill Berry Farm is a rather young farm, having only begun operating in late 2014.

Since then they have continued to expand their business and invite visitors from all over the world to join them in picking their produce and indulging in the fruits and veggies they grow. 

Perfect for couples, families, and even solo travelers! 

9. Pearson Farm 

For over 135, Pearson Farm has been producing glorious peaches for the state of Georgia. They have an incredible work ethic with honesty and family at their core. Making them the perfect local produce business to purchase from. 

From June until early August, Pearson Farm ships their rich peaches all over the U.S. or you can visit for a heartwarming southern welcome. Pick some of the best peaches in Georgia and make lifelong memories. 

Time seems to stop when you visit the picturesque Pearson Farm in Fort Valley. It really is something to bask in. Join them in picking their sweet peaches and rich pecans this summer!

Not sure what to make with your fresh peaches? Pearson Farm provides a bunch of delicious recipes!

Final Thoughts 

There is no better place to go peach picking than in the warm summer sun of Atlanta, Georgia. Now, you may have to make a bit of a trip but trust us it is worth (see also: 12 Top Rated NY Apple Picking Near Connecticut Worth The Trip)every second. 

Above are 9 of the top-rated peach-picking farms in Atlanta, Georgia. Take the kids or go exploring on your own. You will always have a warm welcome at any farm in Atlanta. 

Don’t forget to try a scoop of their homemade ice cream! You will enjoy every scoop and your only regret will not be going back for seconds! 

Amelia Haslehurt
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