17 Of The Very Best Areas For Strawberry Picking In Minnesota

While the state of Minnesota is well known for several different reasons, from its important place within American history to the rich culture that can be felt around every street corner, a lot of people love it for its incredibly diverse landscapes being full of forests, prairies, and over 10,000 lakes, making it the perfect area for an adventure. 

17 Of The Very Best Areas For Strawberry Picking In Minnesota

Since a third of the state is covered in greenery that runs alongside the glistening waters of the lakes, it also means that Minnesota is one of the best states to visit if you’re interested in doing some strawberry picking, especially when you visit between the warmer months of May and September. 

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of the 17 very best farms and areas around Minnesota for strawberry picking which are all beautiful to look at and have also been proven to produce the freshest and juiciest strawberries that you can take home. 

1. Miracle Strawberry Farm

This family-owned and operated farm is a real sight to behold, featuring 2.7 acres of strawberry fields which visitors are free to visit and pick for themselves during the month of July after chatting to Barry and Marybeth who are incredibly friendly and will provide any information you need regarding strawberries, the farm, and the best time to pick. 

The farm is located in Dodge Center just 15 miles west of Rochester, and since the city is so small with a fairly low population, it means you won’t have to worry about navigating around large crowds and racing cars. Instead, enjoy a simple drive before you start picking in the warm weather. 

2. Strawberries Galore & More

The main goal for the friendly folks at Strawberries Galore & More is to provide fresh and locally grown strawberries for customers which are guaranteed to be juicier and much more flavorful than any of their competition, and considering just how many rave reviews have been posted about this farm, we would be inclined to say they’re doing very well. 

Visitors are welcome onto the farm during the strawberry season during the month of June where the team will guide you through the best way to pick strawberries without damaging them, and how to identify which strawberries are the freshest just by looking at them. 

The farm is located just a mile outside of Albany, so it can make for a fun day out to go strawberry picking in the afternoon while the sun is still beaming before then heading to the city to relax in a coffee shop or a bar later in the day. 

3. Rod’s Berry Farm

Not only has Rod’s Berry Farm won multiple awards for the quality of its strawberries, but its blueberries have also become admired by visitors for just how rich and tasty they are, and a lot of this comes from the agricultural practices the team at Rod’s Farm use to grow their crops. 

In fact, the farm was awarded the Minnesota Friendly Farmer Award back in 1995 due to its ethical erosion control practices and integrated pest management which it utilized in cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, meaning you can guarantee that their strawberries are some of the tastiest across the entire state thanks to the minimal use of pesticides during their growth and development. 

You will be able to pick out a few of these delicious high-grade strawberries for yourself starting in July, however picking sessions only last for a few weeks so you’ll need to be quick to beat all the crowds. 

4. Otter Berry Farm

This is a 4th generation family farm that features both a u-pick strawberry farm, and a corn maze, and while strawberry picking during the summer is definitely the biggest reason so many people visit, they also offer a whole range of other fun activities including wagon rides, petting and feeding the farm animals, and a large playground for the kids to enjoy.

If you’re looking for somewhere you can have a fun and memorable day out, along with picking some fresh and juicy strawberries, you aren’t going to want to miss out on the Otter Berry Farm which is open for picking from early June.

5. Spectrum Farm

Starting July 6th, the Spectrum Farm opens up its mile-long strawberry fields for visitors to enjoy, and with no insecticides, fungicides, or conventional fertilizers used as part of the growing process, these strawberries are 100% natural, and you can tell as soon as you take that first bite. 

You might be wondering how the team at the Spectrum Farm controls their weeds, and the truth is they actually use small flocks of geese to keep the grass down, along with a small team of dedicated workers who observe the fields for any unpleasant weeds, making the field as safe and natural as possible. 

6. Berry Hill Farm

As soon as you step foot on Berry Hill Farm, you will be met with acres upon acres of strawberries, rhubarb, and raspberries stretching on for as far as the eye can see, and visitors are allowed to pick the strawberries during the summertime, making for a healthy workout alongside being an overall fun and worthwhile experience. 

Berry Hill Farm is very much a hands-off experience where families can freely roam the fields and pick whichever strawberries and other fruit they think looks the best.

All you need to do is pay for the cost of your pick, and enjoy the juicy and delicious summer treats that are on offer. 

Visitors are free to pick strawberries from the middle of June to the beginning of July, giving you plenty of time to organize a trip with your friends and family. 

7. The Berry Patch

Not only does The Berry Patch offer a whole range of berry fruits for you to pick, but the team also supplies visitors with berry recipes, so that you can make a few delicious berry pies, cakes, and jam for when you get back home. 

On top of this, The Berry Patch is known for being very cheap in regards to new picks, so you also won’t have to break the bank just to get your hands on some fresh and juicy fruit across 20 acres worth of land, and considering picking season lasts between June and August, you have plenty of time to pick at your own pace without having to make a rushed plan in advance. 

8. Wold Strawberries

“Growing for our neighbors since 1973” is the motto of Wold Strawberries, and when they say neighbors, they mean all the lovely folk who live in Minnesota, or who have come down to try out the farm’s fresh strawberries for themselves. 

This is a family-owned farm that uses environmentally sound practices to grow its fruit with it also being a part of the highly respected Minnesota Grown, an agricultural group dedicated to producing crops and livestock in ethical and clean ways. 

Because of this, their strawberries, blueberries, and other fruit on offer all taste completely natural and incredibly fresh, and it’s never a bad thing to support an environmentally friendly local farm, especially when the staff is as welcoming and inviting as they are at Wold Strawberries. 

9. Lorence’s Berry Farm

For over four decades, Lorence’s Berry Farm has been producing and selling berries of all kinds to the people of Minnesota, primarily through their farmer stalls in the local Ferndale market, and now, you can come to pick some strawberries for yourself at this historic farm. 

