Tallahassee Farmers Markets

Throughout the United States, there is an undeniably strong agricultural history that has been kept alive thanks to the hordes of local producers of fruits, vegetables, and other produce – with farmers markets spreading throughout the country, and keeping the pilgrim spirit alive and well. 

Tallahassee Farmers Markets

Even in the largest cities, like Tallahassee, Florida, this agricultural heritage remains thriving and well, with numerous events and locations to choose from for those looking for local produce, artisan goods, and food products. 

But this begs the question: what are the best farmers markets in Tallahassee, Florida, and what makes them so special? 

Where Is Tallahassee? 

Tallahassee is the capital city of the state of Florida, which it has remained as since 1824 – way before stateship when the area was known as the Florida Territory. 

An area of the country with a strong and vibrant history – one that stretched back at least a thousand years before European settlement – Tallahassee has come to represent the stories and history of the state, and holds many monuments, museums, and sites related to the indigenous people who lived there, the early Spanish settlers, and the colonial history that came later. 

With this long and storied history comes notable traditions of agriculture – furthered by the sheer cultural melting pot that the state has become in the modern age.

As such, farmers markets remain a popular attraction within the city, as well as the wider state of Florida, and there are many for locals and tourists alike to choose from. 

The Best Tallahassee Farmers Markets

Now that we know a little more about the great city of Tallahassee, Florida, let’s take a look at some of the best farmers markets (see also: Louisville Farmers Markets)in the city!

1. Tallahassee Farmers Market

First on our list we have the biggest and most popular farmers market in the city – the Tallahassee Farmers Market.

The Tallahassee Farmers Market is located in the northeastern part of the city, and stands as the only one that operates all year round. 

With an expansive market, hosting numerous vendors and local business owners, the Tallahassee Farmers Market is the perfect place to get homegrown fruits and vegetables, local eggs, nuts, honey, homemade preserves, cheeses, meats, and artisan goods – not to mention local restaurateurs and street food stalls selling, all of whom have enough fresh, tasty food to keep you going. 

Offering seasonal produce, and hosting year round events and family days, this really does embody the community spirit that the city has tried to foster, and really shows how the farmers market tradition remains alive and well in this great city. 

Opening Time: Saturdays (8am – Noon)

Address: 2904 Kerry Forest Pkwy, Tallahassee, FL 32309

2. Lake Ella Growers Market

Next on our list, we have the Lake Ella Growers Market – another local favorite with much to offer in the way of domestic produce, seasonal goods, and artisan products made right in the great state of Florida. 

With freshly baked breads, locally sourced honey, homegrown fruits and vegetables, as well as new options each week, the Lake Ella Growers Market is one of the best and most accommodating farmers markets in the state – creating a cozy environment for locals and tourists alike to enjoy good food, pick up a bargain or two, and make lasting friends in the local community. 

Open on Saturdays and Wednesdays throughout the summer months, this is the perfect market for those looking for a quiet, wholesome afternoon, and there really is no better way to round off your visit to the city of Tallahassee than at Lake Ella. 

Opening Times: Saturdays & Wednesdays (11am – 2pm)

Address: 229 Lake Ella Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32303

3. Downtown Market

Tallahassee Farmers Markets (1)

Next on our list, we have the Downtown Market – another great spot within the city of Tallahassee, and one that has much to offer locals and tourists alike. 

Open every Saturday (March thru November), the Downtown Market is located in the city’s beautiful ‘Chain of Parks’, a local green space dedicated to wildlife, nature, relaxation, and community. 

What sets this farmers market apart from the others on this list, is the host of other activities that can be found in the surrounding area – including live music, family entertainment, street performances, and an abundance of eateries, bars, and shops. 

As well as this, you can also collect the best in fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, honey, preserves, and all the artisan gifts you could ever want. 

Opening Times: Saturdays (March – November) (9am – 2pm)

4. Frenchtown Heritage Market

Tallahassee Farmers Markets (2)

The Frenchtown Heritage Market has a distinct focus on community, and as its name suggests, preserving the local flavor and heritage of the Frenchtown area. 

While being formed by French settlers in the 19th century, the region of Frenchtown has also had a long association with the black community – which has acted as one of the key demographics in the area for some time.

As such, the area is rich with a mixture of different cultures, cuisines, and traditions, making it one of the most vibrant and unique areas in the city. 

And this is reflected in the market itself, which is home to fruits, vegetables, plants, beauty and wellness products, seafood, meats, cheeses, honey, preserves, eggs, and local restaurants that come together to provide the best in food, produce, and communal spirit. 

This really does need to be seen to be believed, and says a lot about the community mindset of the state of Florida, as the event is locally run and managed by residents. 

Opening Times: Saturdays (9am – 2pm)

Address: 524 N M L King Jr Blvd, Tallahassee, FL 32301

5. Alachua County Farmers Market

Last on this list, but by no means least, we have the Alachua County Farmers Market.

While not located within the city of Tallahassee, this country farmers market is only a short car drive away, and offers much to see in the way of honest, homegrown produce, food stuffs, meats, cheeses, and artisan goods. 

What’s more, the market is a great place to take children and small families, and is a good way to spend a wholesome afternoon in a community minded environment with good food and entertainment.

Everyone here is friendly and welcoming, and locals and tourists alike can come together and enjoy the (literal) fruits of their labor. 

With indoor tented areas to protect against adverse weather, this is a great place to relax, meet new people, and enjoy some of the finest produce in northern Florida. 

Opening Times: Saturdays (8:30 am – noon)

Address: 5920 NW 13th St, Gainesville, FL 32653

What Are The Benefits Of Farmers Markets? 

While they might not be to everyone’s taste, there are many benefits to farmers markets that keep people coming back weekend after weekend. 

Fresh, Organic Produce

The first, and most notable benefit is the freshness of the produce, all of which is produced on local farms via traditional, safe methods.

This means that you are not only supporting the local economy of your town or county, but you are also ensuring that you are eating a better quality of produce that has not been processed. 

This means that you and your family can enjoy tasty food while knowing you are free from the harmful effects of industrial farming, and the associated health conditions that can come with them. 

Support Local Businesses

It also means you can support and maintain local businesses – many of which are the backbone of any community.

These are usually the friends and neighbors of the people in attendance, and it is a great way to showcase what everyone has to offer, to bring communities together, and to help each other out in these difficult times. 

What’s more, you are actively putting money back into your local community, ensuring widespread prosperity for all who live there. 

Community Spirit

As mentioned above, one of the main benefits of farmers markets is that you get to meet new people in your community, as well as the familiar old faces, and you get to share in a sense of community that is dwindling in a lot of places within the modern world. 

This very much used to be the way people lived, and by hosting and attending farmers markets in your local community, you can ensure that this tradition thrives and continues for years to come.

Afterall, without community, where would we be? 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Tallahassee, Florida, and the best farmers markets located in the city. 

It’s true that, within the state of Florida, there has been a storied and long history – a history that has brought with it great culinary and agricultural traditions that continue to be upheld to this day. 

So if you are headed to Tallahassee, Florida, and you want to engage with local producers and businesses, then be sure to check out these great farmers markets. Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

Amelia Haslehurt
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