Best Strawberry Picking New York: The 8 Top Places

Let’s face it, when it comes to choosing our favorite fruits, strawberries will certainly be at the top of our lists more often than not. They’re incredibly versatile for cooking, making desserts, eating fresh or even adding them to your drinks. 

But one of the best things about strawberries is that you can find a lot of places where you can pick your own. Luckily, New York has a few of these places and some of them are absolutely incredible (Also check out The Best Places For Fruit Picking In New York). 

Best Strawberry Picking New York: The 8 Top Places

So where is the best strawberry picking New York? Well, don’t fret – we’ve written this comprehensive list that will show you the 8 top places in the state where you can go and pick (see also: The Top 7 Best Places For Strawberry Picking In New Jersey: A Guide)your own strawberries! 

Ready to find out more? Read on and get all your questions answered!

Without further delay, let’s dive into our list for the best places to pick strawberries (see also: 12 Best Places For Strawberry Picking In Maryland)in New York. We hope you enjoy all of our picks! 

1. Patty’s Berries And Bunches

We’ll kick off this list with a fantastic berry farm which was originally opened back in 1975. The owner, Patty DiVello is a local as she grew up directly across the street from this farm, and eventually in 2010, she changed the name to what we know it as now.

There’s a lot you can see and do in this berry farm, because it’s not just about picking the very best strawberries – although of course you can do that! 

You can order and collect some amazing flowers for an event like a wedding or party. You can have a taste of some of their fresh and beautiful produce like ice cream, cider, jams, honey and baked goods. 

Or, you may decide you want to be a little more active and take part in their yard art, live music, farm tours or even participate in one of their many classes! You don’t have to of course, you may simply wish to pick some juicy strawberries and blueberries.

Strawberries have to be picked in June, but other berries are later in the year. Just be sure you check before you go so you’re not disappointed.

2. Greig Farm 

Greig Farm is a phenomenal place that wants to incorporate the family element and a day out to your strawberry picking experience.

They welcome all of your family to spend an incredible day walking across their trails, petting the goats or trying their cider.

Luckily, this farm is open everyday of the week and every month of the year! Of course though, if you’re looking to go here especially to pick some amazing strawberries, (see also: Best Strawberry Picking Illinois: The 10 Most Amazing Places)you’ll need to plan your trip for late May and early June. 

This is around the same time as the fresh asparagus is blooming, but if for any reason you miss this window – you can still pick some great produce like blackberries in August or apples in October, along with the plumpest pumpkins ready for Halloween! 

3. Windy Acre Farm

Just off Calverton, Windy Acre Farm offers plenty of different fruits and vegetables which you can pick at different times of the year.

Things can change pretty quickly here though, so be sure you check their social media pages for all the latest and up to date information.

Along with some of the greatest strawberries which you can pick, you may also get the chance to get your own peaches, apples, pumpkins, blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries, cherries, nectarines, grapes, corn and even sunflowers! 

4. Condzella’s Farm

Condzella’s Farm has a lot to offer you with their nine different varieties of amazing strawberries which you can go to pick! However, as these are different varieties, each one has its own unique time for when they’re ripe enough to harvest.

Each one of these varieties is selected specifically for their unique flavor and characteristics and the farm has to ensure that you get the very best quality you possibly can. 

They can help the chances of this along by using mulch. They mulch their fields with straw which prevents the berries from coming into contact with the dirty ground. As a result, you get a clean, tasty and fruity strawberry! 

Aside from strawberries though, this farm also has some amazing English peas, sweet peas and snap peas. They ensure the plants reach maturity so that you can get the most delicious tasting peas! 

They also offer rich, complex and sweet tasting tomatoes – and when you try them, you know they’ve come from this farm. They have a distinct, gorgeous aroma and taste to them that is in many ways unique to the farm.

Their wise idea of using trellises and black plastic to grow the tomatoes ensures that they get to the highest quality. 

The farm also offers brilliant beans in three different varieties; Romano, bush and green beans. All of these are very high quality, as are the rest of their products. Other than these classic farm products, you can also pick up some pumpkins and sunflowers! 