Additionally, Lorence’s Berry Farm is right at the heart of Northfield, which means it is surrounded by a whole host of fun and exciting tourist attractions including the Rambling River Park, Dakota City Heritage Village, and the Minnesota Zoo, so this is definitely a farm you will want to bring the kids to so that you can enjoy a lovely day of fun activities after you pick out some delicious strawberries. 

You will be able to pick strawberries until mid July, so it’s worth planning in advance so that you don’t have to rush down or cancel other plans so that you can fit a visit in. 

10. Straight River Farm

Bill and Maggie Heins have been operating this farm for just over two decades, and in that time it has earned quite the reputation for not only how large the farm is, but also the variety of berries you can choose to pick, including; Wendy, Cavendish, and Jewel. 

Each type of strawberry has its own unique flavor and texture which is altered due to how they are preserved and the conditions they are grown in, and while we won’t give away what they taste like here so you can experience it for yourself, we will say that it is well worth trying each one and picking a few to take home so that you can use them as part of a fruity recipe. 

11. Afton Apple Orchard

Despite the name, this farm doesn’t only specialize in growing apples, in fact, their fields are full of all kinds of fruit including strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and even pumpkins, which you are free to pick during the summer months when the farm is open every day between 7am and 3pm. 

It should be said that the Afton Apple Orchard is very popular, so it can be worth trying to visit in the morning so that you can avoid any big crowds, though with that being said, the sheer size of the fields and the variety of food on offer means that everyone will still get enough space even during peak times, so it’s really up to you and the kind of environment you prefer to have while picking. 

12. Little Hill Berry Farm

After picking some of the natural and delightful strawberries from the fields of the Little Hill Berry Farm, make sure to enjoy one of the farm’s unique dishes before you leave.

There is so much food on offer to enjoy while at the farm, and all the ingredients are locally grown, so you can be sure that the pie or smoothie you ordered will taste as refreshing as possible. 

This small and quaint farm also offers plenty of vegan desserts which are an absolute delight to snack on, and before you head back, you can even enroll in one of the farm’s yoga sessions which are especially fun and refreshing when the sun is beaming down and the temperature is a little hotter than usual. 

13. T Berries

While you can freely pick strawberries and raspberries at this farm, T Berries also offers so many vegetables that you can pick up and use as part of a hearty and healthy recipe for when you’re back home, and the best part is they are all grown on the farm, making them extra fresh and delightful on the taste buds. 

Broccoli, cucumbers, jams, and sauerkraut are just a handful of the vegetables that can be picked up from T Berries, so if you’re staying in the small but lively city of Avon, you won’t have to travel far to reach the T Berries farm, and even if it’s just to admire how much fresh fruit and vegetables are on offer, it’s a great place to visit for a quick pit stop, and of course, for some fun strawberry picking. 

Strawberry season at T Berries lasts throughout June, July, and August, so you can guarantee the sun will be beaming down and the clouds will be non-existent for your visit. 

14. Brouwer Berries

Brouwer Berries not only offer visitors the opportunity to pick whichever fruits they think look the most appetizing, but ever since they first opened their doors back in 1998, they have also been dedicated to teaching the younger generations about growing fresh produce and the importance of giving it back to the local community. 

They name each row of strawberries depending on the size and quality, with the first row being called the “king”, featuring the most giant strawberries which can be a little harder to come by since there aren’t as many of them.

Then there’s the “Queen” row featuring moderate-sized strawberries in small clusters. 

While you can freely choose the row that you think you would prefer picking, the incredibly friendly staff are always willing to guide you in the right direction depending on how you like your strawberries to taste, and if you intend to use them as part of a wider recipe or not. 

15. Strawberry Basket & Big Woods Nectar

Strawberry picking is just the beginning of what this farm offers, however, this isn’t to suggest that the strawberries aren’t delicious and perfectly grown, as they most certainly are with Brad and Bess, the owners of the farm, perfecting their growing techniques for over two decades. 

They also sell honey, honeycombs, beeswax, and fresh garlic which has only recently been added to their expansive menu.

On top of this, they also offer a tremendous amount of delightful food options on their menu to enjoy, so hop down to the Strawberry Basket farm during the summer to experience all the wonderful food they have to offer after you’re done picking. 

16. Firefly Berries

Strawberries, grapes, and naturally dyed yarn are what Firefly Berries specializes in, and while they are not certified organic, they still do not spray any chemicals anywhere around their produce on the farm and use cover crops, crop rotation, and green manure to grow in an environmentally friendly and healthy manner. 

Strawberry picking is available to visitors for a 2 to 3 week period in the month of June, so you will have to be quick to enjoy some picking at this popular and highly-respected local berry farm. 

17. Hilltop Harvest Strawberry Farm

When traveling across the lush and exotic Redwood Falls, it’s hard to miss the Hilltop Harvest Farm with its green strawberry fields stretching across acres of land, and the herds of people flocking to pick some strawberries for themselves, along with enjoying the vast amount of refreshing food that is on offer from ice cream and waffles, all the way to cupcakes. 

The farm also features a small playground just outside of the fields along with multiple food trucks, making for a fun and memorable experience for the entire family, and considering the picking price is incredibly cheap, it just makes the Hilltop Harvest Farm even more worth visiting.

June is when the strawberry season kicks off, so make sure you have your bags and buckets prepared for when it’s time to go exploring. 


With so many farms and natural landscapes covering the state of Minnesota, you can be sure that there are plenty of opportunities for strawberry picking, no matter whether you’re someone who has been picking fresh fruit for a while, or you just want to try doing it for the very first time with a few friends or with the family, you are always welcome to enjoy some fun and relaxing strawberry picking at each of these locations. 

Amelia Haslehurt
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