Best Cherry Picking Long Island: The 4 Greatest Places

Cherries are gorgeous and they are pretty versatile too. They can be used in a whole host of desserts, foods, bathroom products and even in your drinks!

But perhaps one of the best things about cherries is the fact that you can go to places and pick them fresh! 

Best Cherry Picking Long Island: The 4 Greatest Places

But when it comes to somewhere like Long Island, where are you meant to even start your journey? Where is the best cherry picking Long Island?! 

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. This list will show you all the best places where you can pick fresh cherries in Long Island. So, if you’re ready to find out much more – then read on and get all the answers! 

So, without any more delays – let’s find out exactly where the best places are in Long Island to pick cherries(see also: Cherry Picking In Cali: 15 Best Places For Cherry Picking In California)! We hope you enjoy this list.

1. Wickham’s Fruit Farm

We kick off our list with this stunning fruit farm located just off Cutchogue in Long Island – and this is around 90 miles east of the Big Apple.

This fruit farm actually has an extremely long history, with some areas dating as far back as 1661. 

This makes it one of the oldest continually cultivated lands in all of the United States – so it’s a very precious place in terms of history and its importance.

Not only this, but its setting is stunning, overlooking the majesty of Peconic Bay.

It’s absolutely massive as well. It covers over 300 acres of land, 200 of which are designated specifically for fruit. However, this farm is not just a farm that produces fruit – it does it in a very high quality way.

This farm wants everyone to enjoy only the best fruits and vegetables and they take a huge amount of pride in offering their customers this. In fact, a large portion of their land is part of the Suffolk Preservation Program.

This program looks to keep the land sustainable and wants the fruits to continuously produce, as it has done, for many, many years to come. They call it “forever agriculture”. 

This farm is a completely family run affair and they have seriously run this place for many years, taking huge pride in their work. You can see their hard work and dedication if you decide to attend their retail market from May through to December.

During this time, you can pick your own scrumptious cherries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples and pumpkins! 

2. Windy Acres Orchard

Best Cherry Picking Long Island: The 4 Greatest Places

Windy Acre Fruit Farm, which is also known as the Windy Acres Orchard, is a place that changes very quickly (and that’s not just their name!). The growing and harvesting seasons will adapt depending on the weather and the climate.

As a result, it’s always recommended that you check their social media pages to assess what is going on here – but if you manage to get here at the right time, you’ll absolutely love it! 

You can take your family and friends and enjoy picking some of the most beautiful cherries, strawberries, peaches, plums, nectarines, corn, pumpkins and so much more! 

3. Hayden’s Orchard

Right at the East end of Long Island, you’ll come across this magnificent orchard known as Hayden’s Orchard. They have plenty of different varieties of fruit for you to pick your own.

These include juicy cherries, apples, peaches, pears, apricots and nectarines.

The land is splendid too. It is really picturesque and if you take your family there, you can have a nice leisurely stroll around the lands in the sunny weather! 

4. May’s Farm

Finally on our list, we have this quaint farm that has been operating ever since the 19th century – and today, it still goes strong by offering some of the best produce to its local community. 

Not only can you pick a variety of sweet tasting and juicy cherries, but you can find some corn, sweet peas and pumpkins – especially when it comes close to the Halloween season.

However, what makes May’s Farm unique is the fact you can pick up some amazing plants.

If you’re someone who loves houseplants or hard to come by flowers, then May’s Farm is definitely the place in Long Island for you to head to. We’re confident you’ll love it here.

Final Thoughts 

Cherries can sometimes be hard to find to pick, especially when you’re out in Long Island – but luckily, if you follow this guide, you’ll find some amazing places which lets you pick your very own cherries, (see also: The 5 Best Places Where You Should Go Cherry Picking In New York)along with some other fantastic, fresh products! 

We hope you have enjoyed all of our picks!

Amelia Haslehurt
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