9 Of The Best Areas To Visit For Strawberry Picking In Orlando

While many people know Orlando for its iconic skyscrapers, sports centers, and famous theme parks, the city is also surrounded by a vast amount of green landscapes which has allowed multiple farms to appear, and where there are farms, there are also opportunities for strawberry picking. 

9 Of The Best Areas To Visit For Strawberry Picking In Orlando

Therefore, while anyone visiting Orlando should definitely experience the busy and glamorous heart of the city which features all of the major tourist attractions, it can also be well worth visiting the farms that occupy the vast greenery that many people rarely see when spending time in Orlando where you can freely pick a few pieces of fruit with your friends or family. 

Here are 9 of the best areas in and around Orlando that you should visit if you’re in the mood for some fun and relaxing strawberry picking. 

1. Pappy’s Patch

Pappy’s Patch is a small and quaint family-operated strawberry farm that welcomes visitors between the months of December and April which is a lot longer than most other farms, and they are open every day that they have berries available. 

The lack of fungicides and pesticides means that the strawberries that grow across the acres of land at Pappy’s Patch are all completely natural and packed full of fruity flavor, making them perfect for taking home to use in a recipe, or simply to snack on while wandering around the vibrant city of Orlando. 

2. Far Reach Farm U Pick

While this farm may have started out as a simple cattle ranch back in 1947, it has since gone on to become one of the most popular strawberry-picking areas in all of Orlando.

The strawberry fields were actually only added in 2019, but they have already attracted plenty of visitors who are able to pick to their heart’s content between 9 am and 2 pm throughout the month of March. 

However, they also now offer visitors blueberries, craft jam, and honey, giving you plenty of ingredients to take home so you can whip up a delightful and sweet recipe as an evening treat. 

3. Amber Brooke Farms

In addition to picking some delightful strawberries in the summer heat, visitors to the Amber Brooke Farm are also welcome to join in on the host of exciting activities that the farm has to offer including jump pads, playgrounds, and slide hills, making this the perfect place to visit when you want to have a fun and memorable family day out that involves some relaxing strawberry picking. 

They even feature a dedicated ball zone, barrel train ride, and a duck race, so while you may visit for the strawberry picking, the fun doesn’t just have to stop there. 

4. Spivey Farms

The available season for Spivey Farms changes depending on when the commercial season is coming to an end, though it often begins in March and lasts for several weeks, giving visitors plenty of time during the spring to pick out a few strawberries for an extremely low price. 

This farm is located on the outskirts of Orlando right at the heart of Plant City, so it takes you away from all the busy crowds and bright lights so that you can enjoy some fresh air and delicious fruit at your own pace. 

5. Bekemeyer Family Farm

It’s hard to believe that the Bekemeyer Family Farm was ever anything other than the downright dazzling strawberry farm that many people know it as today, but the truth is it actually started out as simply 20 acres worth of pine trees and palmettos. 

Over the years, each generation of the Bekemeyer family has been making the farm more accessible to visitors, and one way this has been achieved is by introducing strawberry-picking sessions throughout June and July.

It’s not just strawberries that you will find at this delightful farm however as they also offer citrus, peaches, and a large variety of fresh and tasty vegetables that you can take back home to use as part of a nutritious and healthy dinner option, or even as simple smoothie ingredients. 

6. Mick Farms

This farm may have been made available to the public a lot more recently when compared to many other farms around Orlando, but this isn’t to say that it doesn’t still offer ethically produced and high-quality strawberries, along with plenty of other tasty fruits and vegetables to enjoy. 

Their seasonal dates change around each year so it’s best to check on their website to see when you will be able to pick some strawberries, but on the days that they are open, visitors are welcome to browse the fields between 10am and 6pm on weekdays and 12pm and 4pm on weekends, giving you plenty of time to relax with the friends and family. 

7. Southern Hill Farms

Southern Hill Farms features 120 acres of land full of colorful and natural strawberries, sunflowers, pumpkins, peaches, and zinnias which make this farm a real spectacle to look at from afar, but it’s when you get up close and personal with the fruit and veg to do some picking that the natural beauty really jumps out at you during the winter season and throughout the beginning of spring.

The strawberry fields make up 15 acres of land, giving you plenty of space to search for the brightest and most appetizing-looking fruit that you are free to pick at your own leisure for an incredibly low price, and since the farm is just next door to the Richloam Wildlife Management Area, there is plenty of natural beauty to admire when visiting this farm. 

8. Oak Haven Farms

The 2023 picking season at Oak Haven Farms begins in early December, however, because of how popular the Oak Haven Farm and Winery is, it is well worth planning in advance and checking the availability schedule so that you can book your place at this high quality and well-respected farm. 

Large, fresh, and natural strawberries are not the only food on offer though because if you visit on the weekend, you will also be able to visit the local kitchen where you can try out some fan-favorite snacks including the u-roast hot dogs and home-style strawberry shortcakes, along with chips, sundaes, and fruity smoothies made from fresh ingredients grown on the land. 

9. JG Ranch

All you are advised to bring with you to go strawberry picking at the JG Ranch is a pair of old shoes, a hat, and some sunscreen, and you’ll be all ready and prepared to start collecting from November to April, with the season starting a lot earlier than most other farms.

Upon your arrival, the incredibly friendly team will provide you with bags and buckets so that you can easily carry the strawberries home with you, and with a few picnic areas dotted around the site, you could easily enjoy them along with a few other juicy fruits as part of a delightful summer picnic with the entire family. 


After you’re done visiting the theme parks and 5-star restaurants in Orlando, make sure to pay a visit to the many farms that are dotted around the area to get away from all the stress of everyday life and enjoy some strawberry picking. 

Amelia Haslehurt
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