Best Strawberry Picking Long Island – 7 Of The Best Options To Visit Today!

Strawberry picking is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable pastimes ever. It’s a great way to get out into nature, breathe in some fresh air, and grab some delicious strawberries to snack on.

Strawberries are amongst some of the most beloved fruits in the world, precisely because of just how much flavor they are packed full of.

Best Strawberry Picking Long Island - 7 Of The Best Options To Visit Today!

The sharp and fruity taste of strawberries also pairs perfectly with things like cream, which makes them amazing to have as a dessert as well as a quick snack at random points in the day.

However, nothing quite beats the taste of freshly-picked strawberries. The satisfaction of having picked the strawberries yourself makes the experience of eating them all the sweeter.

Do you live in the Long Island area during the strawberry picking season? Want to know some of the best places you can head to pick strawberries (see also: 6 Options For The Best Strawberry Picking In Los Angeles)of your own?

Then you will definitely want to keep on reading down below because today we are going to show you 7 of the very best places for strawberry picking in Long Island.

1. Windy Acre Farm

Windy Acre Farm is one of the most beloved places to head to pick fresh strawberries (see also: 13 Best Strawberry Picking Places To Visit In Michigan)within the Long Island area. When you head there yourself, you won’t have much trouble being able to tell why it is so beloved. 

We recommend keeping in contact with the farm via its Facebook page where they post frequent updates about the fruits and vegetables that are in season on their grounds.

This is also the best way to learn when they have their fresh strawberries in, so you can grab your friends and go pick some for yourselves. 

Not only do they have the perfect facilities for you to go strawberry picking, but also have amazing and vibrant sunflowers that you can cut, and even a great corn maze that you can navigate your way through, during the Fall.

These extra elements, alongside the various other produce that grows on their grounds, make this a great farm to visit all across the year! 

There are also various seasonal events that occur at this farm all throughout the year, so there’s always something to do here, and always a reason to visit, throughout the year! 

2. Glover Farms

Glover Farms is a family-owned farm, which helps to lend it lots of personal charm which makes it so incredible and fun to visit. The farm was first purchased in 1952 by Kenneth Glover Senior.

Kenneth spent his whole life on the farm, helping to tend its lands, making it easily one of the most fertile areas in Long Island. 

Strawberries were grown on the farm grounds when potato crops first began taking a hit, which helped to establish the farm as a great space to pick fresh strawberries. 

Still to this day, the farm is incredibly popular for picking strawberries, so it is a great place to head once the season is right! 

The farm also has a bunch of goats and chickens that you can visit and feed yourself, making the trip even more memorable. 

This farm also grows fresh pumpkins towards the fall season, which makes it a great place to head at that time too, to get some fresh Halloween decorations! 

3. Lewin Farms

You might have to book ahead of time when visiting this farm thanks to how incredibly popular they prove to be throughout the year. Luckily, there are very few times when there isn’t something to be picked at Lewin Farms.

When it’s not strawberries waiting to be picked, it’s vibrant and juicy blueberries, peaches, tomatoes, and even eggplant! 

This can make it the perfect place to head to throughout the year, but easily the highlight is the Late May to Late June period when the strawberries are ripe for the picking.

You will have to book ahead and make all payments using cash, but once you see those fields of fresh strawberries for yourself, your mouth will soon be watering, ready to get a taste of those amazing strawberries! 

Lewin Farms is another family-owned farm, now in its fourth generation. The love that the family has for the farm shines through in every aspect of your visit, and the quality of the fruit you can pick there.

It’s an incredible place to visit, and a great local industry to support!

4. Condzella’s Farm

This farm is not only a great place to pick your own strawberries, but it is also renowned for growing a massive variety of strawberries of different types, so you can experience some amazing unique flavors you’d never be able to get elsewhere! 

This farm also seeks to reduce its carbon footprint wherever it can, by selling locally, and producing fruit and vegetables of only the highest quality, only ever made in natural ways.

The farm also rejects the use of pesticides and insecticides to keep the soil as natural and pure as it can be.

But you needn’t worry that the strawberries will be rife with insects, or half-nibbled by other creatures, as the farm owners seek to keep them away using only natural means that are just as effective.

This can help to make Condzella’s Farm easily one of the best local farms in Long Island to pay a visit to. And don’t forget to visit when other crops like tomatoes are ripe!  (Also check out Reasons Your Tomatoes Aren’t Ripening)

5. Patty’s Berries And Bunches

This farm was first founded in 1975, by owner Patty DiVello, but in 2010, the farm once known as ‘Harbes Berry Farm’ changed its name to the now locally familiar ‘Patty’s Berries and Bunches’.

This amazing farm offers a great picking facility that allows you to pick countless of your own strawberries to take home and snack on together.

As well as strawberries, the farm also grows a number of pickable fruits that you can choose from during their ripe seasons, so it’s worth making this farm a frequent visit throughout the course of the year.

As well as strawberries, there are also various other things like flowers to pick from. You can grab your own peonies, dahlias, and even sunflowers, to create your own bouquet!

And don’t forget to pop to the produce stand where they sell ice cream, fresh jam, honey, and even baked goods! 

6. Wickham’s Fruit Farm 

Wickham’s Fruit Farm is another fabulous option to try out if the prospect of a local and family-run farm is an attractive option to you. 

Generally, the farm’s strawberry season tends to occur during June, alongside cherries, so you can easily head down to this farm and pick up both of these delicious fruits that can easily be mixed into some amazing desserts. 

Throughout the year, other produce is also grown, like pumpkins in October, perfect for halloween.

One thing to keep in mind before you visit this farm is that pets are not allowed within the orchard, so make sure not to bring your dog along with you when you head out picking strawberries. 

What helps to make this farm special is that it is based near a beautiful and serene waterfront where you can hear the light trickling of water throughout your visit.

7. Hodun Farms

Best Strawberry Picking Long Island - 7 Of The Best Options To Visit Today!

Hodun Farms, our last entry on this list, is one of the best places to head for strawberry picking because of their professional but down-to-earth approach to it all.

It’s incredibly relaxing to head to this farm and pick some strawberries, and you will be made to feel welcome as soon as you step foot onto the farm grounds! 

You can pick as much fruit as you want on your visit, as the produce is sold entirely based on the bushel. So you can pick as little or as much as you want!

This family-owned farm has long been a beloved institution amongst local people and is a name you will often hear dropped by locals whenever the conversation turns to the best places to head for strawberry (see also: A Guide On Watering Strawberries – How Often To Water Strawberries)picking. 

The fruit grown at this facility is incredibly sweet and juicy and tastes even better than the store-bought variety, which makes it all the more special to pay it a visit.

To Wrap Up

There you have it! There are many places within the Long Island area, and close by, where you can head to pick strawberries, but these are easily the seven best of the best! Why not pay one a visit today? 

Amelia Haslehurt
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