5. Glover Farms 

Back in 1952, this glorious farm opened up by Kenneth Glover Senior as he wanted to start a long and prosperous career in farming. Luckily, as he had spent his entire life on his family’s farm, he knew exactly what he was doing! 

As we speak, the farm is in their third generation and they still share the vision that Kenneth Senior had. They want to give its customers the very best and freshest produce that they possibly can.

When Kenneth Senior’s son was involved, he decided he wanted to get the public involved a little more with seasonal picks, including pumpkins around the Halloween period and of course, strawberries to say hello to the oncoming summer! 

Whilst you’re at the farm though, you can also have a little fun with the resident goats who are more than happy for the public to come over and say hi to them. 

6. Lewin Farms

Another farm located near Calverton, Lewin Farms is a long standing family farm and they boast being the very first pick your own farm on Long Island! Throughout the seasons, this farm offers its guests some of the most amazing produce. 

Not only do you have the opportunity to pick your own juicy strawberries, but you can also pick up some apples, blackberries, blueberries, squash, corn and even Christmas trees in December! 

As the years have gone by, this farm has diversified its products and found that it grows in popularity even more by doing so.

Essentially, they’re trying to cater for every single person out there – and you’re certain to find something at this farm that you’ll love. 

7. Love Apple Farm

Don’t let their name fool you, even though this farm definitely loves its apples, they offer a huge variety of other products for customers to come and pick, buy and consume!

It first opened up in 1969 and has long been a staple to the Hudson Valley community.

This farm is a huge advocate for social projects that seeks to offer local, ethical and honest produced fruit and vegetables to their local community.

They say that they believe everybody has an integral right to know where their food comes from and how it is produced.

The farm was actually started by an actor and model who was struggling with his own life and wanted an outlet to escape all of the pressures that his life was filled with.

He could also enjoy physical activities and work on his literary career. 

You may at this point be wondering how this farm got its name. Well, it’s actually referring to a variety of tomato and there’s quite a complex connection between tomatoes and apples.

But to make things simple – the name became something the owner fell in love with! 

Now well into over 50 years, the farm continues to be a popular destination for people who are looking for fresh produce and looking to have a day out with their family to pick some amazing fruits – and yes, that includes strawberries!

Much in the way that the owner used the farm originally, this farm acts as a place for people to come to escape all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so by coming here, you’ll essentially be recreating history! 

8. Fishkill Farms

Speaking of names, the final inclusion on our list might turn a few heads with its name at face value – but trust us when we say that this is one of the most friendly, lovely farms you could possibly ever imagine.

They have a huge focus towards sustainability and responsibility when it comes to their produce, and ethical farming is a very serious thing that they follow.

The farm says that they grow food with nature and they even change when the land and climate changes.

They want their produce to be highly nutritious and very high quality, but at the same time they want to be kind to the environment and to where the produce came from.

As a result, they promise the community to continually improve their growing methods.

They do this on a seasonal basis, and when they do this, they always look for ways that they can assist their community at the same time. Luckily, they can do this by offering some of the best produce that the area has to offer. 

For example, the farm has a huge variety of apples ready to pick up. You will notice though that when you pick these apples (regardless of which variety), there seems to be a shiny, web-like substance. 

This is nothing to worry about – it’s known as Kaolin Clay and it’s a natural pesticide which is nontoxic to humans and it can easily be cleaned off.

Of course though, if you’re not a fan of apples – there’s always the strawberries to start picking! 

The strawberry picking season begins in early June and lasts the full month, but once this date has passed, you can pick something else like peas, cherries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. 

Later in the year, the picking begins for tomatoes, peaches, nectarines and eggplants and eventually culminates with pumpkins and New York apples, just in time for the holidays!

You can make some amazing goods with their organic and sustainable products.

Final Thoughts 

New York has some brilliant places all across the state that offer you the chance to go and pick your own strawberries. Of course, you might need to visit a few of these to work out which one is your favorite – but we’re sure you’ll love each one!

Amelia Haslehurt
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