Where Is The Best Peach Picking In Long Island? Here Are 5 Options

Heading out and picking your own fruit can be incredibly rewarding. Not only does it help you to get out into the open world and get some fresh air, but it also allows you to understand the immense effort that goes into producing the fruit we love. 

As well as this, freshly picked fruit simply tastes so much better than the fruit you’d likely find in your local grocery store. 

Where Is The Best Peach Picking In Long Island? Here Are 5 Options

As such, you’ve likely found your way here because you want an exciting and enriching experience that will satisfy your craving for fresh peaches.

But where are the best places in Long Island for picking your own peaches(see also: 5 Of The Best Places For The Best Peach Picking NC)? Let’s look to find out!

1. Lewin Farms

Lewin farms are one of the most beloved family-owned farms in Long Island and are easily one of the most popular spots for fruit picking in the entire area. 

The farm is now in its fourth generation, and this means that you can truly feel the love and passion that the family has for every single fruit and vegetable that grows on their land. 

If you want to grab some of the fresh peaches that grow at Lewin Farms, you will need to head to the farm between Mid July to Mid September when they are at their best.

The peaches grown here are incredibly juicy and rich, and it’s simply really nice to support a local and humble farm like this. We love the fact that the farm is still family-run to this very day, and that there is such clear passion in everything they do!

2. Windy Acre Farm

Windy Acre Farm is another one of Long Island’s most beloved farms, and another great place to head to if you want some exciting local fruit-picking opportunities.

The best thing about Windy Acre Farm is that they have a very active Facebook page that allows you to know at all times what is ripe for the picking, so you can pick the perfect day to go and grab some peaches!

Make sure to pay them a visit in the Fall, too, as they have an amazing corn maze to find your way through! 

3. Harbes Orchard

Harbes Orchard is perhaps best known for being the premier Long Island facility to pick fresh apples, but it is also a fabulous place to head to and grab some fresh peaches! 

The apple orchard alone is worth the visit, because it is incredibly expansive, and contains a massive variety of apples that can be easily plucked.

But don’t worry, there are still plenty of amazing and juicy peaches to be picked here during the Summer! They’re easily some of the best-tasting peaches in Long Island, so, well worth the trip!

4. Wickham’s Fruit Farm

The Wickham’s Fruit Farm website has an incredibly handy picking schedule that can help you to find out the perfect time to grab yourself some juicy peaches, or whatever other fruits and vegetables take your fancy throughout the course of the year! 

The land at Wickham’s Fruit Farm is some of the oldest continually cultivated land that can be found in all of America, and this immense sense of history, dating back to 1661, helps to somehow make the peaches taste all the sweeter. 

The farm is located within close proximity to the waters of the Peconic Bay, so once you have picked your fresh punnet of peaches, you can head down to the waters, listen to the soothing sound of the waves, and enjoy the sumptuous taste of the fruits of your labor. 

You can really feel the enduring passion of the farm owners throughout your entire visit here. The land is so well maintained, and the quality of the peaches and other fruits that grow here are almost totally unparalleled.

It’s worth paying a visit here yourself as soon as you can!

5. Hayden’s Orchard

This amazing farm is a perfect place to head to if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and breathe in some natural air and soak in the blue skies above. 

The farm grows a massive variety of fruit and vegetables here, but easily their most popular items are their peaches, which have helped to make this farm truly iconic amongst locals of Long Island. 

There are so many peaches to pick from, so you can easily take a casual walk across the grounds and find the perfect peaches for you. 

And even if you don’t have the time to pick all of your own peaches, you can easily grab some from the stand that can be found towards the entrance of the grounds.

And not only can you grab peaches there, but you can also purchase things like cherries and plums there too! These same fruits can also be picked on the farm grounds multiple times throughout the year!

To Wrap Up

If you want to enjoy fresh peaches in the Long Island area, then these are easily the 5 best places you could head to! Why not pay one of these facilities a visit today?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Month Is Best For Peach Picking?

Generally, if you want to pick some peaches, you should look to try and do it around May to September, which is the general picking season!

Do Peaches Get Sweeter After Picking?

No. Unlike most fruits, peaches do not get sweeter after being picked. 

Do You Wash Peaches After Picking?

You don’t have to wash peaches after picking, but you can always run them under some running water before eating!

Amelia Haslehurt
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